15 Useful Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know About

Kodi Player which was earlier referred to as XBMC Player is one of the popular, preferred and powerful, open-sourced media players and a server that has significantly gained its popularity over the past few years.

Due to the efforts by the developers and also the community considering the Kodi Player is open-sourced, the media player now supports multiple devices including Windows OS, IOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, Linux, and so on.

The community has been continuously been working hard to spread the Kodi Player to various other platforms as well.

One of the major reasons behind the increasing popularity of Kodi Player is the prospect of having unlimited forms of modifications and customizations since the application is open source.

There are numerous skins, builds, and other types of customizations that can be added to the Kodi Player. Irrespective of the changes happening to the Kodi player due to the Open Sourced nature one thing that would remain static is the keyboard shortcuts used within the application.

And this is highly appreciated especially by the new users since navigating around Kodi’s multi-functionality user interface may be complicated for some users. There are already pre-set shortcuts by the developers which cannot be changed irrespective of the build or mod version of the application on either windows pc or a MacBook.

This reason makes it imperative for a particular user to learn the keyboard shortcuts in case he/she intends on navigating through the user interface smoothly.

If you want to use the full functionality of Kodi, you should learn all its keyboard shortcuts. In this particular article, we would be explaining the various keyboard shortcuts to be used within Kodi.  

Keyboard Shortcuts To Be Used in Kodi

kodi keyboard shortcuts

1. Contextual Menu 

Shortcut Key: C 

This particular key would help a user in finding various menus in the context of Folders, Files and other add-ons. For instance, if a user has selected a particular video file then in that case pressing C would provide him/her with a couple of options such as “Play”, “Add to Queue”, “Mark as Watched” and much more.

This key can be compared to the right of our mouse which shows us a drop-down menu of various accessibility. 

2. Live TV Window

Shortcut Key: H

Irrespective of the menu you are in the Kodi TV, pressing the H key will let you switch the interface to the Live TV.

This particular shortcut would come in handy especially when you want to shift between your library to your live TV window quickly. 

3. Forwards and Backwards

Shortcut Key: Ctrl+ or Ctrl- 

If you are watching a particular video and you want to forward or rewind the video immediately, you can use this shortcut.

If you want to move forwards, press the Ctrl and right navigation button and if you wanna rewind press the Ctrl and Left navigation buttons

4. Move to Queued Video

Shortcut Key: Page Up/ Page Down

You can use the page up and down key to skip or move on to the next video in the queue.

This particular option is useful when you are watching video’s in a playlist or a TV Series which basically queue’s videos in your playlist.  

5. Switch to Full-Screen 

Shortcut Key: tab

If a user wants a video to keep playing in the background all you need to do is just click the tab button and you will exit the full-screen video.

In the meantime, you can choose a different video or complete another task in Kodi. To return to full-screen mode, you have to press the tab again.

6. Mute

Shortcut Key: M

You can now mute the video or audio playback by simply pressing the M key. With this shortcut, you don’t need to press and release the lower volume button in order to moderate the volume level of your video. 

7. Get out of the Kodi Application

Shortcut key: Ctrl + End

When the user is on the home screen, simply pressing the Ctrl and End key at the same time will immediately close Kodi. Note that, the respective user will be required to be on Kodi’s home screen in order for this shortcut to work.

8. Switch between full screen and window mode

Shortcut Key: \

Kodi opens with a full-screen mode automatically. By using this keyboard shortcut, one can easily switch from full screen to window mode and vice-versa. This will allow the user to access other software/applications simultaneously while using Kodi.

9. Audio Delay Control

Shortcut Key: A

Sometimes the audio and video of a particular video will not match while you’re playing it. In such cases, you can use this keyboard command to adjust audio delays, to better align with video and to ensure that the audio syncs with the playing video.

10. Fast forward

Shortcut Key: F

If you want to skip a certain part of a movie or music video, simply press the ‘F’ button. With one click, the video will move faster at 2x speed.

Press it twice and the video will accelerate 4x faster and more. Alternatively, you can use the right arrow key in order to forward the video for 30 seconds.

11. Play

Shortcut Key: P

Pressing ‘P’ will start the video.

12. Stop

Shortcut key: X

To pause a particular video, simply press the ‘X’ button.

13. Undo

Shortcut Key: R

If you like a particular movie scene or music video, just press the ‘R’ button to move back to that particular scene. With one single click, the video will rewind by 2x speed. Pressing it twice will make the video will slow down by 4x speed.

Alternatively, you can use the left arrow key to rewind the video for 30 seconds Respectively.

14. Turn subtitles on / off

Shortcut Key: T

If you want to turn the movie or video subtitles on or off, simply pressing ‘T’ would toggle it. However, the subtitle settings must be properly configured before attempting this shortcut.

15. Previous menu or Home Screen

Shortcut Key: Esc

If you want to return to the previous menu or want to return to the home screen, simply press the ‘Esc’ button. It will save you a lot of clicks.

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