How To Increase Your Social Media Presence

It can be hard to build up a presence on social media. Whether you’re an influencer looking to expand your brand or just someone who wants to exploit major platforms to their fullest potential, building your presence is the key to victory, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

Is it all about increasing your post frequency? Should you be targeting different demographics with your posts? Is it a good idea to purchase paid ads on social media? Don’t panic – we’re here to help you. Here’s how you can increase your social media and see a real difference in terms of followers, likes, and other crucial metrics for success!

What does “social media presence” mean?

Before we begin, it might be a good idea to define exactly what we mean by “social media presence”. In short, social media presence refers to the frequency with which you post on all of your social media accounts, and the degree to which your followers or friends engage with those posts.

As you can imagine, social media presence is therefore one of the most important metrics when it comes to judging whether or not you are successful on various platforms. It’s not the only way to know whether you’re having an impact, but by judging frequency and engagement, you can tailor your strategy to help you expand your reach.

Try a follower service

One of the biggest ways you can increase your social media presence is to use a follower service such as ProfileFollower. Gaining followers on social media organically is difficult, time-consuming, and never guaranteed. Even if you create the best possible content you can, putting plenty of effort into editing and presentation, that still doesn’t guarantee followers or engagement.

That’s where follower services come in. They can fill your account with organic, genuine followers who will see your content, thereby giving you a much better chance of getting engagement on your posts. 

Post often and across different platforms

If you aren’t already, it’s important to make sure you’re posting on every single social media channel available to you. Different platforms offer different benefits, and if you’re not posting on all of them, then you’re missing out on the unique engagement and presence those platforms can give you.

For example, posting on Instagram means you can draw the attention of people who prefer visual content, while posting on Twitter is more likely to garner replies in text form. With that said, it’s a good idea to space out your posts so that people have a chance to anticipate the next piece of content you create.

Make exclusive content for each platform

If you simply post the same thing on every platform, then you’re not giving people a reason to check out your other platforms, which is fatal for engagement. In any case, posting content on each channel should leverage the unique strengths of that channel, so if you’re posting the same exact thing to TikTok as you are to Instagram every time, then there’s already a major flaw in your social media strategy.

When you make exclusive content, you increase the chances users will jump from one social media site to the next in order to see everything you’ve created, and that’s only going to help your engagement numbers!

Respond to comments

Of course, once you reach a certain level of social media prestige, you won’t be able to respond to every single comment you receive. Any reasonable person wouldn’t expect you to, either, so don’t worry – you won’t lose followers because of this.

However, you should try to respond to as many comments as you possibly can, because this will increase your presence significantly. Replying to comments will make followers think that you’re not just an impersonal bot; rather, you’re a content creator with feelings and opinions, and that will endear people to you, causing your social media profiles to increase in prominence.

Hit trends with your content

There’s a huge difference in terms of engagement between brands and influencers that consistently hit trending topics and those that simply do their own thing without looking at the wider world. Social media is all about trends, and the more content you create that fits into those trends, the better chance you’ll have of increasing your presence.

Every social media channel, be it Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or anything else, has a way to discover what’s trending that day. When it’s time to make some more content, be sure that you look at that page carefully before deciding what you want to make. Maintain your individuality, but always hit trends.

Incorporate games, trivia, and quizzes

Interactivity really is the word of the hour when it comes to social media. Your followers want to join in with your posts; it helps them to feel like part of the community, and if you’re an influencer, this has the added bonus of allowing you to partner up with brands in order to create giveaways that could stand you in even better stead with your fans.

Even if you’re not planning to work with brands, you can still include quizzes and trivia questions in your posts, because many people can’t resist the allure of answering a simple question and will definitely want to join in if they know the answer!

These are just some of the ways you can increase your social media presence and boost your metrics. In the end, there’s no better set of rules than this: create great content, show people why they should check you out on different social media channels, and engage with them when they do show interest. It really is that simple! 


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