Top Internet-Enabled Bluetooth Speakers of 2021

Portability is a highly valued trait everywhere these days. Gone are the times when you would see a rotary dial phone in people’s homes, now that there are smartphones in the market, which can easily fit in anyone’s back pockets. 

It is all about the wires and how technology has allowed us to move past them. Cables and cords are not only out of style now, but they are also actually cumbersome too.

I mean, even if you possess a state of the art speaker system, you cannot carry it with you anywhere because it would need an electrical outlet to power up.

In today’s world, we have an innovative sound system technology, which works over Bluetooth waves and cancels out any need for outdated wires. You can take these devices to any place on the Earth that you can imagine. In the outdoor parties, on the subway, in the showers, on the top of the Eiffel tower if you wish too. These Bluetooth speakers are the future.

Don’t you think it is about time that you purchased one? Yes. However, with so many varieties and brands in the market, getting an all-in-one Bluetooth speaker might be difficult. Do not worry, though. Because I have a list of the best speakers that 2021 has to offer, with each having their unique selling points.

These Bluetooth speakers also have built-in virtual assistants that work with the internet to recognize your speech and perform the assigned tasks. So, to use these gadgets to their full potential, make sure that you connect them to a stable internet facility that can easily transmit your command to the speakers and deliver the best Bluetooth experience.

If you are looking for a high-speed internet connection, then follow this URL to find some of the best internet deals available in your region. With that said, let us discuss the best Bluetooth speakers of 2021.

UE Boom 2

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This new version of the previous UE Boom has everything you would want in a Bluetooth speaker, except for an improved battery life, which is still at fifteen hours max. It has a brilliant silvery design, a wonderful sound output, a goodly 30+ ft. wireless range, and waterproof durability. The sound quality is spectacular too. You can easily synchronize it with a display and watch movies in mind-blowing sound quality. The price of UE Boom 2 is $94.29 over the Amazon marketplace. Not bad for a one-time investment, right?

Fugoo Style

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Whether you are hiking through a rainforest, rafting in a noisy river, or even climbing the Himalayas, you can count on Fugoo style Bluetooth speaker to have your back, music-wise. The best thing about it is the fact you can customize the outer jacket to suit your taste. There are three variations as in ‘Style’, ‘Sport’ or ‘Tough’ to choose from.

Other than this, the battery life of this device is super-amazing. It can go up to a whopping forty hours on a medium volume and can cut around twenty or so if you use it on high volume. Its wireless range is 30+ ft., which meets the standard. However, the price is a little high, going above $100, but it is still worth it.

JBL Charge 3

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Distortion of sound is hardly something anyone would want from a speaker system. Yet, there are a number of products out there, which fall out of favor precisely for this drawback. But not JBL Charge 3. This speaker has excellent audio quality to boot! Its weight is 1.76 pounds; the wireless range goes up to 30+ feet and a battery life of more than twenty hours.

However, the best feature is that it can charge your phone too via its USB slot. Yes! You are on the move, your phone runs out of juice, just take the JBL Charge 3 out of your backpack (a sign of its high portability) and start charging your phone. As simple as that. Cool, right?

Final Words

Thus, these three speakers top the chart for the best Bluetooth speakers in 2021. There are more varieties, sure, but I would recommend the aforementioned ones as the ultimate go-to devices for anyone who wants to get a portable speaker this year. 

Do give them a shot the next time you head over to the market. 



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