How to Save GIFs From Twitter on Android, iPhone or Desktop

Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites in the world right now. Twitter is quite unconventional as compared to other social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram.

In Twitter, a person ‘tweets’ his thoughts, any information, or any random piece of content. There is no limitation to what you can or you cannot tweet on Twitter unless obviously, you are violating their Twitter Community Standards.

A lot of people use Twitter to get news on various aspects quickly since a lot of people tweet the on-ground images or videos pertaining to news that has recently broken out.

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of Twitter is that there are actual stars, sportspersons, and celebrities present on the social media forum and they themselves post a tweet and directly engage with their fans and other personalities on the internet by using Twitter.

Saving GIFs From Twitter

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Twitter is quite fun and interesting as well, especially in the aspects of GIFS. Twitter is quite an easy forum to share stuff however, in the matters of saving certain types of media and GIFs it is not that simple. You can download the GIFs from the Twitter site however, the solution is not that one-dimensional and straightforward.

The animated images and videos displayed by Twitter make saving the various types of content on Twitter quite a bit difficult. However, there is nothing to worry about since we would be providing you with a concrete solution on saving a GIF from the social media platform, Twitter.

How to Save a GIF From Twitter on a Computer

The method to save a GIF from Twitter on a computer is not direct or straightforward and hence you have to follow certain steps and rules in order to efficiently download the GIF. The process to download the GIFs is as mentioned below.

  • You need to open the browser on your Personal Computer and then go to Twitter. After opening the Twitter website, you are required to locate the GIF you want to save on your computer.
  • Once you have located the required GIF, right-click or press control on MacBooks then from the drop-down option press on the copy GIF address.

download twitter vgifs from PC

download twitter videos

  • Now you will get an option to download the file as a video or a GIF file. Choose the desired format and download the GIF.

download twitter GIFS

  • Once you select the download location and then click save the video of the GIF would be downloaded. In case, if the GIF is downloaded in a video format then you need to convert the video to a GIF.
  • Now the next steps involve you taking additional steps in order to convert the video to a GIF format.
  • In order to convert a GIF, you need to visit the Cloud Convert website which can help you convert your Video to a GIF file. On the website, you are required to select a file and choose the video of the GIF which was downloaded earlier by you.
  • You need to make sure that the GIF file is in the convert to section rather than the convert from section. Once you have made sure that the prerequisites are set, you must click on the Convert button.
  • Once all the conversion process is done you are supposed to click on the download file option and download the converted GIF file.

The last few steps were for those users who convert the video files in a GIF format. If you do not intend on converting the video files to GIF then you can skip the last few steps.

One important thing to note is that the GIF files are definitely much simpler to share in most situations so you have to choose in this particular scenario.

Saving a Twitter GIF on your Mobile Phone

Now that we are done with explaining the process of saving a GIF file from Twitter on your mobile phone. It is now the time to save a GIF from Twitter on your respective mobile phone irrespective of whether it is an Android or an IOS phone.

The below-mentioned steps explain to you the process of downloading a GIF on your phone.

  • You need to launch the Twitter Application on your mobile phone and then locate the respective GIF you intend on downloading or saving on your phone.
  • Once you have located the GIF that you intend on downloading, you need to tap on the share icon. Once you have pressed the share icon you will see a plethora of options. Out of those options you need to click on the “Copy Link to Tweet” option.

Saving a Twitter GIF on your Mobile Phone

  • After copying the link of the respective GIF you need to go to the Twitter Video Downloader website and then paste the copied link. Once you paste the copied link you need to tap on the download button.


  • Once you hold your finger down on the Download Video button, you need to choose the Download link option or the similar option available in your respective web browser.
  • If you intend on converting and downloading the video file to a GIF file you need to follow the steps mentioned below.
  • Go to the Cloud Convert website, and there tap the Select File option. Under this option, you are required to choose the video you saved earlier.
  • You need to ensure that the GIF shows in the Covert to section and after ensuring that, you need to press the Convert button.
  • Once all of these processes have been completed, you can download and access the GIF file and share it with your friends.

This is the simple guide through which you can easily download the GIFs from Twitter on your Personal Computer or your android phone. You need to just follow some simple steps to get the funny GIF downloaded on your respective devices.

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