I’m Feeling Curious – Fun Facts from Google

It would not be an overstatement if we call Google – the ‘Einstein’ of search engine. Google has become a part and parcel of life. From entertainment to education and shopping, we search for a lot of things on Google every day. In fact, for many people, there is no difference between the internet and Google.

Do you know that there are some awesome Google gravity tricks that keep you entertained for hours? Just to name a few tricks, ‘Do a barrel roll’ – where Google page rolls like a barrel, ‘Tilt’ – which tilts the Google search page, ‘Zerg Rush’ – search results start disappearing, and there are many more such tricks. These tricks are just for fun, however, sometimes they are also useful.

Have you heard about “I’m feeling curious” Google trick? Well, May or may not be, but we have a few facts about this fun plus informational trick that you won’t resist to try it right now!

What is “I’m feeling curious” Google Trick?


It’s all in its name! It’s a simple trick where you have to type “I’m feeling curious” on Google search page. You will see a box on your screen showing a random fact. There will be a question and its answer in the box. This could be anything to say “Why stars twinkle?”. It will also have the source of the information so that one can visit the website for more details.

Beneath the fact box, there will be an option of “Ask another question”. You can press it as many times as you want and Google will keep showing you interesting fun facts.

To provide the information with the best quality content, Google searches the information and Facts from well-known and reputable websites over the internet. You might wonder where does Google get so many facts every day! The answer is simple, these facts are those questions that thousands of people search every day on Google.

It is an Educative Trick

This trick kills all your curiosity along with having fun. It helps in your school or university studies or in your profession as well.

For example – When your search “I’m feeling curious”, Google shows you the answers of questions like “What was the first coin in money made up of?” So, if someone is studying archaeology, he will definitely find it useful. In fact for everyone else, there is quite useful information to know.

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It is Not a New Trick

If you are reading about this trick for the very first time, you are 4 years late. Google has introduced this trick in 2015, September. Among all the Google tricks, it is the oldest because the world is full of curious people.

It Improves Your General Knowledge

Using this trick, not a single minute of yours will be wasted. During free hours at work or while walking down in the park, you can try this trick to learn something new every day. The trick can fill your curious mind with funny and informative facts. It is a trick that anyone from a 5-year kid to a 50 years old man can try. It is a super fun way to broaden your knowledge. If you are interested in improving your general knowledge then you can check our list of best general knowledge apps.

I’m Feeling Curious Not Working?

If you are searching for I’m feeling curious and it doesn’t show any random facts then the trick is not working. This may be temporary and it should start working again. Till then we recommend you to clear your browser’s cache. To do so, follow the following steps.

  • Use the shortcut Ctrl+H to open your browser’s history.
  • Click on the Clear browsing data button.

  • Tick the options which are shown below and hit clear browsing data.


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