10 Coolest Things You Can Do On The Internet When Bored

Internet is huge, There are tons of websites available on the internet. But honestly most of them sucks and still most of the valuable stuffs is not know by many peoples. So I have prepared a list of coolest things you never knew that you can do on the internet totally free.


1 – Play HD Games at BigPoint

BigPoint has a huge collection of high-quality games. You can click on the game finder to browse games in your favorite category. All you need to do is register at BigPoint and play whatever game you want.

2 – Make Crazy Beats Online at Patatap

I love Patatap! Whenever I get free time I just move to Patatap and play around with it. You don’t need to be a musician to make beats using Patatap. Each keyboard key is assigned a specific beat, So using your keyboard you can create some sick awful beats. I wish in future there would be an option to save the created beats.

3 – Learn to Make Stuffs at VideoJug

VideoJug has a huge collection of tutorials where you can learn to make everything. It has video tutorials from making cakes to wedding dress shopping and much more. Generally, VideoJug has videos on everything, But you can find plenty of videos related to Food and Lifestyle. If you love cooking then this is totally for you.

4 – Photoshop Your Image Online Using Pixlr

If you want to quickly edit any picture then Pixlr is a great choice. There is no need to sign up, just select the images that you want and edit it. Most of the tool provided in Pixlr exactly works as similar to Photoshop tools. The best part is this also works on your cell phone as its a website.

5 – Learn to detect Lies at Blifaloo

At Blifaloo you can train yourself and become a human lie detector. Here you can learn the art of understanding body language and emotional gestures using which you can understand if someone is lying or not. May be FBI will hire you and fire their existing lie detector.

6 – Learn Magic Tricks Online at FreeMagicTricks

Magic tricks are simply wow. Free Magic Tricks has a great collection of magic tricks. Here you can find tricks on Card, Coin, Bar, Levitation, Optical Illusion, etc. The tricks are explained beautifully with a video tutorial so this makes it super-easy to learn and practice them.

7 – Practice Hacking Online at HackThisSite

Hacking doesn’t mean using any hacking tools to hack someone. Such hackers are called script kiddies. To be a hacker you need to develop a hacker’s mind, Hack This Site exactly does the same. It has various levels that train you to think and act like a hacker. It also provides technical information that is required to be a hacker.

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8 – Improve Your Vocabulary online at FreeRice

This is the best way to improve your vocabulary. FreeRice donates 10 grain of rice to poor people for every vocabulary question that you have answered right. If you are using AdBlock then make sure you disable it for this site as that’s the way they are able to donate it.

9 – Find Free Public WiFi’s at WiFiFreeSpot

Yes, you can find free public WiFi at your location. I can’t bet that you can exactly find WiFi at your location, but yes you can find some of them and enjoy them for free. A free wifi hotspot, What else you need in your life.

10 – Tech Support For Free at TechGuy

If you are facing some problems on your computer then TechGuy is a forum where you can get free tech support for your computer. It is the most active forum with 724,838 members and over 1,083,796 discussions.


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