15 Social Media Marketing Tools You Need in 2023

These days entrepreneurs are shifting towards digital marketing as they are aware that the majority of people are online and it is convenient and cost-effective to promote their products and services using social media.

Social media marketing tools have made marketing on social media more effective, effortless, and productive. The given article provides you with 15 top social media marketing tools that you must need to know. 


Among all the available social media marketing tools Doratoon is the only one that offers a free basic plan. It is an efficient tool for creating social media posts and content in a unique and appealing way. 

By using Doratoon you can create animated videos of different types. It supports multi-channel distribution so after creating the content you can instantly share it on different social media platforms. 

On Doratoons official website you will find a lot of readymade templates for your social media marketing. All you need to do is select a template and then edit it to customise. Doratoon is considered the easiest and fastest social media marketing tool. 

How to Create a Social Media post on Doratoon?

For your guidance a step by step guideline is provided here:

Step 1. Go to Doratoon’s official website and sign up here. 

Step 2. Click on the “workbench” option from the top menu. 

Step 3. Choose a template according to your needs. 

Step 4. Edit and customize the template by using advanced options and export it on different social media platforms. 


Buffer is an efficient marketing tool that allows you to schedule and manage your social media posts on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here you can select a specific time and according to which your post and the content will be updated on your social media profile. 


Hootsuite is one of the social media tools that can work with more than 20 different social media platforms. It lets you post, monitor, and engage across all social media with an account. It also collects information about the data engagement so you can decide what type of content is engaging customers the most. 


Animato is another platform through which you can create videos for social media marketing purposes. It allows the Businessman to create and edit ads and other types of videos without any editing experience.  

After creating videos through Animoto you can easily share them on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It is also a paid tool that costs you almost $8 per month. 


By using SocialPilot a businessman can bring together different team members and different social media accounts. For instance, if you have a digital agency that needs to manage multiple accounts of clients then you can easily set up the processes with SocialPilot. 

It is a helpful tool if you want to give some specific task to a person such as scheduling or publishing a post and to do other functions the person has to get approval. 


Falcon is a tool that is specifically designed for people who want to manage their different social media accounts from a single platform. You can schedule your post on different social media accounts and maintain consistency on a single interface. 

It can integrate with many other marketing platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft, or HubSpot. So you can easily target people and encourage them to see your content at the right time. 


Canva is another marketing tool that lets you create visual content for your social media posts. By using this tool you can edit and create eye-catching images and graphics which can engage the customers and attract them to your post. 

It also offers you many ready-made templates for social media marketing posts. It is a paid tool and you have to buy its plan starting from $119.99 per year. 


It is another social advertising tool that lets you easily publish your content. By using eClincher you not only publish the content but also examine the engagement and analyze the whole process. It lets you schedule your post on many social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook. 

Sprout Social

By using Sprout Social you can manage your different social media platforms on a single dashboard and you can also respond to messages.  It is a great tool to manage time and resources. It also collects valuable statistics on the engagement of the customers or the people about your post on social media. 

By using Sprout Social you can easily repeat your post or content on social media as it allows you to select them and then repost them after specific intervals you have chosen. 


Postfity supports many social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and some others. Just like other social media marketing tools it has a user-friendly interface that lets you schedule your post on your social media accounts. It also offers good customer support but it has very limited integrations on social media. 


Sendible is a type of social media marketing tool that has a variety of useful features for your social media marketing campaigns. Because of its approval and schedule feature, you can enhance communication on your social media accounts. Its advanced tool helps assess deeply especially if you have clients on social media accounts.  


Earlier SocialOomph was only used for Twitter marketing but now they have the potential to deal with other social media platforms. It also contains a good user interface. Its price starts from $75 per month. 


SocialInsider has created a good position in social media marketing because of its analytical and reporting tools. By using this, you can easily analyze and get a report about your clients on different social media accounts. By using this tool you can find brand ads and content analysis on a single interface. 


Postpicker is designed to let you post the same content on different social media accounts at the same time without putting much effort and time. It supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and telegram. 


By using Radaar you can manage your different social media profiles from a single location. It is mostly used by Managers, startups, and agencies to schedule the content and measure the progress easily. It is a budget-friendly tool as its pricing plan starts from $2.90 per month but you can only manage 3 social media profiles. 

Wise words 

Now social media marketing has gained a lot of portion in a business marketing strategy. The given article provides you with different tools that help you to market your product easily on social media. Doratoon has made it easy and free to create and share unique and interesting social media posts or videos. 


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