How to Help the People of Ukraine? (Right Now)

After months and months of anticipation and anxiety about the tense situations between Russia and Ukraine, Russia has finally attacked Ukraine disproportionately in an unprovoked manner.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian Head of State earlier announced that Russia would be carrying out a military campaign in Ukraine to ‘protect the people from genocide’.

Now this reason is obviously false since the people of Ukraine have been fighting tooth and nail with the Russian forces to keep them at bay and halt their invasion into the country.

A lot of the political analysts have suggested that Vladimir Putin wants to restore Russia to its old glory of the Soviet Union and hence he is mobilizing his forces against the former Soviet satellite states.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky was forced to declare a state of emergency and sounded air raid alarms as soon as Russia started to wage their illegal war against them.

As a result of the panic, hundreds and thousands of civilians started to try and leave the country and flocked towards the Polish border in order to leave the country for the safety of their families and children before things between Ukraine and Russia got worse.

There were huge lines in Highways, Border Checkposts, ATMs, Supermarkets, and so on. The next step in this war is extremely uncertain, it is assumed that Putin wants to install a Puppet state in Ukraine.

Ever since the invasion, almost the entire world has declared support for Ukraine and the people are helping Ukraine and Ukrainians to win the war in any way possible. A lot of countries have declared sanctions and Russia faces a boycott in almost all aspects.

How to help Ukraine in the conflict?


If you are an individual who would like to assist the Ukrainians to protect their country or help the civilians in staying safe and healthy below are the mentioned ways through which you can help them:

1. Donating Medical Supplies

Recently a news report stated that due to the blockade inroads the oxygen supply in Ukraine is at critical levels.  There are a lot of organizations to whom you can easily donate supplies or provide them with the funds to do so.

a. One such organization is ‘Razom for Ukraine’. Razom in Ukrainian means “together”. This particular organization was formed in 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea illegally. The major function of this organization is to assist the Ukrainian civilians.

b. The second Ukrainian organization is “United Help Ukraine”. This is a non-profit organization that is mandated to receive and distribute different types of donations, resources, supplies including medicines, and so on.

They also assist the refugees from Ukraine to live dignified lives by providing them with a steady stream of resources. They regularly conduct fundraising operations and you can surely donate your funds to their organization to help the Ukrainian civilians and displaced people. The donations provided by the people go primarily towards emergency medical resources and various humanitarian-based goods and items.

c. The third organization is the ‘Fundraiser for Sunflower of Peace’. This particular volunteer-based organization provides medical resources in the form of first-aid backpacks to the various paramedics, nurses, and doctors who are continuously working on the front line to assist the soldiers fighting. The backpacks provided by this organization have enough resources to sustain at least 8 people on the battlefield.

d. The final volunteer organization on the list is ‘Revived Soldiers Ukraine”. This particular not-for-profit volunteer organization provides medical aid to the soldiers and also provides support to their families by providing a lot of donated resources to them.

2. Helping the children who are stuck in the war

Children are unnecessarily dragged into the conflict created by old men. Children do not have the maturity or the emotional quotient to handle the horrors of the war and they may be permanently affected by them.

In order to assist the children who were stuck in the war unwillingly, an organization called “Voices of Children” was formed.

This particular organization assists the children by providing them with the necessary amount of psychological support by carrying out various initiatives by counselling which would provide the required amount of psychological support to these small kids who are dragged into the wars.

Children tend to react to wars in different ways and hence this organization ensures that the requisite amount of support is given to the children to overcome the impact of the war.

3. Helping the Journalists covering the war

Journalists are one of the most important instruments in properly monitoring and reporting the day-to-day incidents of a conflict.

In the case of the war between Russia and Ukraine, these journalists have been risking their lives on a daily basis to ensure that the news of the Russian oppression reaches the general public outside Ukraine and Russia.

One of the leading journalists of news agencies striving to report on accurate news and perspectives of the Ukraine war is the “The Kyiv Independent”. This is an English-based newspaper agency that is actively involved in the accurate reporting of the Russian siege in Ukraine.

In order to ensure that they are well equipped, you are welcome to fund them via GoFundMe or other platforms such as Patreon. Press reporting is very important in times of war.

4. Indirect ways to help Ukraine

These are some of the major ways through which you can assist the Government of Ukraine and their people to fight the war against oppressive Russia. However, there are some indirect ways through which you can help the country of Ukraine as well.

For instance, you can donate to the Heart2Heart initiative brought by Nova Ukraine. This particular initiative distributes care packages among the innocent civilians of Ukraine.

One can also donate to the International Committee of Red Cross which provides humanitarian aid across the globe and in this context to the Ukrainian People.

The ICRC is a well-established non-profit organization that assists innocent civilians stuck in war by protecting and promoting their rights in times of armed conflict.

Dhruv Thakker is an aspiring lawyer. He is a sports enthusiast and likes watching F1, Football and Reading in his free time.


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