The Definitive Guide to Handling Social Media During A Divorce

Divorce interferes in every sphere of your life. So if you are active on social media, you can expect the end of your marriage to affect your online activities. Still, it depends on you greatly what the combination of social media and divorce brings to you.

You can use social media for your benefit during the marriage termination process, or your online actions can be used against you. That is why it is essential to handle social media during divorce with great caution. Review the top tips and adjust your social media activity to your divorce case for your advantage. 

A Place to Announce Divorce

If you choose to get divorced amicably and cooperate via divorce service with your spouse, why not use social media for divorce reasons as well. It can be a perfect place to announce the finalization of your marriage. Many celebrities have successfully done that and proved they can stay civil online and handle their divorce with dignity.

Choose Together

Announcing divorce online has to be a mutual choice. In case you wish to make your divorce official on social media, discuss all the details in advance. Dwell on the text, its tone, and other post details. Post it jointly. And let your friends know that you are no longer together, and you admit it openly.

Be Brief

When discussing the text of your post, remember that social media likes when the posts are brief. No one is going to read your half-life story and its drastic details. The world doesn’t need to witness your reflections on the end of your marriage. Some followers will support and sympathize, while others will mock or disapprove of your choice. The aftermath may be bitter. So, it is better to stick to one-three sentences stating the fact of divorce.

Display Respect

Commonly, social media marriage problems start when there is no respect between the current or former spouses. No matter whether you talk about your partner in real life or on social media, you have to eliminate any nasty words or complaints. Display respect to your spouse, your marriage, and yourself in the end, and keep private issues to yourself. Social media is the last place you should spill the beans about your divorce and talk roughly about your ex. 

Sound Confident

When declaring divorce online, you have to sound confident and final about your decision. This will allow you to put an end to all the gossip around your relationship and let a lot of people know that your relationships are over, all and at once. So that you can avoid uncomfortable questions, unpleasant conversations, and pitiful gazes. Or at least most of them. 

Stay Positive

If you announce the end of your marriage, don’t make it sound like the end of the world. Crack a joke about Facebook and divorce rates, attach a funny mem, recall some positive moments from your divorce life. Stay positive so that people know that your life is not over together with your marriage; you just start a new page. 

A Place to Avoid

Still, not everyone is so lucky to have a peaceful divorce. This is when staying active on your social media during the marriage termination process can end up unpleasantly. So, consider these points to eliminate disastrous outcomes out of your virtual life. 

Change Passwords

If you used to trust your spouse fully, remember that things may change dramatically when you get divorced. So if your ex happens to know any of your passwords, mailbox, and other details, change everything. Create a new mailbox, generate safe passwords, delete old accounts. This way, you prevent any malicious actions with your social media page or mailbox that can be used against you in the divorce process. 

Review Your Account

Mind that any public post from your account can be used against you during divorce settlement to win in custody, assets distribution, spousal support, and other issues. This makes it necessary to review your social media activity and delete any photos, posts, comments, and other details that can sabotage you in the end-of-marriage process.

Adjust Privacy Settings

Another good thing is to change your privacy settings. Review permissions closely. Disable tagging you in photos, posts, and comments so that no one can post and link the content that can ruin your reputation and worsen the divorce outcomes. For example, evidence from social media and cheating often goes in one case with the tagged photos, locations, or purchases displayed online. So, make sure that none of that happens to you. 

Look Through Friends List

You may have an extensive friends list of people you barely know, as well as their intentions or opinion on your divorce. Your spouse may use your friends as spies on your social media account so that they collect the evidence to use against you during the divorce. You should go through the friends’ list and unfriend or block people you don’t know or know too much not to trust. Total security is not guaranteed, but at least you will reduce the threat.

Stay Away

When it comes to social media and divorce, most specialists advise you to stay away from social platforms until your marriage is finalized. You can even delete the accounts temporarily to stay on the safe side. On the one hand, you will not gather the benefit social media can propose to you during a divorce. But, in the end, you will save yourself from online attacks and misinterpreted facts gained from your online activity and used against you in divorce disputes. 


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