5 Best Ambilight Clones: Top Responsive TV Backlight Kits

People today find it boring to be at home alone. The global pandemic condition is to blame for everything. The greatest Ambilight clones are listed below, along with some of their advantages and disadvantages. As a result, there are those who constantly choose televisions that always display high-definition images. in order for them to enjoy the many channels and films.

There are several televisions that have been made today that always provide you with the highest sound quality and are partnered with fantastic soundbars. However, they don’t have all the qualities of the finest video quality. If you watch horror or action movies with the background dark, it looks really exciting.

The Ambilight feature TV will then be of the most assistance to you. Simply put, Ambilight is a TV backlighting solution. Imagine that you are viewing a movie with a dark background. The television’s light will then be adjusted by this Ambilight so that your eyes won’t ever strain from its brightness. As a result, you will learn a lot about the finest Ambilight clone TV in these articles.

After reading this, you can easily choose the best television that has an Ambilight clone, which will really assist you.

What is the best product that supports the Ambilight clone?

Before continuing, it’s important to note that there are three primary categories of Ambilight clones, including:

  • HDMI connectivity and TV ambient lighting.
  • LED TV backlight control manual
  • A camera-equipped TV backlight kit for automatic colour switching.

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Some of the top items that support the Ambilight clone include the following:

Philips Hue Gradient TV Lightstrip + Hub

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The best TV backlight is the Philips Hue Gradient TV Lightstrip + Hub. There is a tonne of various light settings and capabilities available through the Philips Hue app, which are only made better by the presence of the Philips Hue Hub that is packed with gradient backlights.

The Philips Hue Gradient TV Lightstrip + Hub can be connected to the app and managed along with all of your other Philips Hue products, just like all other Philips Hue products. Additionally, if you buy the Philips Hue Sync Box, you can even sync the lights with your TV, giving you a reactive lighting effect that is uncommon in TV backlight kits.

The Philips Hue Gradient TV Lightstrip + Hub is compatible with all popular voice assistants, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them with the rest of your smart home setup regardless of which one you prefer.

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  • Amazing colour gradients
  • Added hub functions are fantastic features
  • The voice control and the app are flawless.
  • Simple to set up


  • To sync with the TV, you need an HDMI sync box.

Govee LED Strip Lights & Light Bars With Camera

Govee LED Strip Lights Light Bars With Camera

A smart TV backlighting kit with some outstanding capabilities at a great price, the Govee LED Strip Lights & Light Bars with Camera is ideal for any TV up to 65 inches in size.

The Govee LED Strip Lights & Light Bars with Camera is a complete entertainment lighting system, unlike other TV backlight kits. To provide a more immersive experience, it has two light bars and a light strip. One of the most intelligent lighting kits available, the included camera then adjusts the illumination to suit your surroundings.

With the help of the companion app, which has a tonne of settings, you can customize the lighting of the Govee LED Strip Lights & Light Bars with a Camera. You may even utilize your voice assistant if you have other smart devices, giving you complete control over the lighting of your home entertainment system.

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  • Great value for the money
  • Rich in features
  • TV and music are coordinated
  • Ideal for bigger TVs up to 65 inches


  • A waste of money if you only need the TV backlight

Govee TV LED Backlights


The Govee TV LED Backlights offer the greatest value. It’s one of the most affordable backlight TV kits on the market, but it still has several capabilities that more expensive ones don’t. It can, for instance, respond to sound and pulse to the music.

It also outperforms a lot of the competitors with an astounding 33 LEDs per meter. Fortunately, setting it up is also simple. The strip comes with five support clips to ensure the ideal configuration and uses 3M adhesive tape to stay attached to any surface you choose.

This makes the Govee lighting kit a straightforward, affordable, and feature-rich alternative that won’t let you down.


  • It May be altered using a variety of light modes
  • Strong sticky adhesive tape is provided.


  • No size modification; only fits televisions between 40 and 60 inches
  • The remote is incompatible with certain brands of televisions, including Vizio and Sharp.

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Maylit TV LED Backlight


The Maylit TV LED Backlight is a great option if you want a backlight kit that can handle everything. The Maylit option checks every box you can think of, in contrast to the varying number of functions that other backlight kits offer.

It does, in fact, come with a remote, but you can also control it with a smartphone app. It has a sleep timer that automatically goes off after a predetermined period of time and may sync to the beat of the music to improve the party atmosphere.

The light strips may be attached anywhere that has a USB power outlet. Your counters can be made to glow from below or placed behind a shelf to create a lovely drop shadow.

Whatever your objectives, there’s a strong possibility that the Maylit will fulfil them perfectly. This backlight kit is an excellent choice because of that.


  • Regardless of whether it’s a TV or not, it can be put anyplace in the house.
  • contains a sleep timer for viewing television at night


  • Not weather-proof

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Bason TV LED Backlight


You might not enjoy the concept of a brightly lit wall when you’re attempting to go asleep if you’ve been considering TV ambient lighting for a bedroom screen. However, the Bason TV LED Backlight has a few crucial characteristics that make it the finest TV LED backlight for usage in bedrooms.

For starters, with the remote, you may adjust how bright the lights are. You can choose from eight different brightness settings to find which one you prefer. Use the power button on the remote to turn off the lights before going to sleep.

Use the sleep timer option if you want to watch TV before you go to sleep. This turns the lights off automatically after 30 minutes to prevent disruptions to your sleep.


  • Sticky strips are simple to apply.
  • LEDs with vibrant colors


  • little power cable

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Backlight Your TV?

Backlighting is not necessary, but if you find yourself staring at a monitor or screen for extended periods of time, a backlight kit can liven up a setup that might otherwise be uninteresting. In addition, a backlight lessens eye fatigue caused by staring at a screen in a dim setting.

Your eyes won’t need to adjust to the stark contrast between the bright screen and the dark surroundings thanks to the aura that a backlight kit emits.

What Is the Best Backlight Color for TV?

You can freely experiment with the colors and determine which one best complements your room because backlights can come in a broad variety of colors. White is a wonderful way to lessen eye strain, though.

How Do You Install an LED Backlight on a TV?

The backlight will typically be sent with some adhesive tape already applied. The paper strip is peeled off to reveal the sticky side, which is then adhered to the desired location. You should double-check the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the optimum way for precise placement.

Some will instruct you to install the strip around the outside of the screen, while others function best when positioned in the center in the shape of a winding S.

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