7 Platforms To Buy & Sell Vintage Games

Looking for a place to sell or buy your vintage games? Perhaps your old school Nintendo titles, or forgotten retro Wii games? Fret not! We’ve got a list of steady platforms ready for you to do just that. Vintage games can be hard to find, and reliable platforms are few far in between, but we’ve got the right ones for you all laid out in a list. Read on to find out!


We’re all well aware of eBay, one of the best platforms to find secondhand or vintage items. The best part is that you can even start a bid on items, especially if you desperately want them. You can sell your games individually or bundle them into a package to make them more enticing for buyers.

With its reputable image, you can rest assured when buying or selling on eBay. The platform has been around for a long time now and even has its own eBay Gift Card that you can get from OffGamers here to ease your shopping experience.

  • Craigslist


Second to eBay and slightly freer in terms of interactions and listings, we have Craigslist. The platform works similar to that of a forum where anyone can list anything to sell, or buy. However, when it comes to Craigslist, you might want to be warier about your interactions with others, as there is no proper guarantee that they have your best interests in mind.

It is most definitely a great place for you to acquire your vintage games, occasionally in bulk too. The platform pretty much accepts anything for sale, so if you have no luck selling your items on other platforms, you can try Craigslist!

  • The Old School Game Vault


As its name suggests, The Old School Game Vault is a company that specializes in old, vintage games. They have listings for thousands of games for you to trade in or buy, so have a look and perhaps you’ll be inspired to send in some games of your own for a trade. 

There’s even a community on their platform, so you can find like-minded individuals and talk about your favourite games with them. You can even compare prices and get more insight into the vintage gaming market. 

  • GameStop


If you’re looking for a reliable and well-known gaming chain store, GameStop is a great start. Although if you do choose to sell your games at GameStop, you’ll only mostly be able to get in-store credit. The in-store credit can only be used to shop within their chain of stores, sort of like trading games for new ones.

GameStop exclusively deals in gaming products and accessories, so you won’t be able to throw in an extra random DVD or electronics in your trade-ins. Just your regular games and gaming consoles would be accepted. They have online and offline entities both.

  • Amazon


One of the biggest marketplaces online, Amazon has a spot for you to sell your vintage games if you need it. Sure, you can purchase new stuff on Amazon, but you can also purchase secondhand items as well. Amazon is truly the one spot aside from eBay you are most likely to find that rare or exclusive item you’ve been looking for.

The platform caters to all sorts of products and listings, you are sure to find what you need with ease. It is also a trusted and reliable platform for you to sell or buy your vintage games.

  • Facebook Marketplace

A great platform if you’re looking to sell or purchase your items locally rather than internationally. This way, you won’t have to worry about any underlying costs and shipping fees. Similar to Craigslist it has more freedom between seller and buyer, but Facebook Marketplace has more precautionary measures in place to avoid any shady practices.

You can find local communities to sell your vintage games to or local sellers to get your items. In this sense, you can even drive over to a meeting point to look at the goods you’re about to purchase beforehand as well. 

  • Decluttr

One of the easiest modern-day platforms to sell your vintage games is through Decluttr. You can operate your sales from the website or Decluttr’s very own app. The process is easy, and a quote for your game will be given to you for you to either accept or decline. This quote will be valid for 28 days, so you can take your time to decide the best course of action.

If you do accept Decluttr’s offer, you can ship your game to them and they’ll pay you the quoted price through your preferred payment option. They will inspect your item to ensure that it matches the provided description before paying you though. However, it is a quick and simple process. 

To Conclude

May this list helps in figuring out the best places for you to purchase your items or sell them. Do be wary when conducting sales online though, it is preferable to always gather some form of proof for your purchases and do not give out your private information. All this to avoid any potential scams and shady malpractices. 


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