Is Instagram Still the Best Way to Get Famous on Social Media?

We are living in an age in which absolutely anyone with a phone and an internet connection could get famous. The question is, what’s the best social media platform to use if you want to become a star? Does Instagram still rule the roost, or is TikTok emerging as a major contender?

In the past, people had to have a lot of talent and a fair bit of luck to get in the public eye and become a celebrity. Now, the most common route for many is to use social media channels to get recognized. Even Justin Bieber, one of the world’s best-selling artists, started out by uploading covers to YouTube.

Social Media is the Best Way to Reach Generation Z

Generation Z is shaping how the future of the internet will look, and this demographic is obsessed with social media. There’s now such a thing as having a technological age, and if you’re someone who’s technically savvy, you may agree with many of the values of this generation.

If you want to check out your technological age, you can complete the quiz below to see if you’re down with today’s trends.

The younger generation today will typically have at least a couple of devices and accounts on every social media channel under the sun. The focus is on Instagram and TikTok, with many of these users starting to shy away from Facebook.

Because members of this generation spend at least five hours per day browsing these platforms, social media is the best way to reach them if you want to become someone they regard as a celebrity.  

Instagram Gives Anyone the Chance to Become a Star

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Instagram was invented in 2010 and now has more than one billion users. Facebook saw its potential and quickly snaffled it up in 2012, for a price of $1 billion in cash and stocks. This instigated the age of the Instagram star, where anyone could become famous if they used the page correctly and nurtured enough of a following.

The appeal of Instagram is that it is a personable platform that gives users a sense that they are close to the stars they are following. Not only can they see personal pictures that give a sense of what their lives are like, but they can also send messages, comment, and interact with them.

Instagram has been the pathway to fame and glory for people in a wide array of professions, but models have been particularly successful on it. Some of the most notable names to have gained fame through Instagram include Toks Adewetan, Kendall Jenner, and Lameka Fox.

TikTok Could be About to Take Instagram’s Crown

TikTok is rapidly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms, and its userbase swelled to over one billion in 2021. It is continuing to grow in markets all over the world, and offers something different from Instagram and Facebook.

Generation Z has confessed that they’ll often scroll through TikTok videos for hours on end, and numerous modern pop stars have taken advantage of this to get their names out there. Some of the top musicians in recent years to have first found fame on TikTok include Loren Gray, CKay, and Magdalena Bay. It’s clear that TikTok could soon become the number one social media platform on which to find fame.

Instagram is probably still the best way to get famous on social media, but TikTok is starting to creep up and offer something different. Of course, YouTube remains one of the best ways to get your name out there as well, and the channel is showing no signs of falling behind.



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