Japan Is Getting Its First Esports Gym

When the pandemic hit, the industry that benefitted the most was the online gaming industry. The online gaming industry got a huge boost in their customer’s numbers and gain immense profit and popularity from that.

Another thing that changed was the gym. Who would have thought that we would have a gym for gaming. To take this step to next level, Japan introduced the first-ever esports gym in Tokyo. The gym is said to be opened on May 19, Akabane in the neighborhood of the Kita ward which is in the northern part of Tokyo.

To make this esports gym transit to Tokyo Metro Inc, the esports has facilitator Gecipe who has been partnered together to foster the culture of joint development in the appreciation event of Tokyo through esports.

The esports gym will also be located outside Exit 3 of the Akabane Iwabuchi Station, which is also the last stop on the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line, which crosses the busiest route of Tokyo, all the way from Meguro in the southern part of the city. The gym is for both competitive and amateur players who can enroll in the training process, either offline or online. It will feature a launch and esport space composed of 12 gaming PCs complete with gaming chairs and headsets.

Here, students will get training from pro esports players. The facility is expected to open in a flexible way that is, regular afternoon hours during the week and full-day hours during the weekends. Customers will have the option to register as a regular member of the gym for only 5,500 yen a month in which they will get daily access to PCs in 3-hour time slots.

Coaching from professional players of esports will cost them extra 2,750 yen per hour and it is up to the student to avail the benefit of coaching. Also, the player will be provided with the environment of online gaming to boost up their morale.

The classes will be carried out by established champions groups within the nation similar to Crest Gaming, Glory Be Esporta, and Delta Gaming.

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This esports gym in Japan is not the first of its kind, as South Korea is also organizing this kind of event where professional and new gamers can get their training. Nike also sponsored games which have a huge number of support Staffs which provide every need to the players like nutrition and the classes regulates in the English language. In these classes, the coaches help the player to improve their game ready for the next match.

Such platforms will not only encourage the youth to improve their gaming performance but will also lead to a new path of careers in the field of esports. This esports will lead to many other industries to boom like electronics and will provide new employment opportunities.

Esports is becoming a huge business day by day as more players are adding to this online field of gaming and it can turn into a billion-dollar industry in the coming years. I hope, it will lead to some good opportunities in the future for the youth.


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