8 Apps to Record Sleep (Sleep Trackers For Android & iOS)

Keeping a track of your sleep can be quite useful at times, and modern smartphones have some great sleep tracking apps that can be used to do the same. Sleep is important to keep your health maintained. While using a dedicated sleep tracker device can be a great option to monitor a variety of aspects of your sleep, your phone can offer most of these functionalities, barring a few.

These apps have the capabilities to track your sleep, including movement during sleep, snoring habits, time slept. Using the information from these apps, you can consult health specialists and get help in case you need it. Without further ado, let’s get started with some of the best tracker apps that you can use on Android phones.

8 Best Sleep Tracker Apps on Android

Do I Snore or Grind


Some of the most common issues that people have whilst sleeping include snoring or grinding their teeth. “Do I Snore or Grind” is one of the best sleep tracking apps on Android that allows you to easily record your sleeping patterns over several sessions to get an accurate report.

This app also features several tips that you can implement to reduce snoring or grinding during sleep as much as possible. While the sleep tracking features in this app are not as comprehensive as some of the other options on this list, it still provides a great experience and can be installed for free.

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Google Fit


Google Fit is one of the most well-known and used fitness apps on Android. It is also really simple to use, and just a few of your basic data is required to set up this app. You can track your movements, sleep, and many other health statistics that you can refer to.

There are also various different integrations with other fitness services, like Runkeeper, Lifesum, Sleep as Android, and many others. You also get support for Android wear and other fitness trackers, in case you use one. Similar to most other apps from Google, this one is also completely free to use.

Get it here: Google Fit



Being one of the most well-rated apps that can track your sleep, Primenap is another great option to use on this list. You also get access to some of the best sleeping features on PrimeNap. These include a dream journal, sleep pattern analysis, detailed sleep tracker, and statistics to monitor your daily sleep.

You can use this app while sleeping to also detect snores and the times you wake up between your naps. The collected data can be exported and used with other apps to get better insights into your sleep. Some of the other unique features of this app include a screen dimmer and blue light filter to help you sleep better.

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Runtastic Sleep Better


Runtastic is already a great option and can monitor sleep and your overall fitness. Runtastic Sleep Better is another app that works alongside the classic Runtastic app to provide much better insights into your sleep. Also, this app can track the times when you consume coffee or alcohol, and the effects it has on your sleep patterns.

To get the most out of this app, you just need to keep the phone with you whilst sleeping. Runtasic Sleep Better is free to use, with some of the most advanced features requiring a subscription that is quite affordable as compared to some other alternatives.

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Sleep as Android


This is perhaps one of the original sleep tracking apps that you can use on Android devices. With integrations for most of the tracker devices and services out there, you can easily use them to track your sleep. Also, there are several features like binaural tones, and captcha solving alarm clock systems to make sure that you wake up at the right times.

Sleep as Android also comes with support for Android Wear, Galaxy Gear, and many other similar services. You get a free version to use for two weeks, which can be upgraded to a better version.

Get it here: Sleep as Android

Sleep Time


In case you’re on the lookout for a premium sleep tracking app, then Sleep time offers a decent experience. This also has many of the alarm clock settings missing from other apps on this list. Also, Sleep Time offers advanced algorithms that can help you to analyze your sleep easily.

While most of the free stuff available is quite effective to track your sleep, there are also many premium features that you access by paying for the premium subscription. Overall, this is a great option that offers most of the basic sleep tracking features.

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SnoreLab offers a unique experience to track your sleep and record snoring and other activities using your phone. This app can easily measure the length, intensity, frequency, and other parameters of your sleep. You can also get most of the simple features that you’d want from a sleep tracker app.

While this app doesn’t provide any of the advanced graphs available on other apps, you get some of the most comprehensive features that you can use to get better insights into your sleep patterns, the time you spend sleeping, and the habits that you can improve to get better sleep.

Get it here: SnoreLab

Alarm Clock Extreme


Apart from being one of the best third-party apps to use as an alarm clock on your Android phone, this app also features some great sleep tracking tools. Some of the unique functionalities included with this app include complex snoozing features, nap alarms, and saving the period of your sleep.

Overall, this app is quite easy to use and provides a great user interface that is easy to navigate. The best part of this app is the fact that you can access most of the features for free, with some advanced features being locked behind a paywall.

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