10 Common Digital Product Development Mistakes and Their Solutions

Nowadays, we have a bunch of modern digital products. Everyone uses numerous mobile applications and desktop apps. We probably have applications for everything. Still, there are many digital products that we have never been able to use in full.

When you deal with digital product development, there can be lots of mistakes to solve before launching an app. It is never an easy process. Besides, you should always pay attention to the up-to-date market demands. Especially, if you want to conduct a successful business.

You must be very attentive when developing your product. Certain issues must be solved immediately. The product development phase described in detail at JatApp company website requires a bunch of resources and investments. It also calls for checking and learning the possible pitfalls in advance. This is the best way to learn the common development mistakes and their immediate solutions.


Having No Proper Development Strategy

Lacking a good product development strategy is probably the biggest mistake during a digital product development process. You need to have a well-researched and well-specified development strategy. It must be done before you even start the development process itself. The strategy gives you the right direction that you need to follow. It defines your main development stages and the ways to implement them.

The development strategy must be clear. Also, you need to use the prepared strategy. It is not enough to simply write it. You must prepare a strategy that works as a road map for your business ideas implementation. Make it clear and agree on it with your team from the very beginning.

Providing Blurred Product Definition

You need to prepare a clear product definition. It is important during the development process. If the developers are not clear about the digital product requirements, they will not be able to prepare the desired product. Or else, they will simply prepare something that does not follow all the requests. To solve the problem, you need to define all the requirements and product features clearly. In such a way you will ensure a clear digital product definition.

Failing with Decision Making

If you have a project and need to implement it, decisions should be made. If you fail to provide fast decisions, you can get numerous problems. In fact, slow decision-making always demotivates your team. And you should always keep your team motivated since it is the only way for them to stay productive. To solve the issue, you need to review your team’s progress and justify the checkpoints to have better control over the process. The decisions must be made fast and match the development strategy goals.

Bringing Too Many Stakeholders

Too many managers are never a good thing. You cannot follow all the orders if you have too many people to issue them. Having too many stakeholders can bring only problems. You should have a single manager that has a project budget and sets objectives. This person will be the one to approve various stages of product development. If you need a team to manage your product development process, make them work as a single unit.

Ignoring a Research Stage

If you dig deeper into what is digital product development, you can see this process requires prior research. You cannot create any development strategy or define requirements for the product if you have no idea what your niche requires.

Once choosing a niche for your product, you must research it thoroughly. You need to connect with sponsors, marketers, advertisers, and influencers. It will help greatly to know the major players and the latest trends in the chosen niche before creating your digital product.

Making a Complicated List of Features

At any of the digital product development stages, you cannot avoid the need to follow the requirements. Make sure to focus on the final goals when developing a product. Still, make your digital product simple and useful for users. You do not need to create an app with too complicated features. It is not a winning strategy for any modern developer. You need to make a simple application with only useful features.

Lacking in Resources for a Project

You must decide on the most effective approach to resource your project. Remember, that under-resourced projects fail. You need to prepare the same resource strategy to make sure you can supply your project fully. Plan it and schedule every step of the digital product design and development process to avoid any functional blockages.

Poorly Defining Roles and Duties

One of the digital product development mistakes is a lack of ability to define roles and duties. You cannot ensure a successful development process if you have not defined responsibilities and roles among your team. Every specialist should do his job, something that he or she can do the best. You must define and document the roles and duties. It must be done at the very beginning of the development process.

Ignoring Pre-Launch Marketing

No digital product development company should ignore a pre-launch marketing stage. Do not think that promotion must be started on the launching date only. You need to come up with a way to market your product even before its official launch day. There is no need to pay big money for advertising on the pre-launch stage. Just make a small buzz using email marketing and popular social media.

Focusing on Results Instead of a Product

This is probably the biggest mistake when you focus on the result more than the product itself. Surely, you need to deliver a successful product. Still, it must be the exact end product you were expecting to get. The digital product that provides the best customer experiences and provides some value to your clients’ lives should be your ultimate goal. Use the best practices for digital product development to deliver the exact advanced digital product.


If you want to run a successful business, your digital product must be flawless. There is always something you can do to improve it. Besides, you should always prepare yourself for the development process properly. It includes learning the most common digital product development mistakes and their solutions.

There are many mistakes you can easily define and avoid in the future. It includes lack of proper development strategy, unclear product definition, bad decision making, lack of resources, and no attention to a research stage. No matter the problem you deal with, you can always come up with a proper solution. Make sure to prepare yourself properly for the development process, and you will surely succeed with your original digital product.



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