5 Best Double Door Fridges With Good Cooling Backup 

A double-door refrigerator is a suitable kitchen appliance for homes with four or more family members. Samsung refrigerators come with several features to increase the space capacity and cooling system. 

A double-door refrigerator is an appliance having two separate doors. One door opens to the freezer and another to the fridge. If you seek to have a good Samsung refrigerator, then visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and maximize your buying enjoyment.

In this article, we will tell you how you could benefit by choosing the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. But, before that, let’s check out the best double door refrigerator models you can opt-out for purchase.


Samsung 324L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Firstly, on the list, we have the Samsung 324 liters 3-Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator. It has a twin cooling plus system that assures you to maintain the freshness of your food and drinks and keep them moist.

Besides, its 5 conversion modes are perfectly suited to meet all your demands of the cooling appliance. If we talk about its style, the deep door can conveniently hold larger drinks without consuming extra space.

Samsung 407L Curd Maestro™ Double Door Refrigerator (RT42A5C5EBS)

When looking for a double-door refrigerator with good cooling backup, do not miss checking out the Samsung 407L Curd Maestro™ Double Door Refrigerator. This 5-in-1 convertible Samsung refrigerator has a design of an incredible Twin Cooling+ Technology to take care of the evenly cooling system.

This revolutionary technology helps you keep your food fresh for extra long. Now, no need to worry about different weather conditions as the Twin Cooling Plus™ technology retains the freshness of the food in its optimal conditions. This is possible by maintaining the humidity level in the refrigerator up to 70%, unlike the conventional 30% TMF.

Consequently, the perishable food also stays fresh and moist twice longer. This means you will have a reduction in food waste.

Samsung 386L Curd Maestro™ Double Door Refrigerator (RT39A5C3ESL)

Make sweet store like curd at home with the help of this double door refrigerator. Samsung presents you with the world’s first Curd Maestro refrigerator that helps to prepare fresh curd and then preserve it. Now make curd hassle-free in any weather conditions and enjoy the same consistency directly from your kitchen. 

Another specialty of the Samsung refrigerators is their convertible 5-in-1 modes that make your life more accessible than ever. The twin cooling plus™ technology evenly spread the cold air from corner to corner of all compartments and retain the freshness of the stored food twice longer.

Hence, you can lower food wastage as this double door refrigerator can even store and maintain perishable food quality longer than before.

Samsung Top Mount Freezer with Curd Maestro™ and Base Stand Drawer 244L (RT28T3C23NV)

If you need a decent double door refrigerator with a cooling backup, Samsung Top Mount Freezer with Curd Maestro™ refrigerator is perfect for you. It has Not only built-in Curd Maestro™ technology, a unique feature to make fresh curd and preserve it, but also offers an all-around cooling element.

Yes, it appropriately cools all your food and drinks rapidly by transferring the cold air to all corners. This incredible feature is available to ensure checking the temperature and blowing out the cold air from many vents that are present on all the shelf levels.

The double door refrigerator also comes with a movable ice maker that is convenient for use. Just twist it and dispense the ice cubes. As it is portable, you get additional space in the fridge to utilize in need.

Samsung 253 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT28T3122UT/HL)

Our final option for the double door refrigerator is this Samsung refrigerator that possesses the BEE-certified high energy efficiency. The 5-star energy efficiency rating certified by BEE makes it the best energy-efficient double-door refrigerator. While the model consumes less electricity, you can save money without compromising on its efficient performance.

It’s Digital Inverter Technology modifies the speed of the compressor automatically with the help of built-in seven levels in response to the cooling need. Plus, it helps to produce less noise, more energy-efficient, and durable performance.

The shelves made of toughened glass can withstand heavyweight up to 150 kgs conveniently and safely. So, keep heavy pans and saucepans, large vegetables inside the Samsung refrigerator hassle-free.

If you like these products and think they are costly, simply visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, where you can purchase Samsung refrigerators on No Cost EMIs. Isn’t it great to change the look of the kitchen without investing all at once? Shop online on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and avail zero down payment on select products. 


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