Exabytes WordPress Hosting Reviews: Overview, Pricing and Features

Web hosting is one of the things that is essential for any business to consider before they can take their operations online. With increased internet connectivity throughout the world, it is essential to consider an online platform that furthers the interest of businesses. 

People have begun to discover businesses through platforms like Google, Bing, and other search engines, and hence it is important to opt for a hosting service that provides the best reliability, uptime, and features to ensure that your business stays relevant. Also, hosting services are not just limited to businesses, and can be used for personal blogs or websites. 

With 20 years of experience, Exabytes brings one of the most feature-rich and reliable web hosting solutions in the market. Besides hosting services, Exabytes also provides domain names, security services, digital marketing programs, site design, email services, dedicated servers, and many more. In this review, we will focus on Exabytes WordPress Hosting and the various factors that distinguish it from the competition. 

Exabytes WordPress Hosting: Initial Impressions


Exabytes aims to provide a  WordPress hosting service with optimized plans for different website and application needs. All databases are SSD-based, which improves speed and latency. The data centers are equipped with state of art security facilities to ensure your websites and data stay safe from cybersecurity attacks. 

This WordPress hosting service is a great option for businesses that need unlimited bandwidth and flexible features. The overall user experience is quite beginner-friendly, and there are several support resources and video tutorials to overcome any problem that you may face during the initial setup. Also, if you want to move from your current hosting service, there’s a 24/7 helpline with WordPress expert support to do so. The pocket-friendly prices should also help small businesses to start with an appropriate hosting plan. 

Exabytes has 4 data centers, thus, your WordPress website is automatically hosted in a data center closest to your local country by default. USA clients may opt to host their WordPress websites on either the USA or Asia (Malaysia & Singapore) servers. 

All of the WordPress hosting plans also include SSL certificates, better SEO, personalized email domains, free backups at regular intervals, and other great features to increase your online presence in today’s saturated market. You also get support for Plesk control panels with all hosting plans, providing root access to your server functions with the ease of a graphical user interface. 

Exabytes WordPress Hosting: Main Benefits

Exabytes offers some great benefits on every tier. You get fast and reliable SSD storage, and Intel-equipped Dell server PCs with every plan. Take a look at some of the other significant benefits offered by Exabytes:

  • LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress and guaranteed pure SSD disk – X5 faster than normal hosting server
  • Free Lifetime Domain – As long as your hosting stay with us, we’ll help you renew your domain
  • Enhance Website Security with Security360 – Automatic Malware Scan & Websites Fix
  • Flat Renewal Rate – No surprise on hosting renewal, its rate is the same as the initial sign up rate
  • 100 days Money Back Guarantee – You can cancel and get 100% refund with no reason over the next 100 days
  • 24/7 WordPress Support – Round the clock technical support to assist you with any technical errors

Exabytes WordPress Hosting: Reliability & Customer Care Services

With over 99.9% of network uptime and 99.5% of server uptime, you can be sure that your website will be accessible by your customers or visitors most of the time. There is also 24/7/365 customer care support using email or live chat. Phone support is limited to Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Customers residing in the USA should be able to get any form of support using the live chat or email ticketing features. 

Most of the basic essential services include VPS and dedicated server support. This includes LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stacks, operating system, and resource and uptime monitors. There are also additional features for users who need them at added costs, like performance optimization, dedicated support, automatic backups, and firewall solutions along with other layers of protection for your data. There is also a 100-day money-back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with their services. 

Exabytes WordPress Hosting: General Performance and Server Speeds

With a customer base of over 160,000 users around the world, any hosting service needs to provide a well-performing and optimized system for customers. Thankfully, Exabytes provides one of the fastest hosting services for WordPress. 

You get SSD storage on your servers, and the server computers are equipped with high-end Intel CPUs to ensure the great uptime provided by Exabytes hosting. There is also an option to integrate Cloudflare into your package for DDoS protection and speed boosts.

There are also several security tools that ensure consistent performance, including the partnerships that Exabytes has made with Symantec, SiteLock, R1Soft, Cloudflare, and more. Also, no matter what plan you settle on, you always get very decent speeds with this hosting service. Overall, the speeds offered by Exabytes are some of the best in the market and should serve well for most users. 

Different Types of Hosting Offered by Exabytes

There are several tiers of hosting plans available on Exabytes to accommodate the needs of most users. WordPress Hosting Exabytes provides four hosting packages for WordPress websites – E-commerce, Business, Beginner, and Ultimate.

WordPress Hosting

Exabytes provides four hosting packages for WordPress websites – “Ecommerce”, “Business”, “Beginner”, “Ultimate”. The “Beginner” tier starts at $1.99/month and offers a shared environment with optimized servers and toolkits to grow your new website. 

The ”Business” tier provides a great infrastructure for already existing WordPress websites at just $5.99/month. The “Ecommerce” tier provides unlimited websites at a price of $11.99/month. Finally, the “Ultimate” tier provides the most comprehensive plan for WordPress websites with high volumes of traffic, at a great price of $29.99/month. 

The “Ultimate” tier offers the best features for big websites with huge amounts of traffic. This plan comes at $29/month and provides the best stability and advanced features. Features like daily backups, SSD storage, and uptime monitoring are included. 


Business Web Hosting

For businesses, there are three tiers of plans that they can choose from. These depend upon the scale of the business, and their requirements. The ‘EBiz 12 Plus’ plan starts at $4.99 and offers support for high traffic, and unmetered bandwidth to shift your business to the digital landscape without any hiccups. 

There’s also the high-end ‘EBiz 12 Max’ plan that allows you to host unlimited websites with 240 GB of dedicated SSD storage and. You can also get an unlimited number of business email accounts with plan and above. 

Reseller Hosting

This type of hosting allows you to rent storage space and bandwidth from Exabytes, and use it with cPanel. You can mix different reseller plans with personalized value-added services, with optimum performance and reliability. The plans start at $10.50/month with 50 Gigabytes of Storage included. 

Exabytes WordPress Hosting: Verdict

With over 20 years of experience in the field of WordPress Hosting, Exabytes offers one of the most reliable and secure options in the market. For medium-scale businesses and individuals alike, Exabytes hosting features are enough to get a headstart in the digital world, and exponentially grow a service.

Customers can choose from Linux and Windows Operating Systems, and the plans offer free SSL/HTTPS support for enhanced security and reliability. The products offered by Exabytes are easily usable by beginners and are recommended by us if you are getting started with your website, or want to expand your business to the internet.



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