Find Your Doppelganger: 9 Best Tools To Find Your Look alike

We all have heard the theory that there are about 7 people in the world who look similar. This has made people curious about having a twin in different parts of the world. Can’t blame them, can we? It is interesting to know that there is someone out there who looks like you but isn’t related to you in any way.

People who are born identical twins are the only ones who meet their lookalike for sure as the chances of bumping into one of those 7 people are thin. Technology has made it somewhat possible to find it for you. There are few tools available online that might give some insight on the quest to find one’s twin.

Best Websites to Find Your Doppelganger

find your lookalike

Curious about your doppelgangers from across the globe? Well, this website will help you satisfy your curiosity. All you have to do is create an account on this website and then select your facial features. These include shapes of your face & eyebrows, eyes type, nose type, etc., that will be used to identify your lookalike. This website became quite popular after its Facebook campaign where many people successfully found their doppelgangers.

However, this website doesn’t ensure 100% accuracy in finding the match. Some people were disappointed in what they found. But many found the correct match, so you never know it might work.

To use this website, you need to pay a certain subscription amount. You will be able to discover more people once you have purchased it. However, the searches may be limited as only people who have registered on this website will appear as your match.


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Websites to Find Your Doppelganger

People need to be registered on this website and only they will appear as a match. It is quite a popular website and has proved to be beneficial for people who look for their lookalikes. After registering on the website, you need to upload your picture wherein your face is clear so that identification becomes easy. You also need to enter other details such as age, location, etc. Also, this app doesn’t take gender into account. So chances are, you might match with someone of the opposite gender.

If you can’t find the exact match, you can compare people you think look similar. This app will tell the exact percentage of how you look like someone. However, this app is restricted to people living in U.S.


Reverse Image Search

find your twin

This might not give accurate results but still will help find your lookalike. You just have to upload your picture and then look for a twin or lookalike that you might have. It looks through several search engines to help find the right match.


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find your twin celebrity

Ever curious about knowing how much you look like any celebrity? Pretty sure we all have our favorites and have wanted to look a bit like them. Well, there is a website that helps you in knowing the percent your face matches with any celebrity.

This website is easy to use. You just need to upload a clear photo. Make sure your facial features are visible properly so that the match can be perfect. The system then searches for a lookalike by detecting the facial pattern of your face and matching it with someone else. The network then compares your picture with the closest celebrity lookalike and gives you an accurate result. It is a fun thing to do.


This website is Microsoft’s invention and is a fun little game that looks for your lookalike. This is an amazing tool that tells you how much your face matches with another person. It is not a twin finder, rather a lookalike finder. So, if you are curious about someone looking similar to you, this is the right website for you.

It is easy to use. You just have to upload your picture and the website will tell the exact percentage that you match with someone. This website works well as many have found their lookalikes to a certain percentage. You can also try this website with your favorite celebrity and see if you look like one.


Best Apps to Find Your Doppelganger


find your doppelganger

This app makes use of artificial intelligence to find out the person who looks like you. It is easy to understand use. The users need to create a profile, upload their selfies and wait till the app finds a match for them. You will be notified in case they find a lookalike. This app also has a group and chat feature, wherein you can chat with the person who is your lookalike.



find your celebrity doppelganger

Just like the name suggests, this app aims at finding your doppelganger or if not that, at least a lookalike. Just download the application and make a profile. You can sign in with any social media or just your email id. Then, upload a proper and clear selfie. The app’s AI facial recognition will then try to match it with other users.

Download (Android)


Find my look alike

For all the curious souls who want to know if they look like a famous personality, this app will help you with it. Like other apps, you just have to download the application, upload your picture and wait till the app finds the right match for you. It is a fun thing to do and one always feels good to know that they look like a celebrity.

Download (iOS)

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find my look alike celebrity

This app helps the users in finding both, their twins as well as a celebrity lookalike. It has a huge database of over 150 million users and it scans the picture uploaded by the user to find the most accurate match. It has provided quite some matches so its users, so you can give it a try.

Download (Android) | Website


We hope these websites will help you find your twin or at least a lookalike. Its a fun activity to do when you are bored or just to please your own curiosity about finding someone who looks like you. Do tell us in case you can find your twin using these websites.

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