UX and UI: Key Factors to Increase CTR of Website

An excellent user experience is a must-have factor for any business website that can make or break its conversion rate. The two essential elements of any user experience or user interface concept are navigation and interactivity. You need to keep in mind many things while designing a website to improve these two concepts for better usability and user experience. 

Web Design Company offers cost-effective web solutions that are not just attractive but also user-friendly. In the past, only large companies had the capability of Web design and development. However, with the advent of new technologies like Flash and Java, web designing is now an open-source activity.

Web designing mainly includes many concepts like User Interface (UI), Web graphic design, and Interaction Design (IA). User Experience (UX), Search Engine Optimization (SER), and Web application authoring utilizing standard coding languages like JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS, etc., have gained popularity over the past few years.

Factors that will help you grow your CTR

When a visitor comes to your site, what are they looking for? If your main goal is to sell a product or service, you need to focus on this. Your content must be relevant to the search terms used by the visitors.

Quick Navigation

For any website, good navigation and interactivity should make it easy to reach the desired pages of the site. If the website lacks any of these two elements, it will create a poor user experience for the website visitors. The lack of good navigation and interactivity can also bring down the traffic to your website. 

To make your website friendly for your target audience, you need to choose the right website design and developer who knows about the importance of a good user experience and how to design websites properly. This way, you can get the desired results regarding website traffic and conversions, which will increase your CTR.

User Experience

An excellent web designer and developer will always strive to make the user experience as simple as possible. They will try to provide the best available tools for the user. In this way, they will keep the visitor glued to the website. As we all know, a website can only attract a limited number of visitors. In this case, hiring a web design company can help you get targeted visitors for your website. Once a public image of your website is established, your CTR will increase.

Get what you need

A web design company in India has various web development capabilities under its belt and can easily cater to your needs. This means that you do not have to worry about anything as far as website development is concerned. The web developers working here understand your needs and requirements entirely well and provide you with customized web solutions. 

Quality Content

You must have good quality content. Research has shown that if your website content is not of good quality, it will decrease the time the user spends on your website. Content quality will make or break your website. Websites that do not have relevant and fresh content will lose customers. Quality content attracts relevant customers and increases the CTR organically.

Put in Relevant and Trending Content

If your website does not have relevant content, the user might abandon it because it is not applicable. Thus, make sure that you have a lot of traffic. You can do this by writing and submitting lots of articles, networking, having guest books, guest blogging, participating in online communities and social media, etc.

You can also hire a digital marketing company in India to grow your reach through social media. Once your reach increases, CTR will simultaneously go up.

Proper Keyword research

You need to have good keyword research. This is very important because a visitor will most likely type in a keyword in the search box. This means that your main keyword should be on top of the list. It is also essential to use the right keywords in the content because if you don’t, the bots will see it as suspicious. Sometimes by focusing on a primary keyword, you may lose impressions, but it might increase your CTR by concentrating on the target audience.

Outbound Links

Using anchor text links in your links will help the bots understand what your website is all about. The bots will then start crawling your site very fast. Make sure that you also have other relevant links that will direct the users to your landing page. This will ensure that the search engine spiders are indexing your website well. Thus, using this method will increase your page ranking and help you get a high ranking in the search engine result pages. This can attract a lot more traffic and can result in CTR growth.

Wrapping up

Apart from these things, website developers should also provide you with various website elements and features such as JavaScript, flash messages, images, video, and others. These will help you create a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

Always focus on what your audience wants; hiring a digital marketing company in India will also help you attract high click-through rates. If a web design company in India offers you, excellent website developers, you can expect your website will be developed to ensure your success in the internet marketing world.


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