The 3 Most Popular Online Gaming Niches in 2022 Revealed

Do you consider yourself a gamer? Are you always on the hunt for a new game to check out, one that feels immersive, exciting, and fresh? If so, the good news is that there are a few niches that look to be big for 2022, offering plenty of titles and action for you. So, here are the three most popular online gaming niches for 2022.

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An Ode to Zelda

If you were a fan of the OG The Legend of Zelda game, then you’re going to want to take note of this trend. New for 2022 will be The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, which has fans beyond excited, but there are many other titles to be released that are an ode to Zelda, if you will.

They are using elements, ideas, and concepts that are reminiscent of the Zelda series. This means they can appeal to that same audience base and potentially target new markets as well.

Some of the new releases for 2022 that will have similar vibes as Zelda include Elden Ring, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and Sonic Frontiers. Each one of these could easily become a new favourite for fans of Zelda.

Online Casinos Provide Realistic Experiences

Another big and popular gaming niche for 2022 is the online casinos. These sites are meant to feel as close to the real deal as possible, providing players with what can seem like endless options, incredible animations and graphics, exciting games, welcome bonuses, and more. Casinos such as the Lucky Nugget have managed to provide players with immersive experiences that are hitting the mark.

There’s also the fact they offer convenience since they are available to players 24/7.

Games with Massive Multiplayer Capabilities

This particular trend can be partly attributed to the early stages of the pandemic wherein people relied on online video games for socialisation. The popularity of these games grew, and this has shown no signs of slowing. This brings us to massively multiplayer games that are carving out a very strong niche for 2022.

Where these games excel is providing an online universe wherein hundreds of people can socialise and take part all at once. You can credit this to Facebook, which has now got the metaverse trending and being “the biggest thing”. One of the most popular games in this category is Fortnite.

Not only is the game popular but it has managed to spur an entire merchandising line including apparel, toys, home goods, and more. Another notable game in this category is Minecraft, which is unique in that it appeals to kids and adults.

Watch for this space to move forward and evolve further, especially with the introduction of AR/XR headsets and the PlayStation VR 2.

Keeping an Eye on Trends

So if you’re watching all the top trends in online gaming for 2022, each of these niches should be on your radar. Watch for each one to have new and exciting additions and news, creating even more buzz around them.



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