9 Best Online Fake Tweet Generator Websites

Twitter is one of the best social media sites out there alongside Instagram and Facebook. Twitter is quite an unconventional social media platform, unlike Facebook and Instagram since in the Twitter platform there are actual celebrities and eminent personalities such as sportspersons, politicians who write or post tweets about a plethora of things on the online website of Twitter.

Twitter can be fun as well considering the number of fun and sarcastic tweets and images which have more or less become one of the coolest and the funniest things on the internet. If you find twitter funny and sarcastic then you must definitely know about these Online Fake Tweet Generators.

These particular fake tweet generators not only seem to make you funnier among your peers and friends but also seem to make you cooler among them. You can also share these fake tweet images on Facebook and Instagram. There is also a huge market for certain Instagram accounts which post such funny fake tweets.

If you think that you have a good sense of humour to make things fun with these Fake Tweet Generators then you need to be made aware of these fake tweet generator applications and websites. You need to read the articles till the end in order to determine the best possible online tweet generators. 



This is one of the best fake tweet generators available online today. You can easily customize your tweets to your needs and generate cool and fun usernames. This site not only allows the users to generate tweets but also helps them keep their identities secure. They can create a fake account and send random tweets without fear. Additionally, this tool allows users to upload images of their choice.

Visit: Zeoob 



The popularity, as well as the ratings of this site, are quite high, hence pointing out the productivity levels of the site. This site not only allows Twitter users to generate fake tweets but also authorizes them to block or delete tweets that they deem inappropriate due to certain reasons.

What makes this site stand out from other sites is that it allows users to create a verified tag. Therefore, you can get immediate attention and among your friends, you can even crack a joke legitimate enough with the tag. Make great tweets to share with your friends and your relatives. 

Visit: Tweetgen

Fake Twitter Generators

tweetgen 1

This site is becoming increasingly popular within the Twitter community due to a lot of reasons. It has many amazing features that you do not want to miss. You can edit the tweets the way you want and insert the images of your choice through this particular site.

Also, you can generate funny usernames in order to complement your funny tweets. In addition, this website is also useful for people working on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. With this tool, you can easily create fake posts to play with your friends on the site and catch them clueless as to what just happened. 

Visit: Fake Tweet Generator


tweet fake

This is one of the most reputable fake tweet generators that can allow you to create funny tweets over time. You can customize and modify the tweets according to your wishes in order to send and do more and more pranks with your friends. All you have to do is make the changes you want to easily make to your tweets before downloading them.

One can easily preview the tweets without any hassles before sending them and editing them. When you’re ready to send your tweet, you can download a screenshot of your fake tweet and share it with your friends. This is undoubtedly the best way to hit a person safely. Thus, you can have a lot of fun without causing problems for anyone.

Visit: TweetFake


tweeterino 1

Twitterino allows a particular potential user to create fake tweets with any Twitter user available on the forum.

All you have to do is search for a username and create your own respective fake tweet. At tweeterino.com you can quickly create a Fake Tweet photo with any Twitter user and share it with your friends to make them laugh. 



Simitator.com is one of the websites that provides an easy way to create fake Twitter tweets. Similar to the tools that generate fake tweets as listed above this online tool allows you to do tricks like your friends and trick them by creating fake tweets which can be extremely funny in nature. 

Visit: Simitator

Fake Trump Tweet 

In case you want to pretend to be the president of America and make funny jokes this is your perfect Fake Tweet Generator. After visiting this website, you can create fake tweets quickly and with proper stability and accuracy. This makes it one of the leading fake tweet producers out there.

There is no difficulty navigating through different pages to search for a tweet generator since this particular application does the task. Enter your text in the text box and there you go! If you are a Telegram user, you can use the telegraph bot to make your messages which are a form of fake tweets look great as well. 

Visit: FakeTrumpTweet

Random Tweet Generator 

Among all these Fake Tweet Generators comes Random Tweet Generator which is quite a bit reliable to use. If you use the Random Tweet Generator, you will not have to struggle with navigation and the user interface.

Using this great software, you can tell your whole story in limited words via Twitter. All you have to do is copy/paste the text into the text box and click the button. Here you go, you have produced your own Tweet. Random Tweet Generator is one of the most trouble-free Fake Tweet Generators you can find online.

Visit: Random Tweet Generator

Fake Twitter Generator for School

Twitter Fake School Generator is a website that is primarily targeted towards the alumni of a particular school or college. It is a fun to use tool that students can use. Students can use this fake tweet generating tool to trick their classmates and have fun with it.

Since this website is very focused on readers, it is very easy to use it to have a simple User Interface. It does not expect any kind of registration. You can visit the website, write your tweet in any name and generate a tweet with the click of a button.

Visit: Fake Twitter Generator for School

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