How to Change Instagram Fonts (Bio, Posts, Stories)

Have you ever thought about how you can make your account even more attractive and peculiar? Even if you’re satisfied with it, we’ll show you how you can add a twist to it and make your brand more recognizable. 

Stunning fonts (aesthetic, cursive, weird, discord text fonts, etc.) – or rather how to enhance your profile using font changer tools that’s what we’re going to talk about!

But first, let me clarify why change Instagram fonts in your bio and captions under a post?

3 Reasons to Modify a Font on Instagram

instagram fonts

  • Stand out from the Insta crowd

The increasing number of IG users, on the one hand, provides you with a chance to expand your audience, but on the other hand, it prevents you from being unique because every user wants this; otherwise, how can you get noticed? 

That’s why fonts are a detail that will add charm to your account and thus help it become noticed and attractive in the eyes of a new audience.

You are free to pick out any font, whether it will be cursive, italic, or tiny text font, but before deciding on the best font, think carefully about whether the desired font fits your profile concept, your product, service, or brand and describes the profile in the best way. It all depends on the business you run on Insta.

  • Stay up to date

Changing your default Instagram font to an uncommon one is a new up-and-coming and yet tested trend that popular bloggers and Influencers have been following in their accounts lately. 

The audience is always eager to get and watch something fresh and up-to-date, so why not change the fonts in your account to be in trend and thus “please the eye” not only the followers but even your own.

  • Express your hidden creativity

A creative account is more likely to be at the top. Ok, it’s not just unusual fonts that decide this: it’s the success of the chosen account development strategy, profile design, activity and audience engagement levels, and more. But it’s worth noting that a chosen font is a part of a strategy to improve the profile’s visual component. 

So don’t be afraid to experiment using your creative skills and improve the visuals of your account because that’s the first thing that draws on an audience!

How to Modify an Instagram Font

Today, additional tools to make it easier to manage an Instagram account are growing in scope. Thus, one of the easiest ways to change a font into your Insta description or post captions — a font changer or so-called web-based tools that don’t need to be installed (there are apps for mobiles too, but they require installation).

Instafonts, LingoJam,, FontGet, Meta Tags Font Generator, Sprezz (iPhone app), Cool Fonts for Instagram (Android app) are some of the web-based font generators that are available from any device and browser.

So, here is a brief step guide on how to change IG fonts:

  1. Open a browser and load a font changer you’ve chosen.
  2. Type in your text or paste a copied one.
  3. Pick out the desired font for your text.
  4. Copy the text with changed font and paste it into your IG bio, captions under a post, Stories, or other places where you wish to modify a text font.

That’s all! Now your profile looks more stunning and “tasteful” I feel it.



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