How Can I Track a Phone’s Location?

There are various reasons why you may want to track a phone’s location. It may be your child’s device and you want to ensure they are at the right places at the right time. It may be your spouse’s device and you want to make sure of their faithfulness.

It could also be an employee’s device and you want to make sure they are not skipping work or taking unnecessary breaks when they should be working. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to track a device, you will need a phone tracker app to do the tracking. Here is a list of the best phone tracker apps for tracking phones along with a brief insight into them. 


uMobix phone tracker is the best tracking app to locate a phone. Using the GPS-location feature, you can determine accurately the location of your child or spouse. All you have to do is to install the uMobix phone tracker app on the target device. This process takes only a few minutes and the uMobix customer support team can help you with any difficulties you may face. Once you have the app installed, you will be able to determine the location of the device at all times through your dashboard.

Once you open the GPS Location tab on your dashboard, you will see the location of the target device. You will also find a list that gives you all the locations your child or spouse has visited. Clicking on map view opens up Google maps, allowing you to track and even visit the location of your target. 

The uMobix phone tracker does more than just track a phone’s location, however. It offers a slew of features that make it the best remote phone tracker on the market. Call monitoring is one of such features. This allows you to monitor the incoming and outgoing calls from a device.

It presents this information in a list that contains the name assigned to the contact as well as the duration and time of the call. This feature is important as it allows you to know who your child or partner spends time on the phone talking to. You also have access to the phone book of your target device and can even delete contacts of people you are not comfortable with. 

You can also monitor messages using the uMobix phone tracker. This includes SMS messages, social media messages, and even emails. SMS messages are displayed on your dashboard and you can see the sender as well as the contents of the message. uMobix offers an advanced feature that lets you prevent messages from a particular contact from getting to the device. uMobix has support for more than 30 social media apps including Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter which gives you the ability to spy on messages and other activities in these social media apps. 

The uMobix phone tracking app gives you access to all the pictures and videos saved on the target device. It even allows you to download these media files to your device. You can also use the cameras and microphone of the target device to record video and audio which is then stored on your dashboard. All these features and more can be gotten for $49.99 every month. The quarterly plan gives you even more value at $83.99 for 3 months while the yearly plan offers the most value at $139.99 for a year. 


This is another great phone tracking app that can be used to monitor the location of a cell phone. Using the GPS on your target device, Cocospy can report the location of the device at any time. The Cocospy GPS location feature includes details such as a list of the locations visited by the bearer of the device. You also get to see what time they visited and left these locations.

Using this Geolocation feature, you no longer have to call to ask your child where he or she is as you can find out this information in a few seconds from your dashboard. Cocospy also has a geofence feature that can be set to alert you once your target stores out of a boundary you have set in advance. 

The Cocospy phone tracker also allows you to spy on your target’s social media messages. This includes apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Instagram. Cocospy’s Whatsapp spy feature lets you read messages exchanged on Whatsapp including images and videos. It also adds timestamps so that you know exactly when these messages were exchanged. 

With Cocospy you can check out what websites are visited by your child or spouse. The web history feature also gives you a list of websites visited in order of frequency. You also get timestamps for the web history.

You can track phone calls and SMS texts on your target device too. You get a list of all the contacts on the device as well as the frequency and the duration for which they are contacted. Cocospy costs $39.99 per month for the basic plan and $49.99 monthly for the premium plan. 

Spybubble Pro

Find out the location of any android or iOS device using this phone tracker app. Once you have it installed on your target device, you can begin to track the said device from wherever you are using the dashboard. The phone tracking feature gives you the location of the target device in real-time as well as a list of all the locations visited by the device. 

Besides its ability to track the location of your target device, this phone tracker also enables you to view your target’s browser history. A person’s browser history can often be used to find out what the person does or is about to do and this can help you act fast to rescue any calamitous situations. This phone tracker also has a keylogger that records all that is typed using the device keyboard. This can be used to uncover information such as login details and passwords. 

Spybubble Pro allows you to track both incoming and outgoing calls on your target device. You get a full list of the call log including logs that are deleted from the device. You can also check out SMS messages on the target device. Just like the call monitoring feature, you can access text messages that have been deleted from the target device. You can also disable calls and SMS messages from people that you do not want to target your kid or spouse. 

Using Spybubble Pro, you can block the internet access of the target device. There is also an app monitoring feature that gives you a list of all the apps installed on the device as well as the time spent on each app. You can then go on to lock the device remotely if you find out that your child uses their phone more than they should. You can get Spybubble Pro for a monthly fee of $49.99. 


There are hundreds of apps that claim to offer phone tracking services. You will however want to be sure that whatever phone tracker app you choose can deliver well on its claims. For this reason, we have compiled this list of the best phone tracker apps so that you can rest easy knowing that your phone tracker is passing on the correct information to you. 


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