Which Covenant Is the Best For Mythic Plus Dungeons in Shadowlands?

Shadowlands brought us new fractions that became a core for expansion mechanics, the Covenants. I think all of us have already benefited from earning anima for our Covenant Sanctums.

Still, not every player knows about how useful your chosen fraction can be in the Mythic dungeons. Even the mighty boosting services teach their professional players to use the different mechanics in instances that ease WoW Mythic boost. Suppose you buy some mythic carry from the trusted boosting companies (for example, the good one is Leprestore Mythic Dungeons Boost).

In that case, you will notice that the people help you manage to ease the completion of the mythic keystone boost by doing some bizarre things. In this article, I would like to clarify how you can use your Covenant and exactly which dungeon mechanics may help you with such a task.


Each dungeon has its unique Covenant feature. Venthyr guys can use these anima cages to buff allies.


Both the Necrotic Wake and the Spires of Ascension are famous instances among players, and they are also demanded among Mythic Dungeon boost options. Professional players use two Kyrian covenant abilities to ease their walkthrough, Anima Exhaust, and Spear of Destiny. For sure, when you buy Mythic plus carry, your helping team will have at least one player with Kyrian covenant.

  • Anima Exhaust – you can gather a special effect from malfunctioned golems in the location (summon your Steward to do so). It increases your movement speed and deals damage to enemies (while healing allies) for 1 minute. The eruption of damage and healing happens every 4 seconds. This covenant mechanic is available in the Necrotic Wake.


To get the buff, you need to step on one of these spheres.

  • Spear of Destiny – after dealing with the first boss, you can find a spear on a body of a dead Kyrian. Throwing this weapon to the group of enemies stuns them and increases the damage they receive by 20%. In any Shadowlands Mythic plus boost, this ability is precious, as the mobs in the Spires of Ascension are annoying, especially under some modifiers.


There are two dungeons where Necrolords can show their power, Theater of Pain and Plaguefall. Buy Mythic runs WoW boosters propose you to, especially for these instances. They are really long and hard-to-beat on the highest keystones if your team is random and not well-prepared.

  • Necrolords Command is a buff that gives your allies 10% movement speed and Versatility for 10 seconds. You can obtain it by activating a special Necrolord Banner that can be found in different places around the dungeon. This thing is possible to find only in the Theater of Pain. Try to learn these banners’ location when you buy WoW mythic plus boost from trusted companies: observing the excellent play of boosters helps your progression.


There are three of these banners around the Theater of Pain. Don’t miss them.

  • Rapid Infection, Congealed Contagion, and Corrosive Gunk are buffs that you can share with your friends for 3 minutes. Each one deals different effects: 15% haste increase, 10% damage reduction, AoE critical chance increase. To get one of them, you have to use Fleshcraft on the slimes in the Plaguefall dungeon. Each member of your team (including yourself) can be under the effect of only one buff active.

Night Fae

Do not fool yourself, thinking that the dungeons are easy to complete in the Mythic Plus mode. Several bosses in De Other Side will definitely break your mood if you are not a professional explorer of the Mythic dungeons (and a lovely minigame in the Mists of Tirna Scithe can turn into hell). Here Mythic +15 boost may be a beneficial addition to your progression.

  • Haunted Urn is a stunning device in De Other Side situated on the platforms around the last boss. If you are from the Night Fae covenant, just click on it to stun the enemies around. However, be attentive to the radius of this mechanic.


You can find urns on the platforms around Mueh’Zala.

  • There are several bonuses you may receive from being a Night Fae in the Mists of Tirna Scithe. First, you can open a shortcut by interacting with Overgrown Roots at the beginning of the dungeon. Before the first boss, you should click on these roots again and enter the zone where it is possible to get the really tasty buffs Savory Statshroom and Tasty Toughshroom.
  • One of them heals 100% of your HP instantly and grants a 10% bonus to all main stats for 10 minutes, while the other heals too and gives you 10% stamina buff for 10 minutes. But also, you can Energize Anima Seed to open new resurrection zones after each zone.


Skip a trash pack by opening a secret doorway. Just activate these roots.


Two instance dungeons in Revendreth perfectly fit in the local aesthetics. And in the difficulty of this challenging location. The Halls of Atonement and the Sanguine Depths require the player to be prepared really well, especially when they try to finish high keystone levels (it is easier to buy Mythic 15 carry, though).

  • You can use the specific action button near Loyal Stoneborn to turn them on your side in the Halls of Atonement! However, it will last only 30 seconds, after which the creature will fly away. Remember: you can use it ONLY on the mobs with Loyal Stoneborn

You can turn this guy on your side. For 30 seconds only.

  • Anima Cages can be found in the Sanguine Depths. Activating them will start 20 seconds of special aura that gives nearby enemies the debuff Anima Drain. If you kill an enemy with the debuff active, you will get a stack of Sinfall Boon (which grants you 5% damage and healing for 1 minute). Maximum 10 stacks are possible.

There are many ways to make the mythics easier, and one of them is to properly use your Covenant benefits. However, I would recommend you to buy wow mythic plus boost if you want to simplify the most challenging dungeons in Shadowlands. It is always better to spend your time on some more engaging activities than on eternal failures in mythic runs with random players.


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