Why Can’t I Share Instagram Posts to Story (Fixed)

An Instagram user can look and view all the public posts on the respective social media platform. However, you can only share that post on your story if that particular account has enabled the option of ‘Reshare of posts to the story’.

The primary issue is not that of visible for all posts and one cannot reshare all the posts to their stories in a lot of cases. If a particular user of Instagram spots that the option of resharing the post to the story is not available then there is a good chance that there is some sort of an issue or a bug in the Instagram webpage or application.

There is even a chance that some sort of internal settings may have led to the option being made disappeared for the respective post. In order to understand the different reasons and the solutions to the problem that you can implement in order to share a post on your Instagram Story, read this article till the end. 

Can’t Share Post to Instagram Story – Why Not?

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There may be a lot of reasons behind why one cannot share a post on their respective stories on Instagram. It is important to know all of these reasons and then also take proper solutions in order to solve the problem at hand. Below mentioned are some of the reasons behind the problem. 

Maybe the Post is not Public

If one cannot share a particular post on the Instagram story then there is a strong chance that the post is not public but instead from a private account. In order to confirm if that particular post is private or not you can go to the Instagram Application and then press the three-line option.

After tapping on that option you are required to select the settings from the above options. After clicking on the settings, one needs to select the privacy option. After following all these procedures, a connection option will pop up on your screen.

The last thing the user is required to do is to just turn off the private account feature that one probably did before. In a private account, only those people would be able to look at your post who are following you.

After de-activating this particular option your account will be a public one and anyone including all your followers will be easily able to view the post that you share on your story. 

This Option is Missing Only on Your Account

One of the major reasons behind this issue occurring for you is that the app may not have been updated. In order to find this out, you need to make sure that this particular problem occurs only on your account and the posts can be easily put on stories by the other users on Instagram.

In order to solve this issue, one can either update their Instagram application from the respective app store of their phone. Another way to solve this issue is to try and restart your phone but if the problem is still persistent then you can clear your cache and update your Instagram application and then get back at using your app. 

Sharing a Post to the Story Widgets

The Instagram application comes with a top-notch widget that potentially enables the users in order to share a post to the Instagram Story.

  • Firstly you need to open the post that you want to share with the story. Then you need to tap on the share widget which looks like the paper plane icon which would then pop up the options.

Cant Share Post to Instagram Story

  • From the list, just choose the above option of “Add Reel to Your Story” and then tap on it.

Cant Share Post to Instagram Story step 2

  • This is how you can easily share posts and reels on your story. 

The Resharing to Stories option is turned off 

If a particular user cannot share any post on their Instagram story then there is a good chance that the ‘Resharing to Stories’ option has been turned off from their Instagram account. If a user has disabled the ‘Resharing to Stories’ option from their account’s settings then you might not be able to share the posts on your respective story from your Instagram account.

But, it is very easy to enable this feature again by directly going to the settings option of your Instagram account and then turning that option on. One thing you need to take into consideration is that if a user wants to share the post of someone else on their story and that user has turned off the option of resharing then this may be the primary.

In order to enable this particular feature of Instagram, the user needs to follow certain steps.

  • Firstly, open your Instagram application and then go to the profile menu. Then you need to tap on the burger icon present in the top right corner of the screen.
  • After that particular option, a navigation menu will appear in front of the respective user with a gear button present at the bottom of the menu.

allow sharing to story Instagram

  • You need to go to Instagram Story Settings. Here enable the option “Allow sharting to story”.

Using the Instagram Help Center

These are some of the ways through which you can primarily resolve the issue of Instagram not allowing posts to be reshared on the stories. There are certain fixes that you can use in order to get away with the problem.

For instance, you can ask help from Instagram through their support team to get their advice and consultation on the matter. You can easily access the Instagram help centre to solve this particular problem. They will quickly provide the users with an array of solutions in order to resolve the problem.

can t share post to bBacd

All you need to do is fill out a form and then describe your problem within the form. They will ensure that any bugs you encounter would be solved.     

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