10 Best Random Stranger Chat Apps for iOS/Android

If you are someone who is looking to socialise and meet some new friends online then you have landed on the right page. Online chatting applications can be used by anyone if they are bored on a particular day and want to try and make some new friends. You can easily find new friends nearby your location by using this application. There are a plethora of applications available for audio, video, and just chat.

Out of these applications, some of them are anonymous, and some of these are just useless chat applications. In the post as mentioned below, in order to make it easy for our readers, we are mentioning some of the best apps out there which are legit and can be used to chat with strangers and make new friends.

There are applications like Omegle which can be used to search, flirt and chat with strangers online. Then there are applications like Waplog which is a good application to be used for searching for friends solely from their photo, location, or even their name. One can also like, comment, or even upload anything on the photo.

There is also the option wherein one can use stickers and other emojis to get a better sense of chatting. Below mentioned are some of the best apps. 


Qeep is one of the highest-grossing and most popular applications available on both the android and IOS platforms. There are more than 20 million registered users on this particular chatting forum.

One can easily connect and chat with the users by using this app Qeep which is fun to use application for chatting with online strangers. In this particular online chatting forum or app, one can even send and share their photos with friends to have an engaging chat with the friends on the app.

This ia a perfect application for those users who want to make some new friends online and the app is relatively stable for both Android and IOS users. One can easily find new friends here to chat, flirt and at some point even meet them, It has a superb feature through which one can find new people to chat with on the basis of their location. 


Download: Android, IOS 

Sweet Dates

Sweet Dates is one among the other popular apps which are to be used in order to chat with strangers. Using this particular app one can easily chat and meet with other people around your location. One can also chat, romance and date people or strangers by using this particular application.

This application is free but it also has certain in-app purchases which are optional for the users. One can also join or make a group chat. The group chat is according to the interest of the person and one can join the chats based on their own liking.

There is also the option of a romance game app and one can also create and join different clubs in order to socialise and meet newer friends among strangers. This application also has this feature which is known as a whisper which lets the user send messages which would be deleted after they have been read by the respective user. 

sweet dating

Download: Android, IOS 


Holla is one of the most popular sites available online for making random video call with strangers in order to make friends or just have some fun. This particular application is listed for both the IOS and Android platforms.

There is a unique and good search option that allows the users to search for and find interesting strangers and friends to meet throughout the world. This particular application is very easy to use and you can find strangers to talk to through this app in seconds without any major hassles.

This application also has an amazing chat feature that allows the users to filter and search for all time new people who are new to the application. This app has all the real people and not a bot or fake profiles that could be used to scam the other users. There are also unlimited search and filter options in order to find new friends. 


Download: IOS Android

Chat for Strangers by FunPokes

The Chat For Strangers app is fun to use video calling application that is available for both Android and IOS users and is developed by FunPokes Inc. By using this application one can easily make new friends for video calling, chatting and also for having fun on your smartphone.

This app has an amazing filter through which one can filter strangers or friends by their age. One can easily start a private chat with strangers around the world and easily have a private chat with them to talk and flirt with them online. The best feature of this application is to let the user share media with their friends on the respective application. 

chat for stran

Download: Android IOS 


ZigZag is an excellent option for having a random chat with strangers and unknown friends on the internet. One can easily talk to strangers and friends through this particular application. This app is built for the IOS and Android forums. This app is very fast and stable.

The users of this application can easily chat and meet people around the world and chat without any sort of restrictions or limits. This app has more than ten thousand active users. One can easily search for other users and can match and chat with them and even possibly date them.

All of these functionalities of this app make it easy to use. You can use stickers and emojis while chatting with your friends to convey your emotions in a better way. All of these features make this a very good application to download and use. 

zig zag

Download: Android IOS  


This particular application helps in finding the user’s new friends and chatting with them in an anonymous nature. This application uses the data provided by GPS in order to find people nearby your location to talk to. You simply need to tap on a profile and you can chat with them easily.

connected2 me

Download: Android, IOS


If you are looking for an application that lets you talk with unknown people on a different array of subjects then this particular application out there is the best choice for you. This is by far one of the most popular applications out there for anonymous chatting which would let you chat with users who have similar benefits.


Download: Android, IOS


Walkie is one of those anonymous applications which lets you talk with strangers and express your feelings to each other through the app. This social application lets the user create a particular topic to discuss with the other user. You can even use the voice chat function with the other users.


Download: Android, IOS


Chatting anonymously is a very fun activity when you do it on whisper. This particular application lets the users join a huge online community where they can share their own thoughts and views on a plethora of subjects available.


Download: Android, IOS


If a user wants to casually have a chat with someone anonymous then MeetMe is the best application to download and use. Apart from chatting and meeting new friends secretly through this application one can also go live and interact in real-time with their friends.


Download: Android, IOS

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