10 Best IR Blaster TV Remote Apps for Android

Most of the current popular Android phones come with many different sensors, including IR blasters. These are commonly used to interact with various appliances that are controlled with IR remotes. This feature is most useful in cases where you have either misplaced your remote or it is damaged.

The IR sensor is generally located on the top of a smartphone, and a dedicated app is necessary in order to use it. In case you’re confused by the wide variety of options out there, we have researched the internet and listed the best apps to try for Android devices. Without further ado, let’s get started with the best TV remote apps that you can try on your Android devices.

10 Best IR Blaster TV Remote Apps for Android

Twinone Universal TV Remote

1 7

This is one of the best IR TV remote apps that you can try on your Android devices. With support for most of the TV brands out there, this app provides an easy-to-use interface to control your TV. This app also provides support for troubleshooting in case you’re not able to get complete functionality of the remote. Also, this app is completely free to use, with just a few ads here and there.

Get it here: Twinone Universal TV Remote

Mi Remote Controller

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Xiaomi was one of the first brands to introduce IR blasters on their phones, and the dedicated app “Mi Remote Controller” has been around for quite some time. Overall, this is one of the most comprehensive apps that you can use to control your TV. Apart from TVs, this app also lets you control many other devices like ACs, Smart devices, Projectors, Fans, and more. Also, this app can be run on any Android device that has a hardware IR blaster by downloading it from the Play Store.

Get it here: Mi Remote Controller

Smart IR Remote – AnyMote

3 6

Smart IR Remote provides an intuitive and comprehensive app that lets you control all of your home appliances easily. With support for over 9 million devices, you can be assured that you can find an option for your device. This app also supports WiFi-connected devices and automation of some basic features. The free version of this app is a bit limited, with the premium options being locked behind a paywall.

Get it here: Smart IR Remote – AnyMote

Unified TV

4 7

In case you’re on the lookout for a premium TV IR Remote Controller for your Android devices, then Unified TV is one of the best options out there. It can automatically detect nearby devices, and connect to them easily. This app also has some of the best features you can find in an IR remote control app, like easy-to-access widgets and shortcuts, Tasker integration for automation, and NFC actions. This app can be owned for just $0.99, which makes it a steal for the price.

Get it here: Unified TV

SURE Universal Remote for TV

5 6

SURE Universal Remote for TV is a great free-to-use alternative for a great IR Blaster that is sure to fulfill your needs, no matter the device you’re using it for. With support for over 1 million devices and a WiFi to IR converter, you can use this app for a wide multitude of devices. The app’s main dashboard can also be customized according to your needs. As mentioned earlier, this app is completely free to use.

Get it here: SURE Universal Remote for TV

Galaxy Universal Remote

6 6

Similar to the other options on this list, the Galaxy Universal Remote app is a great option that you can use to control your devices using the IR blaster on your phone. You can build your own personalized interface for easy access to different devices and remote functions. Also, this app allows you to set macros to automate a few of the functions. One of the few drawbacks of this app is that it does not support WiFi-enabled devices. This app can be bought at just $3.99.

Get it here: Galaxy Universal Remote

irplus – Infrared Remote

7 6

irplus provides support for most TVs, regardless of whether they are WiFi-enabled or IR controlled. This app includes support for quite a wide variety of devices and can be configured for different models of the same device easily. The user interface of this app is quite easy to navigate and customize according to your needs. This app is also free and does not feature any sort of ads that may hamper your experience.

Get it here: irplus – Infrared Remote

Universal Remote Control

8 6

This app supports controlling devices using both IR or Bluetooth/WiFi. You can choose from a wide variety of devices, with new devices being added constantly. This app is also compatible with streaming platforms like Roku and many others. The navigation in this app is simple and can be used to intuitively navigate through the app. Overall, if you’re looking for a feature-rich remote control app for getting the most out of the IR blaster in your phone, then Universal Remote Control is a great choice.

Get it here: Universal Remote Control

Remote Control for TV

9 5

This is another great app to use your device’s IR blaster for controlling TVs and various other appliances that work with IR remotes. With support for over 220,000 devices, you can use this app to control most of your devices without requiring any further troubleshooting and customization. Also, this app is completely free to use, and does not require any form of subscription. Although, the ads can be intrusive sometimes.

Get it here: Remote Control for TV

ASmart Remote IR

10 4

Similar to most of the other alternatives on this list, this app is a great option that lets you control all of your devices without any issues. Most of the modern and old TVs support IR input, and can be controlled by this app. Also, this app works with most devices out there, regardless of the brand.

Get it here: ASmart Remote IR

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