Building a Website in 2023: How Much Does It Cost?

The Internet users spend 155 minutes on average a day surfing the world net on their gadgets, according to Statista estimations. It’s a good reason to build an attractive business website to promote your services. 

But keep in mind that building a website requires too many elements to implement, such as feature set, interface, or technology stack. All they have an impact on the final development price. You should plan what site components are necessary to be adopted beforehand so that you’ll be able to make even rough price estimates for the future development flow. 

This post is prepared for you to consider the site-building stages, dev tools, and approximate costs for that all. Site Building Rough Cost Estimates

Approximate creation costs for a custom website may vary from $8,750 to $38,000 and more. Let’s find out what stages and processes the site development workflow includes and what tools it needs. 

UI/UX Design Building 

According to industry statistics, 50% of users are convinced that a site interface is essential to make an impression about the company’s brand. So, the appropriate site design may also influence your business success. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Typically, UI/UX design creation includes the following stages:

  • Analysis and research. You should identify the core audience, their preferences and conduct a competitor analysis. 
  • Wireframes are the first things prepared on the design stage to demonstrate elements’ schematic layout. After obtaining a client’s approval for wireframes, the specialists can go further to prototyping. 
  • Prototyping means creating the final user interface to demonstrate how the app would appear on different platforms. 

The UI/UX building instruments used during the design stage are usually the following as on the illustration below:

ux design tools
Website design building tools

On average, the final design cost may vary from $750 up to $4,000 or more, according to your business needs and requirements. Such a price may also depend on the animation complexity, the number of pages, etc.

The Front-End Building

The front-end of your site is a visible part the customers can interact with. For example, it can be a simple registration page with fields for name, password, and login, as well as the red Register button.

The front-end building starts right after UI/UX design building. Developers would transform what you saw on prototypes into a real product that could work in any browser. Then, the QA engineers check the written code and make reports for developers to fix bugs found.

The instruments typically used for front-end development are mentioned below:

front end developmen ZHHvo
Front-end building instruments

The front-end building cost is determined by: 

  • Adaptiveness or responsiveness of a site 
  • Complexity of animation

The cost of front-end development might range from $1,000 to $12,500 and above. 

The Back-End Creation

Each site’s back-end is an invisible engine that makes the front-end work. Let’s also illustrate it by an example of the registration page. 

After you click the Register button, the back-end comes in. It sends the input data to the server and registers you as a new site user. You can also obtain an error message stating you’ve already been registered or put in irrelevant data. 

Back-end can be developed with the help of the below toolset, which is the most common:

back end development Wt0O6
Back-end development toolset

The primary elements influencing overall development time and typical site cost are: 

  • Complex requests
  • Third-party services integration 
  • Information processing gone in an unusual way (e.g., audio) 

The cost of back-end development might range from $4,000 to $12,500 and more.

The interaction of front-end and back-end
The interaction of front-end and back-end

A CMS Development

A content management system or CMS (sometimes known as an admin panel) is a creation and management tool for website content. 

Building an admin panel, you can use two options: apply to one of the out-of-the-box solutions (like WordPress or Shopify) or develop a custom one. While choosing, keep in mind that ready-made CMS engines can lower the development prices, cutting down the time needed for building. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that their security and profitability might be low; that’s why it is preferable to choose a customized website to build. 

Custom CMS development costs might range from $3,000 to $9,000 and beyond.

The Final Development Cost: How to Calculate?

The final development cost of all the stages may approximately range from $8,750 to $38,000 and more. Such price also depends on the hourly wages of the region that you’ve chosen for outsourcing your site development. Ukrainian developers’ hourly wage is about $35-50.

The average hourly wages of other countries are the following, according to the Accelerance report for 2021-2022:

  • Eastern Europe – $21-118
  • North America – $49-210
  • Latin America – $21-93
  • Asia – $21-82

A Building Price of Websites by Their Types

Websites are built for various purposes, ranging from individual blogs and portfolios to complex business solutions. As a result, their building time is determined by the project’s complexity, which impacts web development prices.

So, we’ll look at the most common website types with different levels of complexity, evaluate their components influencing the final costs, etc.

Informational Website Cost

It might be focused on promoting a brand, boosting consumer loyalty, and so on. The cost of creating a website like this, once again, is determined by its complexity. Depending on the location of the software outsourcing (Europe, the US, etc.) you’ve decided to collaborate with, business website development costs might range from $9,500 to $13,000+.

Clients that wish to build a website basically request the following pages:

  • About us
  • Contacts
  • Services
  • Testimonials
  • Blog

Keep in mind that each web project is individual and may have a unique structure, but the cost of developing a site for a small business is usually determined by the number of pages and functionality (e.g., search bar, SSL certificate, live chats integration, etc.) you want to implement.

Business website prices for mid-sized companies and organizations make things more challenging. Such estimations should be completed by software development vendors you’ve chosen to cooperate with. Landing Page Price

It’s one page on a multi-page website designed to advertise or sell a product. Such a page is required to keep users interested and encourage them to take specific activities, such as downloading a file or purchasing a product; it’s also not overloaded with data. 

Even though this page might be very long, the average cost of developing a single-page website is less than that of a multi-page website, ranging from $1,000 to $2,500.

E-Commerce Site Costs

E-commerce websites typically have a complicated feature set and a lot of pages (Amazon, for example, has dozens and hundreds of them); so, it’s hard to determine the approximate development prices for them.

The most common pages for such a website include:

  • Front page
  • Favorites
  • Blog
  • Shopping cart, etc.

E-commerce sites may contain the following features as a search bar, push notifications (personalized), product review and rate, etc. The technological stack varies a lot from project to project, depending on the complexity and goals.

To handle enormous loads and appear higher in search results, large e-commerce websites must be well-architected. As a result, it affects the custom e-commerce site average price, which may vary from $17,500 to $37,500.

Additional Site Building Prices

You may come up with the following additional prices paid for the essential components needed for the site building:

The domain name of a website is its exclusive address. You may have seen it in your browser address bar on each website. It’s possible to register site domain names using specialized services (such as Bluehost, Hostinger, or GoDaddy). The cost for that ranges from $5 to $15 each year.

Maintenance is essential for website code, like for any other mechanism. It comprises ensuring that everything works seamlessly. Maintaining a website can range from $500 to $12,000 each year.

Hosting. Your website’s loading time is influenced by your hosting provider (e.g., Inmotion, Hostgator, or GoDaddy). In basic terms, hosting is a service that constantly keeps your website online. So calculating the monthly cost of your website, don’t forget to include hosting prices. They range from $75 to $200 each year.

The Site Marketing Expenditures 

Your software doesn’t exist if no one hears about it. So, marketing expenses (dependent on the amount of work you plan to do) are also necessary to include approximate costs in your site-building and discuss. 

Social Media Marketing (SMM). The goal of SMM is to promote your business on social media sites. It’s an excellent strategy for both small and large businesses. On average, SMM prices range from $400 to $20,000.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC). Such kind of advertising is one of the most efficient options to inform potential customers about your product and convert them into purchasers. Its price depends on the relevance of keywords.

Copywriting. Professional writers should develop excellent articles or copy optimized with keywords related to your company. More quality visitors and leads are generated with high-quality content, which costs approximately $50-500 for one article.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The main SEO goal is to make your website more search engine friendly. The better your SEO is, the higher your website ranks in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Marketing services in total may approximately cost from $300 to $1,500.

Final Price

The final site building cost may range according to specific project requirements. So, if you want to obtain an attractive website that would be user-friendly, competitive, and modern, a competent team of IT specialists may help you. They may answer all your disturbing business questions, provide you with the exact price estimations of your future product, and assist you in building a site that meets your business needs. 

Katherine Orekhova is a technical writer at Cleveroad – a web development company. She is keen on technology and innovations. Her passion is to tell people about the latest tech trends in the world of IT.



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