11 Free Reverse Phone Lookups (Apps/Websites)

Do you remember those bulky telephone directories? Probably not if you are born after the 90s. Today, everything is digitalized. Landlines are now super outdated, it’s an era of cell phones. Telephone Directories are now changed to reverse phone number lookups websites & Apps. Every day we receive so many phone calls and text but not all are familiar. Many are new & unknown numbers and we wonder who they are?

There are a lot of free reverse phone lookups available on the internet today but not all are worth it. We have made an exclusive list of 10 best free reverse phone lookups apps and websites that you find quite useful in identifying unknown callers & their information like address, location, country, etc.

6 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookups Websites



When it comes to reverse phone lookup tools, Information.com is one of the leading options. The interface is easy to use and the results come quickly. Plus, there are plenty of other search tools to help you find information. Some examples include the reverse address and email lookup tools.

Information.com also has one of the most accurate databases. It pulls from thousands of public records, so most of the information is accurate. Still, you might have to scroll down the list of reports a bit before you find the right information.

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White Pages

This is one of the widely used reverse phone number lookups services in the US. It claims to have around 200 Million user database which is analyzed for searching the results. Besides phone number lookup, it also facilitates reverse address lookup.

Using this website is very simple. All you have to do is visit the website through the link given below, enter the phone number and click the search button. It is available through web services as well as through the app. The idea of Alex Algard behind starting such a website is to enable people to find lost ones. It also supports Landline numbers.

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Reverse Phone Lookup

Out of all the best free reverse phone lookups, this is mostly used due to the quick results it gives on the screen. Although, there is no additional service like regular phone number search or address lookup it can always tell you who is calling or texting you. Sometimes, it may fail to provide the details of mobile numbers but for landline and telephone numbers, it works like charm. Moreover, it is totally free and no registration is needed. This is a nice web service that can let you who is trying to reach out in just a few minutes.

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The services of AnyWho resemble that of WhitePages. Simply visit the website and enter the phone number for which you want to search and hit the search option. Apart from free reverse phone lookups, the service is useful for knowing the address also. When you see the registered name of the phone number user, you will see the location and map to reach out there as well. The tool which AnyWho uses is ‘Yellow pages’. Click the link given below to visit the website now and find anyone in less than a minute. The services offered by AnyWho is quite fast and prompt.

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People refer to People Search. It can search for anyone who might be annoying you calling from unknown numbers and you have no idea who that person is. This reverse phone number lookup is a bit different than all other free reverse phone lookups. What makes it different is the use of data from the search engine, unlike other such sites which make use of its own directory of registered users. All other websites make use of its own database to provide information to its users but this website collects information through Google. So, we can say that its reach is wider than the others. Plus, it gives you multiple options to search from like phone number, first name, or email id.

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This is a quite popular reverse phone number lookups used by millions. You can avail all the services of Truecaller through the website as well as App for Android and iOS. It is completely free and easiest to use anywhere whether web or mobile. According to unofficial data, Truecaller has almost 1.6 billion users in its database. Out of the billions of users in true caller database, it is more likely that the one you are looking for is registered with Truecaller. To make use of Truecaller, one should wither log in through email id or Facebook id.

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5 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Apps

Real Caller

Real Caller - CALLER ID & spam blocking

Similar to the way Truecaller functions, Real Caller also reads your calls as soon as there is an incoming call. The app then displays the name associated with the phone number calling you. It does so thanks to the huge database it has. The mobile number is matched with the name, and that is how the name is displayed.

Once the caller has been identified, you are given the option to add that number to your contacts list or to block it in case it is spam.

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Mr. Number

Mr. Number - Caller ID & Spam Protection

Unlike the previous services listed, this app is different. Mr. Number is an app that helps with blacklisting numbers. The app comes with a phone dialer which makes the lookup functionality almost instantaneous. Just input the number you need to call, and the app will identify the name attached to that number. You can identify if the number is spam straightaway.

The app also has other functionalities as well, such as blocking calls from not just individuals, but also entire area codes, or countries. The app can also redirect such calls directly to voicemail if your service provider provides for that feature.

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Whoscall – The best caller ID and block App

Whoscall is made by the Taiwanese company Gogolook. It functions similarly to the other apps discussed in the article. However, the user interface of the app is very clean and friendly, making it easier for you to navigate. The app is capable of blocking both calls and texts, so it ensures more peace of mind.

In addition to this, this app also features one of the largest databases of phone numbers. It checks from the database of about 1 billion phone numbers and allows you to report spam calls as well. This makes communications safer for everyone.

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Showcaller- Caller ID, Call Recorder & Blockera

Showcaller is an app that has a user interface reminiscent of Truecaller. Let that not fool you, as this app comes with its own strengths and functionality.

The built-in caller id makes the identification of number instant. The app also allows for call recording as well. Once a call has been received, you can immediately head over to block the number. The app is one of the most reliable as it works off a database of about a billion phone numbers. All of this works without the hassles of connectivity because this app can function even when the device is offline!

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CallApp- Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder

With over 500 thousand downloads, CallApp is a people’s favorite. This app lets you identify who the caller is, as they are calling you, or from your phone records. It lets you block spam and blacklist numbers as required.

CallApp gives you even more features! This app looks into the caller’s social media and displays their Facebook pictures on the call identity pages. It also lets you record calls, both incoming and outgoing. The premium version of this app includes many customization features for the app as well.

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These are our picks to help you stay spam-free on the go.

How To Use Google For Reverse Phone Look Up

So, we can assume that reverse phone number lookups are now clear to our readers. But the question is how to make use of it. Is there any registration required or subscription to taking? Well, for all the questions, the answer is NO! Neither there is any registration nor anything to subscribe to.

Whatever the services you are using, the process is almost the same for all. Let’s take the example of Google reverse phone number lookup. It has to be noted that you should know at least the phone number for searching for other information about the caller. Here is how –

Open any of the above websites you want to use for free reverse phone lookups. Then type the phone number in the search box. Don’t forget to add the area code or country code also. Soon, you will see all the relevant information attached to the number say its name, address, and location. 

If the number is related to any business house and is registered on Google Maps, you will get more information than you needed. In case, if the number belongs to any private household, finding much information is a matter of luck. 

These websites actually make use of different sources to fetch information like Google search engine, social media, any business-related information, etc. Generally, the phone number is enough but to get more appropriate results, it is a good idea to search through other information like name or address, if available. Sometimes, it happens that we know only the name or number but are interested to know further information like who he is or what he does, etc.

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To locate the person you are searching through phone number, you may also specify the sites like “site:facebook.com ” Alferd “ California”. You may add up more information to it. It may be possible that these websites do not crawl the number you are searching for, in that case, you are just unlucky! 



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