How to Protect Your Personal Information Online?

Perhaps the most important aspect of online gambling is security. In order to guarantee this, it is sometimes necessary to share personal data with an online casino. We are of course fully behind this, because it can prevent major problems and abuses. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t handle it with care!

There are some useful tips and tricks that you can apply when an online casino asks for documents. You can check, which has the most popular online casinos. Here we briefly explain to you why online casinos ask for personal data and how you can best verify this.


Why Is It Necessary to Share Your Personal Data With the Online Casino?

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who want to gamble at online casinos with criminal intentions. Casino scammers can tackle this in many different ways. You can think of identity theft and then gambling with someone else’s money.  Criminals can also try to launder money and convert and transfer money flows in other illegal ways through casinos. In addition, they can target bonus abuse and scam casinos. 

One of the essentials in all cases is to hide their own identities so that they cannot be caught. That is why this is a crucial point of anti-money laundering laws and regulations.

Establishing a gambler’s identity not only discourages casino scammers but also helps in identifying abuses when they actually occur.

Finally, sharing personal data is necessary to protect gamblers from themselves. For example, you must demonstrate that you are of legal age and that you do not have a casino ban, whether or not you have imposed yourself. This will hopefully end gambling addictions as soon as possible.

What Is KYC?

The package of measures that should increase casino security is also known as Know Your Customer, or KYC. These measures are required by law and ensure that the online casino must ask you for certain information if, for example, you request a large payout.

What exactly needs to be requested differs per jurisdiction where the online casino has been licensed. In the UK, for example, it is the following before you can even start gambling:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth

At casinos that have a gambling license issued in Malta from the Malta Gaming Authority, it is also mandatory to perform an extra check at high payouts. For example, if you have won a few thousand euros, the online casino is obliged to ask you for additional documentation.

Make a Copy of Your Personal Files on a Smartphone App

In the rapidly growing digital world that relies heavily on KYC procedure, it is important to rely on an easy-to-use tool to send your identification documents to the casino.

This is even more important when you consider that we spend most of our time in a virtual world where everything we do remotely is in real time. User authentication is not limited to online casinos only, as this is required by hotels, airlines, companies, banking and financial service providers, and communication service providers.

Since photocopying personal documents can be a difficult task for many users, especially those who spend a lot of time outside the home, there are many easy-to-use applications that you can download on your smartphone. For example, if your phone is running iOS, you can download the Accurascan app, but if your phone is running Android, you can use the KYC Verification app.

These apps are the best of its kind as all-in-one ID Card Scanner, Passport Scanner, Visa Scanner and Driver’s License Scanner with face matching/recognition/authentication using a portable camera as simple as a selfie. In addition, these applications save you valuable time and avoid the risk of error when manually entering data or manually recording a customer.

Even if you have no prior knowledge of smartphone apps or how to use them, these apps will only need a photo from you to submit on-demand afterwards.

Prevent Casino Scammers from Phishing

A common method used by cybercriminals is to retrieve usernames and passwords through phishing. They can do this by luring gamblers to an unsafe website.

This website is often tweaked so that it looks like you are logging into your favorite casino, for example. Make sure you don’t get caught up in this and for example look in the padlock next to the URL to see if you’re on a safe site.

In addition, do not click on the links in the emails, but go to the site yourself to check whether the message is correct. An online casino’s SSL certificate is also important. The best providers have this stamp of approval on their homepage.

Choose a Safe & Reliable Casino

By protecting well-defined data, you make it nearly impossible for casino fraudsters to defraud your identity. Apart from that, it is of course good to gamble with a safe and reliable provider.

In our casino reviews, we discuss security extensively. Please read this carefully before choosing your next online casino!



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