How to Protect Kids with FamiSafe location tracker

FamiSafe parental control app and location tracker app helps the parents in getting the exact and live location of their child. The app provides you the live and real-time location of their child, Location history timeline of their child, and even can set up geofencing around their child.

Parents can easily ensure the safety of their children with the help of a location tracker app. You can get the places that are often visited by your child and even know the time of the visit.


What are the benefits of the FamiSafe parental control app? 

The best way to protect your kids from the enemies that are strangers to them is to know the real and live location of their child. 

FamiSafe parental control app can run on Android, iOS, and Windows. It allows parents to locate their children, Get the location history of their child, and even set up Geofences for their locations. Isn’t that amazing? 

Features of FamiSafe parental control app

  1. There is a real-time location sharing Android King service provided by finish a parental control app that helps the parents getting and tracking the real-time location of their child. This live location helps the Parents in ensuring the safety of their child when they know the exact live location of them.

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  1. Location control app also gives parents the location history timeline of their child. location history timeline gives the exact location visited by the child and even the schedule of the children. The places visited for how many hours or how many minutes can easily be calculated by using the feature of location history timeline.
  2. Geofencing is the best feature provided by this app that helps the parents in maintaining a virtual boundary of their child. these virtual boundaries are marked on the geographical Maps on the device and when the device enters or exits a certain location marked by the parents then they get an instant notification.
  3. Geofences are the virtual boundaries created by the parents to make the places marked where their child should not go.

Steps to Set Location Services

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New technology enables you to access your child’s location no matter where he is. All you need to do is just follow the steps that are written down and then enjoy all the features of the FamiSafe parental control app and location tracker. For All Android Devices:

  1. Go to Android Settings Click on Location.
  2. Make sure that location is turned on your child’s iPhone, iPod, or IPad over here.
  3. Open Android settings again.
  4. Now click on Apps and then click on Screen time.
  5. Find the option of Permissions and click it.
  6. Finally, click on the Location option here too. This is done with the help of a GPS tracking system which is installed on the device of your child. The parents can easily get the real-time location with the help of geographical Maps with this feature.

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How much does FamiSafe cost?

FamiSafe parental control app Help the parents who register the account for the first time with a free 3-day trial that help them in getting knowledge of all the features provided by the app. This free 3-day trial helps the parents in getting all the features to work properly and limitlessly. The limitless use helps the parents in gaining and acquiring knowledge of what features they would be getting after they subscribe to a certain pack. 


  • There is a subscription plan for paying the installment of the location control app in a monthly package. The monthly subscription plan costs about $9.99 per month and gives connectivity of up to 5 devices. 
  • There is an annual plan decided by the location tracker app that helps the parents in paying the installments of $59.99 per year. This price is equivalent to paying $4.99 per month. This gives the user a right to protect and share the location of up to add 30 devices. 
  • There is also a scheme of paying quarterly payments to the parental control app. The quarterly subscription plan costs about $19.99 per quarter and this price money is equivalent to paying $6.66 per month. 



If you have always dreamed that parenthood should be fun then you must consider family safe parental control app. FamiSafe parental control app helps the parents in building trust within the child. This also enhances the communications between parents and children when they both know each other and the parents could easily trust their child on the issue of the location.

Every parent wants to share feelings with their child and even get across them without getting any agitation and if the parents regularly call their parents to know their location the child does not trust them.

So, what are you waiting for? Install FamiSafe right now!  And enjoy the real-time location features and geofencing with it


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