TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor: Best Video Editor for Beginners?

If a user is looking for a video editor which is convenient and easy to use and has the ability to create videos that are professional-looking in nature then, TunesKit AceMovi is the best option available out there for such users. If you want a detailed analysis and a review on how this TunesKit AceMovi works on a windows pc then look no further since we have come up with a detailed review on the video editing software.

Using this particular video editor, one can easily ensure that their creation is top notch and unique. The video which comes out from this editor can also be monetised easily due to its high quality. This particular video editor is extremely simple and lightweight and hence convenient to use.

In order to stand apart from the crowd in aspects of video editing, it is imperative that you use an efficient tool such as the TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor to ensure that all your editing tasks are carried out smoothly. A lot of the latest smartphones have good camera software, however, they fail in the video editing aspects in a lot of areas.

In order to ensure that the final product of your video is good, you need powerful and efficient video editing software which would revolutionize your video experience. 

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TunesKit AceMovie: Features 

This particular software is a mixture of both, video editing software and a screen recorder for your Personal Computer. The video editing part will be done by the video recorded directly from your respective screen or by importing another video to your personal computer. The user interface of the application is very simple to understand and quite similar to the other editors in the same category. However, there are a lot of features under the application that make it unique. The majority of these features are as mentioned below. 

Easy To Use

This particular software is extremely accessible and is very easy to understand and use even for beginners. The basic functions of this application are very simple and you only require a keyboard and a mouse in order to work with the software. In order to extract better output from the software, it is imperative that you use both keyboard shortcuts.

If you are not a keyboard person then you can use a programmable controller which is available in the market to easily use the software in a swift manner. The controls can be easily mapped and customized according to your preferences. 

Editing Functionality 

Once the respective user installs the AceMovi Software within their system, one can begin their editing tasks easily by either screen recording or by importing other videos into the system. One can easily import the videos from the menu bar on the top after clicking on the ‘Import’ button.

One can even choose to use the screen recording video to edit the video according to the needs of the respective user. All the videos that a user chooses will appear in the Media Library option. All the projects that a user works on would be available in this particular media library so that one can always revisit the project at a later point. compress image 1

Toolbar Functions 

The toolbar of TunesKit AceMovi is very easy and efficient to use and also has basic functions such as splitting, cropping, and zooming functionality as well. One can easily use the toolbar to cut and trim the beginning, middle, or the ending part of the respective video which is slated to be edited. The timestamps of the respective video can also be put into the toolbar to determine the exact point which can be edited. 

There are a lot of other functions available in the respective edit window which can easily be accessed by clicking on the settings button. If a user wants to gain access to other advanced editing options then they can do so easily by using the ‘edit’ button available. You can easily change the position of the respective video, colour balance, softening, volume equalizer and so much more. compress image

Video Review

System Requirements for the Software

AceMovi is a well-optimized video editing software and one can easily run the software on both Mac and Windows platforms if they have the correct version of the application and also the pre-requisite requirements within the system requirements. The system requirements are also very minimal and can be fulfilled easily. It runs on almost all of the Windows OS including XP.

You need a processor with just 1GHz of speed. On the aspect of RAM, you need 512 MB of ram. All these system requirements make it clear that this software would work on the older-based personal computers as well. There is no doubt that the systems with good hardware would enhance the performance of the software but that does not mean that systems with older hardware cannot run this application. 


This particular video editing software comes in both free and paid versions for the respective users. The free version does all the jobs which the premium version does but it comes with one major con in the form of a watermark. The video which would be compiled out by you in a pro version would not contain the watermark. You can get the paid, professional version of the video editing software in the form of a month, a year or by a one-time purchase as well for all those you want.


The advantages of the TunesKit AceMovi clearly outweigh all of the cons or the disadvantages. The software is extremely easy and convenient enough to be used. The user interface is also extremely minimalist and simple to handle even for beginners. Most of the popular video formats are supported by this application. The only major con of this video is that if you want to use the pro version on a temporary basis, there is a good chance that you will dent your pocket since the prices may be a bit high for those who do not use it regularly.  

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