Top 5 Best Transcription Software for Linux in 2022

Transcriptionists are highly demanded in the latest years. Having a top-quality audio transcription is more efficient than listening to the recordings over and over again. It is helpful in almost all fields nowadays. Doctors, journalists, teachers, students, bloggers, lawyers, podcasts, businesses are just a few niches constantly using transcriptions for their everyday routine.

It is really a very efficient and time-saving way of extracting information. For instance, you have recordings of a webinar with the information you need to listen to and remember several times. Replaying it over again will take tons of your time. If a speaker has an accent or is non-native, there are different background noises (and as a rule, everything is like that), you risk missing a lot of important data.

The best services will help you cope with that issue and receive 99% of the information accurately. Linux users normally lack high-end software for their laptops and PCs but below, you will find the list of the best software that will ensure you a reliable transcription in a matter of an eye blink. All of them deliver the best quality, accuracy, and prices. Pick the one that is the most appropriate for your needs and files. 



The software called Transcriberry is the top transcription service not only for Linux but for any OS. The best thing is that you do not have to install any app or software to use it. The memory on your device will not even be taken. Just open the website and place your order.

This service offers two types of transcriptions — manual and automated. Which one is better? It depends only on your needs and the initial file. If the accuracy does not matter much and your file is of great quality, just upload it on the website, wait 15 minutes, and receive your text file. Such transcription costs only $0.25 per minute.

However, it works only with files of good quality. If there are accents, not very clear speech, background noises, and other factors that affect the quality of transcription, it would be much better to use the manual option. The best human transcribers will work on your file. They are native speakers, have many years of experience, the best equipment, and advanced technologies to recognize even the most complicated speeches.

Human or manual transcription guarantees 99% accuracy. The turnaround time is very fast — 24 hours. Normally, a human transcriptionist needs at least 15 minutes to transcribe 1 minute of your recording. This job is very hard. The result is worth it though. Such a human option costs $1.25 per minute. 

The software is not limited to transcription only. Right on this website, you can order translation and foreign subtitles. It is a very convenient option for everyone who needs to post videos on their blogs or channels. There is no need to hire separate professionals for that. 


  • Affordable prices
  • Quick turnaround
  • Transparent per-minute billing
  • A wide range of services, including human and automated transcribing, translation, and subtitles
  • Highly professional transcribers
  • Responsive customer support
  • Easy-to-use automated options
  • Advanced software and equipment
  • 99% accuracy


  • None

Transcription US

If you need an American English transcription, you can use the Transcription US service. The accuracy is 98%. Just like Transcriberry, they have a lot of skilled transcriptionists in their team. If you are not happy with the quality received, you can request your money back.

The prices for audio to text transcription are quite affordable and transparent. You will not meet any hidden costs in the process. The company is multilingual. However, in most cases, it helps students with their dissertations and other projects. 

Unlike the previous service, Transcription US cannot meet all of your transcription needs but is most helpful for students. The website is focused on transcribing interviews, webinars, group discussions, lectures, etc. 

Your files are under protection, so top confidentiality is guaranteed. The costs are quite affordable taking into account the service is designed for students. However, the accuracy isn’t the highest. Some services provide a higher accuracy rate. 


  • Affordable prices – $0.70 per minute
  • Foreign transcriptions – the minimum price is $2
  • Translation – minimum $0.06 per word
  • 100% Native American speakers 


  • Not a fast turnaround – 3 days
  • Time-code and verbatim cost extra – $0.20 per minute
  • Not the highest accuracy
  • Mostly academic transcriptions


One of the most efficient transcription services in the modern market is called Amberscript. You do not need to install any software to use it. It will not be a secret that here, you can order two types of transcriptions — manual and automated one. Regardless of your goals, the service will suit both personal and business needs.

However, for businesses, it would match better. Customized solutions for businesses are the perk of this website. These professionals use AI technology for transcribing your files. It helps reach the utmost accuracy when transcribing automatically. If you need better quality, it is much better to hire a human professional.

What about security? It is on the upper level. You can be sure that there will be no leak of your personal or payment information. No one will find out anything about the content of the files you provided for transcription. They use GDPR compatible software.

You can use the website both on your desktop and a mobile device. It supports videos and audio of various formats. When using the automatic option, you can utilize an online text editor. The account can be created for free but the services are not free, of course. It is crucial to choose the number of speakers. 

The accuracy of your text depends on it. Transcription can be done in almost 40 languages.

You can transcribe interviews and lectures with its help, as well as Skype or Zoom conferences. It has a lot of big corporate customers. Pricing plans start at $10 for an audio and video hour. 


  • 10 minutes free trial
  • A wide number of options
  • Multiple speakers
  • Online text editor
  • AI technologies
  • Quick turnaround


  • Accuracy is only up to 90% 

GMR Transcription

The GMR Transcription company is quite known in the world. They offer the assistance of professional transcriptionists and translation services. A lot of government institutions are among their clients. In the United States, this company has a good reputation and you could have heard of it many times.

These services are widely used by different institutions, businesses, and even academic establishments. Students and teachers are also among their devoted customers. Yes, if you are not in the USA, you can still use the service. The quality is claimed to be one of the best in the market.

The cost of this website starts at $1.50 per minute. The transcription of a video file will cost you at least $2 per minute. Different extra features will cost you extra fees. Keep in mind that the minimum order should be at least $50. The service does not support automatic transcriptions. 


  • Good reputation
  • High quality
  • 99% accuracy
  • 100% human transcriptions


  • No automatic options
  • Very high prices compared to others


One more company that offers good audio to text transcriptions. It supports 31 languages and uses advanced AI-based software. The good thing about this software for Linux and other OS is that it integrates with business platforms. This ensures upper security.

It is probably a perfect platform for businesses. Your employees and team members get full access to that software regardless of where they are. This company offers quite a quick turnaround for different types of files.

Thanks to this software, you can find specific words or assign the speakers’ names. A free trial is also one of the benefits of this website. The service is suitable for both individuals and big businesses. 

The company offers output files in various formats. Thus, you can upload them in Word, CSV, or Doc. They also work with such audio formats as MP3, M4A, MP4, AAC, and WAV. Only 3Gb is available within 3 hours. 

The service has different pricing plans. Hence, the cost of a monthly package will start at $60 per month. If you want to purchase an annual subscription, it will cost you $48 per month. Unfortunately, this is the cost of the automated options. This company does not support manual transcriptions.


  • Quite affordable
  • Supports many languages
  • High confidentiality
  • Great for many different OS
  • Secure
  • Time codes
  • Adobe Premiere Pro compatible
  • Highlights and strikethrough
  • Great for businesses and teamwork
  • Enterprise packages for businesses
  • Markers creation
  • No hidden costs after payments
  • Plan pausing at $5 per month


  • No human transcripts
  • You need to purchase a subscription even if you are not going to use it further
  • Not the best accuracy because of automated transcripts

These were the best software for Linux, as well as other OS, you should use in 2022. Pick the one that is suitable for you most of all. Depending on your field and needs, you will definitely find the one that will work best for your purposes. 


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