How to Download Videos from Youtube using VidMate App?

Youtube can be considered the biggest free online streaming platform for videos right now on earth and there are loads and loads of movies, shows, musical videos, lyrical songs, educational content and other videos in their library.

The major issue with Youtube is that you always need a stable and a working internet connection to play the videos and the long ads that get displayed on YouTube while playing videos.

All of these issues can easily be tackled by viewing videos that you want to watch on Youtube in an offline mode. 

However, the problem with this is that the Youtube Application Programming Interface will not allow the user to download the video just like that. You can save the video offline just on a temporary basis, but every time you want to watch the video there is a good chance that you will be encountering an ad even if there is no active internet connection.

In order to get away with such issues, one can download VidMate. VidMate is basically a free Youtube video downloader through which one can download YouTube videos of different quality, according to the requirements of the user. 

You can also download the video in various different file formats, for instance, you can download any music video into an MP4 or any other audio format which can easily be accessed by your music player. You can access a plethora of other apps in order to download videos or any other sort of content you need.

This article will also have a step by step guide on how can one download videos from Youtube using the VidMate app. Before we move on to the guide let us have a look at some of the exciting features of the VidMate app. 


Features of the VidMate App

The VidMate app is used by a lot of people in order to download their videos from Youtube. The reason behind the users heavily favouring this app over the other apps is because of its features. You can easily search, view or download literally any type of video on the platform of Youtube by using VidMate.

Apart from Youtube, you can also use VidMate to download media content from several other platforms and applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Youtube, Soundcloud, Tumblr and much more.

The VidMate application also comes with a default embedded web browser, which can be used for surfing just like a web browser for your phone as well.

The application also comes with an auto suggestion option through which you can view and download the latest and trending videos directly.

The VidMate app works in a similar fashion as the Youtube application in terms of the trending module. The user interface of this application is very friendly and this makes it ideal for the new users as well.

Finally, this application does not require the users to register or create an account for using the features. One can just simply install the application and utilise it. 

Downloading videos on Youtube from VidMate

While installing the VidMate application, you need to ensure that your setting for unknown sources installation is turned on from the security section in the settings of your respective phone. 

Step 1: Download VidMate APK from 9Apps, Once you have successfully installed the application, start the VidMate app. The image of a Youtube icon will be visible on the first page.

Once you press on it, you will be redirected to the home page of Youtube, or you can just simply search for the URL of the specific video on the search bar. 

vidmate steps

Step 2: On the Youtube window of the VidMate search for the video you want to download. You can either search the title of the video or even use the URL of the designated video you intend on downloading.

Step 3: Once the intended video has been found, you need to click on it. The user will be able to see a red button which is circular pointing downwards toward the screen. That button is a download button to click on the link. 

Step 4: Once you have located the download button, you need to select the format of the file through which you want the video to be downloaded. You will be getting a plethora of options of file formats in a lot of different versions.. 

Step 5: Once you have selected the configurations of the video and the format selection, you need to tap on the download button. The download will be initiated and it will be starting automatically after the button has been pressed.

Once the video has been downloaded, you can see the video in the downloads section of the application through which it can be accessed easily. 

You can easily download videos without any limit from VidMate in any video-based or audio-based format as per your requirements. 

Using this particular application you can not only download videos from just Youtube but also other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, Tumblr and much more.

There are certain substitute applications for VidMate as well like for instance, Snaptube and Tubemate but VidMate is by far the most preferred application among the masses.

Taking into consideration all of the features being provided by VidMate it is by far the best app.   

Dhruv Thakker is an aspiring lawyer. He is a sports enthusiast and likes watching F1, Football and Reading in his free time.


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