How to Find Out Someone’s Name From Their Picture

The Internet can be a scary place sometimes and you do not know whom you are going to meet. There have been cases when you meet a stranger who turns out to be a criminal. This is why you should always check about a person before meeting them. In this article, we will talk about the ways we can find someone by their picture. 

How can we find someone using pictures? 

It seems simple and there are various tricks that you can use while searching for someone over social media or websites. In this situation, what you can use is the Reverse Image search technique. 

Reverse Image search is a search engine technology. It takes an image file as the query and it returns the results that are related to the image. What exactly can reverse image search do? The reverse image search helps you in finding the person, product, or anything with their origin and name. There are tools online which can help you with it. 

Three ways to find someone with using pictures

There are various reverse search engine websites that you can use to find someone using their pictures.

1. Using Google Reverse Image Search

Using a Reverse image search is very easy. You have to visit the Google image search and click on the camera icon.

reverse image search tnUXa

You can upload the image from your PC or paste the URL of the image directly. The user can insert the URL for a photo before hitting the search button.

If you are using chrome browser then all you have to do is right-click the picture and select ‘search Google for image’.  This will search for all the similar images.

The Reverse search image also can help you for locating the source information for an image, searching for any duplicate content, and making sure of any copyright issues. 

It also helps in finding higher resolution versions of images and Debunks fake images as well. It not only helps you in searching someone’s name but tracks down the origin of a photo. The users can track the product name, apartments, and so on.

Even on social media, where there are people who use fake profiles to know about you – you can know about them as well. The reverse search images come in handy when it comes to identifying fake profiles. The user can report the fake profile as well.

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2. Using Karma Decay 

Reddit is one of the largest social bookmarking websites. The Reddit reverse image search is a great way to find duplicate images from Reddit. Karma Decay is one of the main search engines when it comes to Reddit reverse image search. 

This was developed by a Reddit user. It was only designed to detect reports on Reddit but later, people started using this to check if a certain image is posted earlier or not. 

How to use Karma Decay? 

Go to Karma Decay – If you want to check an image that is on your computer you can use the option of ‘Upload image’.

karma decay

By uploading the picture you will get the search results on your screen. 

The user can also use the image URL to search for the image. The user has to paste the URL of the Reddit page or the particular image on the search box and click on the ‘Search’ button from there and you will get the instant result for it. 

The difference between the other reverse search images and Karma decay is – other image search engines, will search for the image all over the internet. The karma decay is especially for the pictures of Reddit. 

3. Using Tiny Eye 

Tiny eye is an advanced reverse image search engine that uses image identification technology. Tinyeye’s computer vision and image recognition, and many other features make the image searchable. It has features like image recognition for content moderation and fraud detection. It tracks how and where your image appears online. Verify images and find where an image is appearing and comply with copyright.

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How to use Tinyeye?

TinyEye is easy to use. You can upload an image from your mobile or computer and click on the upload button.


The user can copy and paste an image URL address into the search box or you can drag an image from a tab in your browser and drop it in another browser or tab where TinyEye is open.

Using TinyEye, you can search someone by their image, this is what we call a reverse image search. You can do that by uploading an image or pasting the URL of the image. You can also simply drag and drop your images to start your search.

The best thing about Tinyeye is it does not save your picture so you can rely on security and safety completely. 


These are some useful tools that you can use to check if you are not being stalked and you are talking to a person who is real. The safety measures are very important when it comes to befriending someone over the internet.

The precautions can help you in avoiding some big and major problems. In this article, we have recovered everything regarding the tools, how and where you can use them with all the pros and cons with the fact why this is so important to understand.

Safety measures are important and only if you’re curious about this question this article can be helpful for you. In order to make sure your privacy is not violated and keep your private life safe in social media, you can always use these tools. 



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