3 Simple Tech Tips That Can Improve Your Life

Technology is the most beloved and hated way to fix problems in our lives. In some ways, this is rightfully so, as sometimes technology is just a tool used to make people think they have problems they never did.

Or, sometimes it can be used to just sell people a gimmicky product to make some small aspect of their lives mildly less inconvenient for a pretty penny. In actuality, many times the product just makes our lives harder, or we realize it was never a problem and it goes from manufacturer to the store, to you, to the landfill.

But there are some genuine ways in which technology and technological solutions can make your life easier and just take some of the everyday headaches out of your routine. These may only be a few, but there are a lot more if you look around the web or think for a bit.

Technology may not be a solution to all of the problems in your life, but it can certainly make parts of your life a little bit better. And If technology can improve even a single person’s life to make it more livable for them, then that is a beautiful thing.

Password Manager

When it comes to technological solutions that I can personally testify as to their effectiveness, a password manager ranks rather high on that list.

I don’t know how many times I have tried to relog into some website and realized I had forgotten my password. Then, my passwords became simpler and simpler until I had to decide whether I wanted passwords I could remember or passwords that were secure.

So, I would spend some of my time worrying if someone was going to break into my account and steal data or information about me, or perhaps even spread fake information using an account of mine.

But, with the password manager of your choice, you only really have to remember a single master password, and the password manager remembers all the rest for you! Then, you can have randomly generated 40 character passwords that you know are secure, and you don’t have to remember them!

Now, you don’t have to worry about someone breaking into your email and sending dirty
things to a coworker, or hacking into your jackpot casino login and purposely blowing all
your money and leaving you with a bank account balance of zero dollars and zero cents.

It just simply makes life so much easier especially if you have a lot of things you need to have logins for such as game launchers, Google, Facebook, social media platforms such as Instagram, your Netflix login, or whatever other websites and programs you need a username and password for.

The password manager keeps it all nice and secure, and you can rest easy that you only have to worry about forgetting a single password, instead of forgetting half a dozen that you now have to remake.

Two Factor Authentication

On the lines of passwords and security, I think multifactor or 2-factor authentication is an amazing thing when it comes to online and digital security. It allows me to rest easy that unless someone literally broke into my house, they aren’t able to log in to my accounts.

For those of you who don’t know, multifactor authentication is when a program sends a notification to your phone whenever you attempt to log into your account, or whenever you log into your account from a new device.

This means, even if someone had your username and password, they would be unable to log into any of your accounts unless they physically robbed your phone from your house.

And even if they did that, there would be an even extra layer of security that they now need to log into your phone in order to process the multifactor authentication.

This means that someone who is up to no good will have to go through almost half a dozen physical and digital security barriers to log into your account. It just means that you are able to rest easy with the knowledge your data is safe.

Digital Assistants

There are quite a few digital assistants out on the market today, but by far the most prevalent ones are the Amazon Echo and the Google Home digital assistants.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why on Earth would I need a digital assistant? What exactly can they do for me that would make my life better?”

Well, that is a great question. There are a few things that a digital assistant can help you with that make them a good idea to perhaps invest in if you think it would be worth it for you.

First things first, they are an assistant! This means they can do digital tasks for you by voice if your hands are otherwise occupied.

This includes things such as setting timers. Imagine you are trying to cook something with raw meat or chicken, or you are just messy. No need to worry about spreading germs or making a mess, just ask the digital assistant to set a timer while you work and you don’t have to keep washing your hands.

Or, you could have them easily set an alarm for you or remind you of important events. This could be a birthday, an anniversary, or perhaps that doctor’s appointment you needed to get that rash checked…

Another thing about digital assistants is that they can answer random questions you might have even if you aren’t able to or don’t want to look it up. It can also be more engaging as they are telling you something rather than you reading it.

For many people, this means it could be easier to remember as a lot of people learn better aurally than textually. But it is also just the fact that it has quick facts on the fly!

Maybe trivia isn’t reason enough to buy one by itself, but it certainly is a nice touch to add on to the rest of its features.

The final thing is that it allows you to build a digital ecosystem within your house that is controlled through voice commands. You can connect a digital assistant to other electronic/digital devices and have the assistant able to control them.

So, you could tell your assistant to turn the lights off upstairs if you forgot, or to play music and turn on mood lighting if you are having a romantic date with your partner.

That’s really only just a few examples though, as you could theoretically have a digital assistant be able to control anything within your house so long as you can somehow connect the assistant to it.

Really, the sky’s the limit especially if you are electrically inclined enough to even connect physical objects to the cloud to be controlled by an assistant. From pranks to practical uses, whatever you want to do is up to you.


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