How Old is My iPhone? (3 Easy Ways)

In this technologically advanced world, gadgets keep upgrading and changing constantly. So, it can sometimes be important to keep a track of how old your gadgets are, in case it needs replacing. You might also need it if you are looking to sell it.

Since we never know when we might need these details, here’s how you can find out how old your iPhone is.

1. Find your iPhone age using serial number

The serial number is one of the easiest ways to know the age of your iPhone. It is usually printed on either the back or is available on the settings menu of the iPhone. It is not a random number that is written but holds some importance. This serial helps in knowing the iPhone’s model, its manufacturing date, factory, important configurations of the set, etc.

You just need to go to settings > general > about > serial number.

With this serial number, you can find out how old your iPhone is in two different ways. The first one is by going to the apple support page and checking the warranty status of your phone. The second one is by using a free of cost ‘chipmunk’ service.

How old is my iPhone - iphone serial number

Chipmunk is a dutch website that offers free service to iPhone users to help them find out about the year and week of production of their phones. Of course, it takes into account some information to avail that data to the users. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Go to the chipmunk website on any of your device be it you iPhone, PC or Mac. On the dialogue box, enter your iPhone’s serial number and then click on the “Laat de information zien” button.
  2. A page will load and you’ll be able to see the details of production week and year. That will help you know about your phone’s age.

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2. Check iPhone Age using coverage page

Apple’s ‘check coverage’ webpage is one of the other ways to identify your iPhone’s age. It is a subdomain of apple that helps its users in examining their iPhone details. However, you do need your serial number to get the details.

  • Go to iPhone’s settings to retrieve its serial number. Without it, you cannot proceed.
  • Then, go to the check coverage webpage and enter your iPhone’s serial number on the box provided on the page. Also, enter the captcha code as asked in the box below the serial number.

Check Your Service and Support Coverage

  • Once you have entered the necessary details, click on the ‘continue button.

A new webpage will open where your iPhone’s details like support, warranty period, etc., will be provided. The details like the date of expiry, warranty period, etc., you can determine your iPhone’s age quite easily.

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Apple offers one year warranty on its product, so it is not that tough to figure out your phone’s age once you know about it. These methods were tested and have been successful with some iPhones while the chipmunk method wasn’t as successful with all models. However, there are other methods available that you can go ahead with.

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