WinX Video Converter Review: How to Convert MOV to MP4 Easily?

A lot of the time you may try and use a particular video for various different purposes. Formatting a video for multiple uses is an extremely tedious and complicated job. For instance, you can find a video that is of high quality on Youtube, however, after formatting it the entire quality of the video reduces.

If you want to use a particular video for different forums such as YouTube or Facebook, you need to reformat the video as per each video platform.

There is no one for all video format for all the platforms. For changing video formats flawlessly without any issues you need a good video converter. So in order to assists our readers with the best possible video editing application out there, we would be reviewing the WinX HD Video Converter.

The WinX Video Converter tool is an advanced video converter software. It is a multi-function tool that can be used by social media influencers, bloggers, or even YouTubers in order to effectively convert their videos. The best part about this video converter is that it is free to use.

The user interface used by the tool is very simple to use and you can effectively use the video conversion tool without any major hassles.

The free version of this tool is extremely functional and useful for people who want to edit videos that are less than 5 mins in size. You can easily add the videos you want to edit or convert for the easily accessible toolbar on the top of the application. 

Why Should You Convert Videos From MOV to MP4

convert mov to mp4

MP4 Format is one of the most preferred and go-to formats for videos since it is essentially an unlocked format and you can easily go about viewing and formatting the video. On the other hand, MOV files are a bit difficult to use considering the fact that they are only mostly compatible with QuickTime Media players.

A lot of the players on Windows including the ones on android phones may not be compatible and the MOV files won’t open. MOV uses compression methods to reduce the size of these files.

This may take up comparatively lesser space than the normal videos however the quality of these videos are severely degraded to a major extent. MP4 files are just more flexible and of better quality.

With larger compatibility for MP4 files for almost all the major video players, MP4 has become the go-to video format for most people. 

Taking this into consideration it is imperative that you have a good video converter such as the WinX Video Converter to ensure that the process of conversion is carried out smoothly using a GPU-accelerated 4K/HD video converter which is used by the WinX tool. While converting the video into the MP4 format from MOV, the tool ensures that there is no quality loss. Also as an added benefit.

If you are adding a lot of files of MOV to be converted, you can easily do so by selecting all the files from a particular folder and then converting them one by one.      

Main Features of the WinX Video Converter Tool

WinX Video

WinX Video conversion tool is available for free and is a quite popular option for YouTubers as well as people who edit their videos.

The reason behind which a lot of people trust this particular tool is the number of features it provides the users with. The features of the application are mentioned below. 

  1. You can easily convert the MOV files to MP4 files through this particular tool without any hassles. You just need to drag and drop the file or select multiple files from a folder in order to convert a particular MOV file to an MP4. The conversion would not deteriorate the quality or standards of the file.   
  2. In case you want to reduce the size of a particular video and make it compact, then WinX Video Converter would do the same for you. This particular tool can reduce the size of a video by 90 percent of its original size.
  3. The processing speed of the tool is also quite high. The speed of processing a video conversion can go up to 47x. It uses level 3 of hardware acceleration to decode 4K or HD videos at a faster rate. 
  4. There are a lot of options for output or input in terms of the formats compatible with the video converter. You can virtually convert one video into another video irrespective of its format. 
  5. This is a multi-function tool. This tool not only helps in converting and conversion but in a lot of other aspects as well such as trimming the video, setting the subtitles, and so on.

How to Convert MOV to MP4?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to Convert MOV Files to MP4 using WinX Video Converter.

  • You need to load the target MOV file into the respective tool. Once you fire up the program you can easily find the +Video option. Once you find this option you need to click on it. After clicking on the option you will get the choice of choosing the target item(s). There is an option wherein you can choose multiple files according to your own needs.  You can choose multiple MOV files as per your need. 

vcd convert step1 70 BmeME

  • Once you have selected the MOV file to be converted. You will see the output profile panel. Under this panel, you will find a lot of output profiles with different video extensions. You have to choose the MP4 option under this.

select output format

  • Once you have properly set up the tool to convert one or multiple videos to be converted from MOV to MP4, you need to click on the blue button which says Run. Pressing this button will start the conversion process. There will be a progress bar to show the status of the conversion in the respective bar. 

vcd convert step3 70 Y3AP7

Using these steps in the video conversion tool you can easily convert the MOV files to MP4 files in the WinX Video Conversion Tool.  

Download WinX Video Conversion Tool


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