Effective Ways To Get More Instagram Followers For Your Business

Social media has quickly become a cornerstone of many brands’ online presence. These platforms have the ability to drive significant and profitable traffic to business website landing pages, grow customer engagement, and effectively build an audience. 

But even so, when it comes to using social media platforms successfully as a business, things can get a bit tricky; it’s not as easy as you might think to get noticed by your social media audience. 

So when it comes to Instagram business marketing, we’ve listed some expert tips that will help you effectively grow your following. 

Optimize Your Account

It’s essential for your Instagram account to be optimized; this means adding a relevant, catchy, and concise bio, adding your business link, and making your username search-friendly. You should also use an Instagram story template to fill your page with quality content. 

Be Consistent

Consistency is fundamental when it comes to social media marketing. It’s never wise to post content at random times, mainly because posting at the correct times can maximize each post’s exposure. 

Research the best times to post content for your brand niche and your target audience. Create a content calendar that complements your research to take advantage of the best times to post. You’ll notice results in more followers shortly. 

With this, it’s also wise to schedule posts in advance. Scheduling in advance allows you to review posts before they go live.

Consider Influencers

Influencers are individuals who already have large or high-quality followings on Instagram. By asking influencers to promote your products or brand page, you’ll get maximum exposure and a lot more followers. 

Buy Followers

Even though it might seem counterintuitive to buy followers, increasing your following beyond a certain number will instantly enhance the speed at which your following grows organically. With a larger following, you’ll be seen by followers of followers as well. 

You can also buy likes to enhance visibility for individual posts, which will also increase your number of followers in the long run. 

Create Unique Content

The best way to keep your Instagram account growing is to post consistent quality content. If your content is not quality, followers will steer clear of your brand. Moreover, it’s also key to post unique content; followers want to see original content, not recycled ideas.

Use Call To Action Tactics

A call to action is a particular phrase that prompts the audience to do something; follow your account, buy your products, or even sign up for weekly newsletters. 

Including a call to action in some of your posts is another way to get more followers, especially if the call to action prompts users to follow your brand’s page. 

Use Hashtags Correctly

Hashtags are sometimes the golden key to a viral post on Instagram. Although, they can also be the reason for a post’s failure. Unfortunately, using the wrong hashtags, too few or too many, can negatively impact your post’s visibility. 

It’s essential to research relevant hashtags shortly before posting. Moreover, never use more than 1-3 hashtags per post, and consider hiding your hashtags in the posts comment section or below the post description. 


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