Why is Eastern Europe emerging as a new Hot Spot for High-End Outsourcing?

Outsourcing can help an IT firm lessen capital investment. After all, you are paying for the work not to hire staff on the payroll or pay their additional overhead. This post is about taking the help of a software outsourcing company Eastern Europe. It is to guarantee work is going on simultaneously between both In-house and Outsourced teams.

Nearshore can make it convenient for one to travel fast and contribute together to the proceedings of a project. It is to extend the in-house team since the time difference is not an issue. In this way, IT teams can take advantage of using helpful collaboration tools. It includes real-time sharing and knowledge-sharing portals.

Besides inshore and onshore, firms can also offshore their software product development projects. They prefer an overseas team that is well talented, educated, and capable to boost their productivity. At the same time, many tech firms prefer it should not be far away to reach the place of an outsourcing vendor whenever needed.

China and India are a great source of availability of economic labor as compared to Europe and the US for outsourcing needs. Many IT firms prefer outsourcing agents in Eastern European countries as collaborations on their development projects. They could be nearby or far away from their native place!

Let us look at the top 10 European nations considered as the best for IT outsourcing! The business environment, developer skills, and financial attractiveness contribute to it. These are Ukraine, Turkey, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, UK, Germany, Latvia, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic.

14 Facts behind Choosing Eastern Europe for IT Outsourcing

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Eastern Europe is constantly emerging as the first choice of IT companies for outsourcing services. They can better develop high-end projects than a vendor from any Asia region. How? Well, there are many reasons why Eastern Europe is growing as an outsourcing hotspot;

– Economies of its nations are of less in prices as compared to the more developed countries.

– IT companies in countries like Romania and Poland should follow the tax incentives made for them by their government. So that such companies can run their offices in their territories.

– It is a pool of highly qualified and talented workers! The professionals here possess an abundance of IT and engineering skills.

– Many IT firms appreciate the degree of regulatory certainty in the European Union. Thus, as per experts, companies that are working with sensitive data should choose nearshore regions in Europe. It is applicable mainly for firms who integrate the activities that come under the EU laws of data protection.

– Education is of top priority in this region right from the older communist times.

– Developers in the Eastern European region are having many facilities to learn a foreign language. So besides technical skills, people here are also good in their linguistic capabilities. Making it easier for them to communicate well with their worldwide clients.

– Due to cultural convenience many nearby IT firms could form a development center in a European country with ease.

– It has also been noted that outsourcing with European agents helps a company to build high-end products of good quality. The professionals here are much more likely to accept challenges and ask questions.

– People here possess a strong tradition in the field of mathematics and engineering.

– There are scenarios when software projects need to be implemented and developed in real-time. Nearshore offers physical proximity for the companies in countries that share similar time zones.

– IT experts in this place possess high-quality professional technical education. So they are well versed in sophisticated programming and development services.

– Some Eastern European countries offer profiled high schools. They truly focus on the technical literacy of their students. The best-performing students can get the chance to get internships in local companies. As a part of a collaboration among institutions and firms. There are chances that such IT firms could even hire the talents for the long term.

– There are many specially built ICT educational programs and tracks in different places of Eastern Europe. Some of these are sponsored by firms belonging to the local government and IT sector.

– In Bulgaria, students can get polytechnics or diplomas in English, German and French. One can get it from the partner universities of Great Britain, Germany, and French respectively.

Overall, the main reason for choosing IT outsourcing services of Eastern Europe is to avail high-skilled labor at a fairly low rate.

4 Best Places in Eastern Europe for Outsourcing IT Services

Ukraine possesses good business conditions with a large army of IT experts! Due to the ready-to-use workforce having multilingual and well-educated IT staff. The employee wages are lower among the outsourcing firms in this region.

Their services are overall Impeccable! So, firms belonging to other regions, and many American IT companies prefer their assistance. Other vital factors are highly scalable location, ease of traveling, and the UK-like operational culture.

Their professionals can learn and advance new things quicker. Mostly, full-stack developers need to learn a fully new programming language or framework. They possess some agility to meet with the changes in the project’s setups.

The most preferable destinations are Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine. Let us check the reasons for each;


During the 1980s, it became the world’s 3rd biggest computer producer. In the 2000s it became the outsourcing hub. The growth of the ICT sector here is due to a mix of cultural proximity, proficient language skills, out-of-the-box, and quality services. Their investment is more in science, math, and AI classes in schools.


In 2009, the country had invested more in the STEM education system to turn out as an outsourcing hotspot. Today it is a powerhouse of ICT services. After Poland and Ukraine, it is the 3rd largest region to have a lot of ICT graduates and students. The government here is offering general subsidies to newer ICT businesses.


Recently due to many venture capital investments, the ICT industry of Polish has jumpstarted. It has attracted the R&D centers of some well renowned international firms like Microsoft and Siemens. The country has a start-up-friendly climate and is known for the gaming industry. The region also marks the highest PISA math ranking and the student’s record top ranks in the International Olympiad of Math.


It is well known for its high technical skills and engineering heritage. The country possesses a large number of lower-paid human resources. They are well-educated to handle the project of firms that want to outsource their work. City Innovation Park is known for many tech events and free knowledge exchange. Many collaborations and investments are happening in educational institutions and the private sector. The aim is to better launch the profiled courses and schools, communities, and corporate accelerators.

Bottom Line

Today outsourcing of business processes and services in IT are prevalent to increase the global economy. ICT manufacturing and services are also growing at a fast pace. Besides the western European firms, IT firms of Eastern Europe get many outsourcing projects. Mainly Australia, Israel, Canada, and the US companies are taking their interests.

Eastern Europe is developing as a tech hub with high qualified IT professionals who use high-end IT innovations. A pool of top technology and highly-qualified software programmers at a much lower cost. The developers of Eastern Europe have expertise in various technologies and programming languages.

IT companies prefer switching their fixed infrastructure to the cloud. So due to the related technologies, one can make software products sooner than older structured methods. They can also update and improve their products as per the client’s needs.

In addition to saving money by outsourcing high-end projects to a company like GBKSOFT, a company can ensure its fast growth. It also guarantees more profits in the future by making its core competencies more efficient. There are much more benefits like;

– Save time for the IT firm to complete an in-house project!

– Professionals come from deep-rooted traditions in Math and Computer science excellence.

– Experts are well versed in Technology stack versatility.

– They are capable of offering top-quality services.

– One can hire an outsourcing team of Innovative and open-minded software consultants.

A company must focus on providing a beneficial and friendly working environment for in-house and outsourcing teams. Professionals who work together can execute and complete a project effectively!


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