Top Reasons Why You Should Hire IT Specialists From Poland

Companies usually resort to outsourcing in situations where it is required to perform a certain amount of work that is non-core or secondary for this company. In the field of information technology, outsourcing has become a very common phenomenon.

Outsourcing is given to the development of information technology development strategies, the implementation of information systems, the creation and maintenance of network and IT infrastructure, and many other IT services. In this article, we will discuss why it is reasonable to hire Romanian developers for IT software development. 

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Is it worth it to hire developers in Romania?

Romania is the leading country among developed outsourcing markets. Customers of Romanian IT companies are usually involved in the financial, insurance, technology, industrial, and consumer goods sectors. Typically, such large companies are looking for software development services in Eastern Europe, in particular in Romania. This is due to some factors, which we will consider below.

Talented programmers.

Romania provides a good technological education, year after year universities produce more and more talents ready to work with new technologies for foreign companies. This country offers a huge pool of specialists for the high-quality development of various types of software.

Romanian specialists are especially proficient in programming languages ​​such as Java, JavaScript, and Python. Most of the developers in Romania are mainly involved in web development projects, some specialists have proven themselves well in companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Oracle.

Reasonable prices.

Affordable prices are one of the most important factors due to which Romania is considered one of the best countries for IT outsourcing. The average hourly rate for software development in the country ranges from $15 to $25, while in the US this metric is about $50. Romania is the cheapest country for IT outsourcing, as, for example, in Poland, the cost reaches $23, and in the Czech Republic – $35.

However, the IT industry is dynamic, so rates can fluctuate quite often. Thus, the actual rates of individual Romanian software companies may be higher or lower than the average figures.


Most Romanian developers are fluent in English. As the number of companies outsourcing software development projects in Romania is on the rise, local programmers have an impressive track record of dealing with international customers.

Time lag.

Romania is located close to many countries in Europe, the time difference is one hour (Eastern Europe) or two hours (Western Europe). This fact allows European customers to freely discuss the details of project development with Romanian programmers at any working time.

However, the time difference between the US and Romania is about 10 hours (with Los Angeles), and 7 hours with New York. This does not prevent Romanian programmers from being flexible when cooperating with US customers while cooperating with US clients.

Economic growth of the country.

Romania is a member of the EU, which means that the country enjoys some socio-economic benefits. It is also important that the country has formed a stable business environment for the development of IT solutions.

High level of education.

Romania provides everyone with access to a quality education system, including the IT sector, as well as STEM subjects. Every year, Romanian universities graduate over 7,000 students. This means that the pool of talented developers continues to increase, gaining experience in developing a project for enterprises from abroad.

Government-supported economic stability.

The Romanian government is focused on supporting the economic growth and stability of the country, in particular through regular financing of innovative projects and attracting foreign investment. The local IT market is developing through the opening of new IT centers and the implementation of technology initiatives.

If you are thinking of doing an outsourcing IT project in Europe, then Romania is a great country to do it.

Things to pay attention to while choosing developers

Cooperation with Romanian developers is beneficial, but the choice of specialists must be taken with responsibility. The process of finding the right specialist is a difficult task that requires sufficient knowledge from the psychological and technological fields. Let’s take a look at the factors to consider when outsourcing software development projects in Romania.


First of all, you need to remember about the competence of specialists. Careful selection of candidates and analysis of their ability to work well in a team are mandatory. Recruitment agencies always analyze the work of candidates in their previous jobs, as well as evaluate the abilities and skills of a programmer in a personal conversation. For example, many companies offer candidates to take a short coding test


Since cooperation with developers will be carried out remotely, you should check whether the future employee can meet deadlines and perform the assigned tasks in a quality manner at each stage of project development.

Communication skills.

Communication is very important when working with remote teams. Therefore, at the stage of evaluating a future candidate, it is important to analyze his willingness to stay in touch and adequately respond to comments and corrections, as well as his willingness to discuss controversial issues in the development of the project with other team members. Its is important to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.


In addition to the technical experience of the developer and the whole team of specialists, one should also pay attention to how independently they are ready to organize work on the project. If everything is in order with this, then it will not be necessary to spend a lot of time on controlling the team, it will be enough to communicate exclusively with the manager who oversees this development team.


There are many reasons to involve Romanian programmers in the development of software solutions. Outsourcing in Romania will cost more than, for example, in India, but it will significantly reduce costs if you hire specialists from the US or Western Europe.

Cooperation with Romanian programmers will not bring any problems, as they speak English well and do quality work. It’s quite difficult to find an IT specialist or create a team of developers without knowledge so it’s reasonable to attract a recruitment agency to this task. Alcor is a reliable company to do it, it hires the best developers from Romania and Poland, so you can be sure about having an experienced and close-knit team. 


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