Digital Privacy – 3 Ways to Improve Your Online Security

The Internet has become a place where people stay connected all the time. We cannot imagine living a single day without social media platforms and other online services.

All in all, the Internet makes the world a comfortable place to live in. However, there’s a catch, like security.

Even if you just browse Facebook, Twitter and watch streaming videos, you still need to think about the security measures to protect your privacy. Since if there are breaches in your security, your privacy might be at risk.

The Internet is filled to the brim with such cybercriminals involved in doxing. This is when perpetrators steal sensitive info from online portals like social media or emails and make these data available to everyone on the Internet.

Phishers get sensitive data like passwords or other financial information via malicious links that they send in emails. There are simple steps to protect yourself online.

Use secure authentication

First, use secure authentication. Not only use passwords but face and fingerprint detection alongside the passwords for getting access to your devices.

Avoid public networks

Don’t use public Wi-Fi. The Internet is everywhere nowadays, and you can connect to any service you need wherever you need. Cybercriminals might use public networks to access your personal data. And, due to the fact that most of the transactions are done on mobile devices these days, it’s not safe to use public networks.

Always log out

Always log out, no matter what device you are using, be it phone or laptop. In this case, if you lose your phone, nobody will be able to log into your apps.

Social media privacy

Check your social media privacy settings. You could be among those people who share too much personal information on their social media. For example, when you add geotags to your photos. Criminals using them might find your address. Don’t post pictures of your purchases. If someone can get access to your device, he could get your banking details.

Use virtual phone numbers instead of real ones

When you register on some online service like Facebook, you share your personal information with online companies. But instead of writing via your personal phone number, use a free virtual number for SMS.

OnlineSIM offers virtual phone numbers from any country in the world. You can register another Facebook or Instagram page via these numbers. When you buy a virtual phone, you can receive an unlimited SMS number during a total period of time. You can also test virtual phone numbers using free disposable ones.


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