5 Best Instagram Downloader Tools in 2022

Instagram is one of the most preferred and popular social media sites. There is a good chance that in the upcoming years it may overtake Facebook in terms of total members. Instagram started out purely as a photo-sharing social media platform.

It slowly started expanding to other areas such as videos, stories, and the recent reels after Facebook took over the operations of Instagram. The good part about Instagram is that it not only has your friends and family members but also Celebrities and Public Figures as members in the social media platform.

All these factors have made Instagram, one of the most engaging social media platforms in 2022. As you already know by now, you can look at people posting their photos and videos on Instagram. One of the major cons of this social media site is that even in 2022 you cannot directly download photos and videos through the application or the website.

Instagram has not provided any update as to when they are gonna be allowing the users to download the photos and videos from their platform. Well, Instagram has its own set of reasons to not allow the photos and videos from their platform to be downloaded since they are either covered by a copyright or there is a chance that they might be misused for other reasons.

However, this does not mean that you may also have legitimate reasons of your own to download a photo or video from Instagram. 

Best Instagram Photo and Video Downloaders

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There is nothing to worry about wondering how you can download videos and photos from Instagram since we are here to provide you with solutions on how to do the same. You can get the assistance of the best Instagram video downloaders available on the internet to download Instagram posts.

We are here to guide you on some of the best available downloaders out there. You can look at the pros and cons alongside the pricing plans being offered by the respective application or website in order to choose the best possible solution for you. 

  • Toolzu

Toolzu is one of the most popular tools to use if a user wants to save Instagram post, videos, or reels. The reason behind its popularity is its clean and easy-to-use interface. If you want to download a post or a photo, the user is not required to carry out the long-drawn registration process.

Instead, users can simply paste the link of the respective post to be downloaded and carry out the further process. The best part about this tool is that you will be able to download photos and videos in the highest quality possible. Toolzu is completely free of charge and it does not charge a single dollar from the user to download the content from Instagram.

  • 4K Stogram 

4K Stogram is one of the best tools for downloading videos, photos, and even Instagram stories. You can use this particular tool on your Windows pc or laptop, Ubuntu PC, and even your MacBook. All you need to do is log in to your Instagram account into this tool and it will automatically download all the exciting and also posts that would be made in the future.

Both photos and videos uploaded on the account will be downloaded without any issues. There are some additional features included under this particular tool. You can use this tool to backup your Instagram account as well.

The 4K Stogram has a very easy UI that can be used by anyone without any complications. The pricing of the 4K Stogram is divided into three parts. Personal, Pro and Bundle cost $9.95, $30, and $65 respectively. There is also a free plan available with limited features. 

  • Video Hunter

This particular tool is best used for downloading Instagram videos in batches in their original quality. This particular tool is quite a high functionality tool that is used for downloading videos from Instagram in high quality.

Video Hunter is a versatile tool for downloading videos from over a thousand sites which include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and so much more. The major USP of this particular site is to provide the users with the highest available quality of video from any particular site. The site can provide users with the quality of 1080p, 4K and the recent update even allows a user to download a video in 8K. The process to download a video is fairly simple.

All you have to do is copy the URL of the intended video and paste it in the dialogue box and hit enter. The speed through which you can download these videos is also quite fast. On this particular site, the pricing plans are quite simple as well. You can download up to 3 videos per day for free. And this you have to subscribe to the services. One screen subscription would cost you $9.95 and 2 devices would cost you $29.95. 

  • Leawo Video Downloader 

This particular video downloading tool is best for downloading videos that are being live-streamed, especially Instagram Live videos. Using the Leawo Video Downloader, you can easily download high-quality videos with high download speed. Advanced video downloading algorithm which is used to download music, videos, TV shows, live streaming videos on youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

The download settings are advanced in this particular Instagram video downloading tool. The process of downloading is quite simple. You just need the URL or the M3U8 link in order to download the videos from the respective Instagram video downloading tool. Once you enter the URL, the website will display the information about the video which include video size, format, total runtime, and so on.

The Leawo Video Downloader’s 1-year license costs $29.95 and the lifetime version of the license costs $39.95. There is also an option available to try the tool, free.

  • Inflact

The best part about Inflact is the simple interface that will let you download any sort of content from Instagram with ease. The content may include an IGTV video, a photo or any story as well. You can easily download the content without any major hassles.

This particular tool is extremely accessible as well. You can easily download content from any sort of device, anywhere from the world provided you have a stable internet connection available. This particular tool comes with a 3-day free trial.

You’ll have to pay $9 per month for 10 profiles, $49 per month for 100 profiles, and $99 for an unlimited number of profiles on the Instagram video downloading tool.       

These are some of the best available tools for downloading Instagram photos, videos or any other posts easily from the internet. 

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