Penji Review: Unlimited Graphic Design Details, Pricing, and Features

If you have been trying a lot of unlimited design services over the past few months then you surely would have heard about Penji. Penji is one of the leading unlimited design service providers.

If you are looking for honest feedback for Penji, which would include how the service works, the advantages, and the disadvantages then read this particular article till the end.

What is Penji?


Penji is termed as one of the largest service providers for unlimited design services. The user who intends to avail of the service of Penji is supposed to pay them either a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee which would grant you access to their developers.

Once you get access to developers you can make requests for unlimited designs. Yes, the unlimited requests claim is entirely true.

Even in a hypothetical scenario, if a particular user asks the developers to make five hundred logos, the designers will work on the logo requests one by one as per your demands.

This particular unlimited design policy of Penji is useful since you would be saving tons and tons of money, especially for recurring designing tasks that are usually overpriced by conventional graphic designers. Penji is definitely cheaper than hiring designing agencies or other freelancers.

Penji can provide the users with very cheap pricing plans since they basically allot the same graphic designer which would not only work for you but also for a lot of other members and companies. In this particular manner, the salary of the respective graphic designers is distributed between a lot of other businesses as well.

Advantages of Penji

Starting out with the Pros or the Advantages of using Penji over the other unlimited design service providers in the market.

Quality of Design

Most of the other unlimited design providers have a very okay quality of work. The work output given by other colleges isn’t that good and top-notch as compared to Penji. Penji as compared to the other competitors in the designing segment has the best quality of work and makes their work stand out with innovation and uniqueness. The quality of design aspect is one of the best advantages for Penji.



Penji has a flawless internal dashboard which makes the overall website easy to use and access for beginners as well. Using the internal dashboard the respective member for the Penji site can easily send their requests for any designs and also manage and track the designing aspect of Penji.

The dashboard is extremely friendly and super easy to use for the respective users. One can also provide feedback to the developers who are working on your requests by pressing on the delivered image and typing out the feedback so that the graphic designers improve on their allotted work.

You also get access to links and other options which easily let you share the deliverables being provided by the Penji site on each project for which you have requested. Overall, the dashboard is quite an important feature to use for the users in case they subscribe to the plethora of services provided by Penji.

Creating Brands


One can easily make an unlimited “Brands” category under the banner of Penji through the subscribed account of the user. Through the brands created under the respective account of the user, one can easily and regularly make requests associated with the respective category or brand.

This particular feature makes it very easy for the users to organize their work into different sections. If you are an entrepreneur or someone who works on several different projects or companies on a day-to-day basis then this particular feature would be of utmost importance to you.

Pricing Plans


Even after providing all these interesting features to their users, Penji has surprisingly similar or even in some instances lower than the standard rate that exists in the graphic designing industry with reference to unlimited providers. Penji provides the users with a ‘term’ plan for pricing which potentially includes any and all designing tasks which may be required for a person running a business to deal with.

There is also the ‘Agency’ plan pricing system which exists for people especially who do have the time to wait or if they are in a rush with a particular project.

Penji Plans


Below mentioned are some of the disadvantages or the cons of the Penji website as compared to the other service providers which provide unlimited designing services.

Designing of the Website/Application

If you are someone who requires website or application design through the Penji website services then you are in for a surprise. In the cheapest available plan for the graphic designing service, you are not allowed to design websites and applications.

You would be asked to pay a hundred dollars more than the normal plan in case you decide to get the website and app designing aspect included. There are some unlimited design services that provide their users with such features.


Penji is definitely weak in the aspect of communication. The reason behind this statement is that there is no proper communication method other than the internal dashboard system of Penji. There is no direct line of communication between Penji and the user who has subscribed to their services.

A lot of the other unlimited design services allow the user to send and even manage the requests directly over a lot of other forums such as via mail or slack. The respective user would have to rely on Penji’s dashboard every day to maintain contact with the team of Penji.

Penji’s Services

Penji focuses on designing services. Here is the list of categories that Penji’s team offer:

  • Ads
  • App designs
  • Flyers
  • Illustrations
  • Banners
  • Book covers
  • Brand guidelines
  • Business cards
  • Packaging
  • Social media posts
  • T-shirts
  • Catalogs
  • Email templates
  • UX/UI

Note: not all the categories are allowed in their plans. If you get the cheapest plan, Penji’s “Pro” plan, you are allowed most of the services except custom illustrations, website design, app design, and infographics. These services are available in their “Team” or “Agency” plans.

Final Verdict

These are some of the insights which can be taken from the initial uses of Penji. The service is one of the best in the market, except for a couple of cons or disadvantages which are overshadowed by the plethora of features provided by Penji. This particular unlimited designing service provides the users with a lot of features that are also cost-efficient in nature. To conclude, Penji is one of the best service providers in the market pertaining to graphic designing.

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