5 Digital Gift Card Ideas for Everyone 

Holiday shopping has never been a straightforward task. Some people are just impossible to shop for, don’t you agree? With the rising shopping trends nowadays, shipping delays and supply chain problems have become very common. But don’t you worry because this is precisely where a digital gift card comes into play. 

No doubt, gift cards offer a secure alternative to shopping, especially when you’re not quite sure what the other person wants or what they’re expecting as a gift. As long as you choose a worthy gift card, they would not be perceived as impersonal.  

Introduction to Digital Gift Cards 

Digital gift cards are e-cards delivered instantly from online merchants in a digital or electronic format. Such cards constitute an excellent last-minute option that arrives on time and can be used right away. 

Although these cards come directly from the vendors, you may also be rewarded with a free cashback with every purchase. From a different perspective, you can also visualize a digital gift card as ‘merchant-specific instant cash code’ or digital electronic cash.  

You can comprehend the utility of online shopping from the fact that the international gift card market was estimated to be around 320 billion USD in 2017 and is still expected to reach 510 billion USD by 2025.  

5 Trending Digital Gift Card Ideas for Everyone 

While gift cards to local places like a fancy restaurant or nail salon make appreciable choices, they might not always be accessible. Below, we’ve mentioned 5 of the top, sure-to-please digital gift card ideas for gifting your loved ones this year! 

Airbnb Gift Card 

Who doesn’t love to travel and witness a decent vacation at nearby staycations with their family? With an Airbnb gift card, you could always give your friends and family an adventurous travel experience they won’t forget! 

Do you realize the best thing about an Airbnb digital gift card? The card never expires and can be utilized anytime to book a trip on this popular vacation rental platform. The prices of Airbnb electronic cards range from $50 to $500. 

Flipkart Gift Card 

Have you ever found yourself hopeless after hours of online searches while still being unable to choose an appropriate gift? Well, your quest concludes here as you can allow your giftee to conveniently select from thousands of exciting products using a Flipkart Gift Card. Most contemporary upstanding platforms such as Coingate offer such gift cards through emails within a short time frame.  

With successful transactions through Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, this online shopping destination indeed has something for everyone, whether it be a commodity as tiny as a bracelet or as big as an expensive jewelry item.  

Clear Membership Gift Card 

With a quick availability at more than 50 airports in the USA, the Clear Membership Gift Card is a real gamechanger. It helps avoid long queues, especially during strenuous travel times. Regular jet-setters will indeed appreciate the absolute, members-only line to accelerate the security and check-in process that verifies through the eyes and face.  

So, you can deliver the gift of a touchless airport check-in to the traveler in your life by selecting from a one-month membership worth $80 or a one-year package worth $150.  

UberEats Gift Card 

Previously Postmates, UberEats can provide the gift of a grub to your loved ones as it constitutes the perfect gift for the busy holiday season. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a regular take-out or getting a last-minute idea; an UberEats gift card gives your giftee the luxury to choose from a never-ending variety of breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.  

You can comfortably send a custom-made gift or purchase a virtual gift card worth up to $500, which can be utilized for both Uber and UberEats.  

Etsy Gift Card 

Etsy is an international marketplace that offers uniquely creative goods ranging from vintage items to handmade goods from its extensive community of sellers. This means that gifting an Etsy digital gift card to someone would allow them to choose from thousands of gift-worthy products.  

It is always a nice idea to let the giftee find something extra special for themselves by treating them to an Etsy electronic card available in various price ranges from $25 to $250. They’ll probably find a wide range of wedding supplies, decorating items, shoes, clothing items, jewelry-related accessories, toys, entertainment-related accessories, crafting supplies, and art collectibles to choose from.  


For your loved ones who have a peculiar taste, it’s soundest to let them pick something by themselves. That being said, you can always treat them to a touch of luxury by gifting a unique gift card so that they can purchase freely as per their own will.  


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