How Unique Content Is Important for Ranking Higher in SERP?

The Challenge of ranking your website in search engines relies on various factors which enable developers and content creators to work closely. It’s true that without content, search engines and websites are no good.

But content carries much more importance to analyzing the performance of a website. Any ranking website relies on two essential factors: links and content. These are the pillars of featuring a website in search results.

Nevertheless, content affects website performance more because it relates to the links featured on a website. The uniqueness of content is the key element that features a website in SERP.

The question arises: Why is content important for ranking higher in SERP? Why should one check for plagiarism? This article will answer all the questions to describe how unique content is vital for ranking higher in SERP.

Importance of unique content for ranking higher in SERP


· Copyright Claims

A piece of work is copied when it is utilized without affirmation. A moral issue emerged when one took credit for work one didn’t make. There is no contrast between appropriating someone else’s work no matter the copyright status.

The demonstration of duplicating an article or book, the copyright of which has lapsed, is all things considered counterfeiting.

While performing a check for plagiarism, one may ignore the fact that duplicating online content can land one to face legal issues.

Also, it is a duplication to utilize information from an unacknowledged source. Material like information can be infringed upon, regardless of whether it is precise.

Be that as it may, copying is effectively kept away from with appropriate references to the source.

An encroachment of copyright happens when another’s work is unapproved. Recognizing the source won’t tackle exorbitant or unapproved duplicates of a safeguarded piece.

To keep away from the gamble of an encroachment charge, you should look for authorization from the copyright holder before distributing. These two terms are unique yet like each other.

· Google Duplicate Content Penalty

Plagiarized content can quickly get penalized by search engines. Suppose you published your article or a blog post, but it is not featured on SERP.

The searched keywords are not targeting your content either. These are the penalties stated by Google upon publishing plagiarized content.

Google can undoubtedly track down plagiarized content on your webpage, and the outcome is equivalent to a penalty for a deficiency of rankings for your site.

However a user can check for plagiarism by utilizing free tool available online.

Appropriated content will corrupt your SEO positioning for some reasons. Google punishments bring about your site not positioning.

As well as consuming Google’s slither financial plan, copied content likewise keeps recently recorded pages from showing up in SERPs.

Copied content on Google isn’t valued. Google has stated all the penalties clearly in the guidelines to avoid creating duplicate content.

As such, when crawlers observe copied content on your site, they promptly search for the most significant page.

A site’s permeability will be weakened when just one page is recorded and displayed on SERPs rather than five pages being filmed and shown.

Appropriated content doesn’t prompt a punishment yet may affect web search tool rankings. Web indexes can battle to figure out which variant of the content.

As Google alludes to them as “obviously comparable” on the Internet, it is more important for an inquiry question when a lot of content is on a similar subject.

Along these lines, staying away from copyright infringement is essential to settle this SEO positioning issue.

For example:-
A site which has seven million traffic on 7th November 2021 but due to use the plagiarized content the position is falling continuously and nowadays this site have traffic only six thousand.

Untitled 2

· Digital Marketing

Avoiding duplication in digital marketing is probably the most challenging aspect in itself.

Because the exact product has a detailed description and the almost same price has to be sold online by different websites or vendors.

The uniqueness of content matters the most when trying to sell something—trying to explain how a product stands out from alternative options is a struggle itself.

That is where the factor of plagiarism-free content is required the most.

Many vendors in the line of Amazon Affiliate Marketing have faced the consequences of plagiarized content.

You try to make sure that the product is sold through your source first to earn your fair share.

The website or vendor that appears first in the search engine results has better chances to make a sale faster than those featuring on lower rankings.

Even if you’re offering a discounted price, no offer is suitable if your product does not appear on top among search engine results.

· Adds value to user’s queries

Answers to users’ queries have to be unique and to the point. The conciseness factor makes it even more challenging to present unique words for a factual piece of information.

According to various SEO experts, a web page containing long content has better chances to rank higher in search engine results.

Content with 1500+ words is shared and social media to add value for researchers and educators. More sharing on social media means more traffic to your website.

Unique content creates a sense of interest among readers. It is more like a marketing strategy. When you present something different online, people tend to get attracted to it.

If your content is original, it builds a reputation for your platform to be an authentic source of information.

· User experience

When you post plagiarism-free content online, as mentioned in the Google search engine duplicating policy guidelines, it gets featured among top pages.

When users search a specific keyword, unique content will appear on top of their search results.

As unique content adds value to users’ queries, the audience gets more clicks and impressions. These actions allow a website to retain its presence on search engines and its reputation among visitors.


Even though various techniques are available to avoid plagiarism, the duplicated content is still online. Multiple domains and websites discussing the same topics raise the chance of content plagiarism.

Nevertheless, genuine content is appreciated by search engines and the readers who retain their interest to find gainful information that adds value to their queries.

One can rely on plagiarism checking and paraphrasing tools to maintain a higher ranking in SERP.



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