5 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers Right Now

Having a billion users and an ever-changing algorithm, Instagram is quite a competitive platform. When it comes to growing on Instagram, it’s always quality over quantity. However, what if we uncover ways that can help you grow substantially with quality followers that also help you increase engagement on Instagram?

Yes, it’s achievable! And yes, you have to buy active Instagram followers to reach your target! Given below is a guide with the ultimate 5 tips to hack your way to 10,000 followers!

Visual Cohesion

The first impression is indeed the last impression, and you don’t want to chase away potential followers because of having a clumsy feed. So your first order of business should be to put effort into organizing a decent feed. If you want to attract followers, develop a unique and attractive style for your profile.

There are so many accounts trying to get attention, and having a consistent and catchy aesthetic that helps you stand apart and outshine your competitors. Set an eye-catching display picture with a relevant mark, curate a compelling bio reflecting your brand persona, and post photos that are in sync with your theme.

This doesn’t imply that you need to restrict your creative ideas. But try to include a consistent and dominant style, color palette, filters, and voice in every creative idea that comes up. Determine a consistent brand narrative and weave it in your bio, feed posts, Instagram stories, and theme.

Expertise and Topical Authority

One sure shot way to shoot up your followers and increase engagement on Instagram is to become a source of topical authority. Once you establish your expertise in your given field, people will want to follow you to get expert advice and get a first-hand view of original content. So whatever niche you pick to grow in, make sure that you’re a trendsetter in that respective area.

Curate content that can inspire, educate and impress your followers. You can post tutorials, compose How-To guides, share your journey, mistakes, and learning, start fun challenges, share resourceful infographics and facts to showcase your knowledge. Make it a point to stay original, fun, relevant, and relatable!

Showcasing expertise doesn’t necessarily mean that you ought to stick to one area, but try to bring coherence in everything you post, including your hashtags. Using the most trending hashtags in your relevant area can help you reach a targeted audience with having to buy active Instagram followers. You can even use some of the best hashtag generator tools to get the best results. 

Diversify Your Content, Diversify Your Followers

Repetition is reputation, and you don’t want to be known amongst your audience for posting repetitive content daily. Be it sales pitch or product shots, everyone gets tired of viewing monotonous content. So if you want to increase engagement on Instagram, diversify your content and make it more interactive.

There are so many content forms that you can mix and match to make up an engaging content strategy –  humor and memes, tutorials, inspirational quotations, surveys, challenges, user-generated content, infographics and so much more. Also make it a point to try different formats like reels, IGTV series, IG stories, and more.

Video marketing is hot in trend currently and Instagram has a pattern of self-marketing content with its new features, so hop onto the bandwagon of posting Instagram reels. Don’t forget to watermark your content to redirect people to your account. 

Gain Exposure Through Giveaways

When it comes to the most effective and definite tips to increase followers organically by buying Instagram followers, giveaways and contests work like magic. You can open a flood of entries by offering something meaningful and using an attractive image to display that offer. Simply ask your audience to follow your account and tag more friends to follow you, to enter the contest.

You can further maximize your reach by partnering with another influencer or brand. One of the reasons why contests and giveaways help to redirect traffic and increase engagement on Instagram is because they have a clearly stated CTA, like Tag a friend, Follow us, Like this image, and so on. So whatever you post on Instagram, be it a giveaway post or a generic post, always use a strong CTA. 

Social Listening

There’s no secret sauce to social media success, it’s simply a matter of understanding what your audience is saying about you and making improvements accordingly. Once you listen carefully to your brand’s reputation, you will also understand your target audience better to meet their demands.

Although Instagram analytics tools do a good job of giving you insights, there are several other social listening tools that can give you in-depth reports. Using these tools, you can track what is working for you and then gear your social media strategy accordingly. There are many all-in-one tools that give you reports, auto-engage with the audience, find trending hashtags, let you buy Instagram followers, and much more.

You can also understand your audience better by directly engaging with them on a regular basis. To interact with your audience through live streams, story stickers, comments, and DM’s to increase engagement on Instagram. 


Once you take these simple yet proactive steps for your Instagram strategy and campaigns, you can set a solid foundation and invite a steady pool of followers until you reach your goal and beyond. With a combination of creative content, consistency, expertise, and conversational approach; you can see significant growth in your Instagram followers!


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