15 iOS App Store Alternatives To Download Premium Apps

Technology has advanced so much that there is an app for everything out there. Need to schedule a diet for yourself? You got it. Have to plan events? There’s a solution to that too. Along with these, there are also various apps available for friends, education, etc.

While most of these apps can be easily found on the app store, some might not make the cut. Where do you find the apps you need in such a situation? Well, it’s easy. You go for the various alternatives available for the app store.

How are Alternative App Stores Helpful?


As you know that Apple developer program subscription costs $99 per year, so third-party app stores can be a great platform for app developers to test their apps for free. Also, alternative app stores usually have more apps that may never make it to the app store.

We have made a list of 15 best alternative app stores that all iPhone users should try out.

Cydia AppStore

This app store is the first unofficial iOS app store to make the list. It allows the users to download various games, themes, and other apps that aren’t available on the original app store. However, to download apps from here, the users will have to jailbreak their iPhones.

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This app store was designed to fill the gap since Cydia is no longer being updated. The users can easily download a variety of apps on the safe mode that helps in safeguarding their data. It is also called the future of jailbreaking. This app store is always updated with the latest apps.


This app has a lot to offer and that too without the requirement of jailbreak. It has several game emulators, apps, wallpapers, and also various themes that you can set for your iPhone. You can also perform in-app customization while using this app store.

App valley

This app store can be easily accessed from the web browser. It offers several game emulators, a variety of apps that you might need for everyday use, and also provides a modified version of your most-used apps such as Spotify, Youtube, WhatsApp, etc.

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Tutu App

This app store allows the user to download apps without an apple id or any such credentials that they usually require while downloading through the apple app store. It also doesn’t require jailbreaking. The user can easily download multiple apps at once and this store has a collection of the best apps too.

Top store app

This app store contains free of cost apps and can be easily accessed via a browser or by installing the app. It also allows the user to install tweaked iOS apps, themes, and a lot more. The devices don’t need jailbreak for this app store to function. It is trusted by millions of users.

Panda helper

This alternative app store doesn’t require a jailbreak to function properly. It also offers a variety of tweak game emulators, wallpapers, apps, themes, etc that can be easily accessed on the apple app store. It is easy to download and always remains up to date with the latest apps.

Zestia step

The best part about this app store is that it supports almost all iOS versions, making it easier for users who use older devices. There is no requirement of a jailbreak for this app store. It has an easy installation process as the user doesn’t need to connect to Mac or PC for the purpose.


This app store is supported on all Apple devices. Certain apps downloaded with this app store have enhanced functionalities, something that is usually not offered by the Apple app store. This app store has made it easy to download the latest apps that offer latest movies, music, and basically everything else without jailbreaking. It is secure too, which is an added advantage.


The user don’t need to necessarily install this app store to enjoy its benefits. They can easily access it via the web browser too. also, there is no need of jailbreaking for using the apps this app store has to offer. It supports iOS versions 7 to 10 mostly.


This app has more than 5000 apps and games for its users. It make use of SSL encryption and therefore is secure to use. The users also don’t need an apple id, or any other such login credentials for it to work in their system. It is free of cost and the users enjoy variety of applications.


It is a third-party app installer that allows users to install tweaked iOS apps. They can install the apps through a configuration profile that perfectly meets the privacy standards of apple, thus securing data of its users. It neither requires a jailbreak nor any apple id.


This app store offers its users a number of off-market iOS apps that are doubtful to be available on apple app store. It supports all the devices that have iOS versions between 9 to 12, so it mostly supports the new ones. The apps can be easily downloaded from a web browser and there is no requirement of a jailbreak either.

Asterix installer

This is one such rare app store that works well with iOS as well as android devices too. It combines apps, themes, shortcuts, and all of iPhone tweaks which has no requirement of jailbreak. The apps can be installed without entering an apple id or any other credentials.


This is a secure app store and user’s data isn’t compromised while using it. This store offers a number of unofficial games that will most probably never appear on the main app store. It is free of cost and super easy to install too.


Apple app stores don’t have lots of applications in their store. But now the users don’t have to worry about that. Most of the app stores listed above are good alternatives of iOS app store wherein the users can enjoy various apps and games.

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