10 Fitness Apps to Gain Weight Quickly

Our body is something that often becomes the reason behind our insecurity or confidence. Having a beautiful body is a dream for many people. This is why people search for the best apps which can help them in getting the body they have desired. The reason why everyone relies on apps is that we want to know about everything like how many steps we are taking, what we should eat which can suit our body and so much more! There is a single app for everything which you can use.

In this article, we have curated a list of apps that can help you get more details about your body which can help you to gain weight.

Best Apps to Gain Weight with Fun and Ease 

Calorie Counter – My Fitness Pal

Best Apps to Gain Weight

Calories counter is one of the amazing apps on the internet which helps you in gaining weight. The app allows you to track everything and anything you want. You can check about your calories, and what you should consume or not. It has a huge database for food information and many developers claim that you can find more than 11+ million food details for your health.

Because of the great database, a Calorie counter is always the first choice for people who want to gain weight. It also tells you about proteins and nutrients in food which will help you in choosing what to eat or not.

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Fitness Meal Power

weight gain app for Android

One of the features which make Fitness Meal power unique that it tells you about at what timing you should eat or not. If you are seeking an app that can help you in reaching your goals – you can always adjust your food goal on this app. In this app, you can select the item you want to eat and let you know if you should eat a particular item more or not. The user interface of this app is very easy so you will not face any difficulty in learning about the app.

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Calorie, Carb & Fat Counter 

apps to help you gain weight free

The app is known for its simplicity. The only thing which you have to do after Download (Android | iOS)ing is to fill in the basic information about your body. After you provide the information, it shows you what you have to eat. The design of this app is very beautiful and whatever you are searching for, you can find that on the dashboard. The dashboard contains all the information you’ll need. It tells you about what you should eat and at what time you should eat – to make everything simple for you.

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Weight Tracker Assistant 

best app for gaining weight for iPhone

If you are looking for a weight tracker assistant app, which can help you with everything related to your food and fitness – this is the one for you. The unique app tracks more than twelve parts of your body to give you in- depth information about your body.

It provides you with every basic detail of your weight and you can always check the history of your weight to keep track of your fitness. The friendly and beautiful user interface gives you a brilliant experience when you use this app.

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Gain Weight For Women & Men Diet & Exercises

rack weight gain app

Unlike every other app which helps you in gaining weight, and gives you detail about your body – This app helps you in workout plans, not diet plans. The app provides you the workout plans for the particular days to gain weight.

The user can always schedule the days they want to exercise or take a rest and then, the app will tell you about the exercises according to your workout days. It gives you details about your everyday workout plan and claims that you’ll gain weight in 30 days.

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Health and Nutrition Guide

weight gain app iphone

The apps which we have talked about are all about nutrition and workouts, but when it comes to nutrition and plan for a healthy meal – you can rely on one app for that too. If you want to find out which food is good for you or not or what ingredients are better for your health or not.

It helps you regarding the benefits and losses of vegetables and fruits and even if you’re non-vegetarian – you can always check the details about that as well on this app. You can check your body fat percentage, and more.

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Weight Gain in 30 days – diet plans and workout 

weight gain app download Android

The weight gain app promises to give you better results in just 30 days! This app consists of three different types of options to gain weight. “The diet plan” “Workouts” “Today’s trip”. You will find everything regarding your food, exercise about your workout sections, and animation videos of workout which can help you.

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app to gain weight

The app is very fun to use. You need to take a picture of your food and the app will give you detailed information about what you’re eating and what impact it can create on your health. It helps you with the history of food you’re eating every day. It tracks your diet easily every day and creates graphs so you can reach your goal.

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Calorie Counter 

weight gain diet tracker app

If you are searching for an app that has the best interface on this list, the Calorie counter is the one for you. It has very unique features like details of carbs, protein, and nutrients, the statistics like calories and weight are available on the dashboard. It helps you with the recipes for the foods which suit best for your health.

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Gain Weight Foods

Apps to Gain Weight

The app is loaded with a lot of data and extensive information about the list of foods with extensive information with food images. It does not take up much space on your phone – so it is one of the best apps for the phone with less storage.

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If you want a great body these apps can be very helpful for you. The apps do not require much effort and can be a very great helping hand along with your exercise. So, gain weight with these apps and make it more fun for you.




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