What is a CTF Loader and How to Fix it’s Issues in Windows

CTF loader or also known as the Collaborative Translation Framework is basically a background process in Windows 10/11 which supports and helps manage the task manager. This process runs by the name of CTF loader or ctfmon.exe.

Moreover, it helps the operating system in delivering such as keyboard translation, and speech recognition and also assists the users in switching between various input languages as well.

The Collaborative Translation Framework process is nowhere considered to be harmful, however, it can lead to issues that might slow down the overall system performance or even show different types of errors and high CPU usage.

If any user has been facing issues due to the Collaborative Translation Framework or the CTF.exe, then this article is for you.

How to Fix A Problem Caused by the CTF Loader

The easiest, simplest and the best way to fix the Collaborative Translation Framework loader problems in Windows 10 or any problem related to the Collaborative Translation Framework is to install and use the best available PC cleaner and optimiser.

The Pc cleaner and optimiser’s system tweaking suite helps in fixing invalid registry entries, optimising the disk, locating malware, updating drivers and so on.

Fixing the high CPU usage CTF error

Windows 11, which is the latest operating system by Microsoft, runs a lot of processes together as well as a lot of supporting applications out of which the Collaborative Translation Framework or the CTF loader.exe is also a common process.

This file can be seen to be running in the background in the Task Manager when you expand it. The Collaborative Translation Framework loader is not well known since it primarily runs only in the background.

A lot of users recently have reported a lot of problems due to it. The CTF loader even gets confused with a sort of bloatware or malware.

We will be explaining to you if the CTF loader is a type of malware or not. You will even need to know the method to disable it and also fix the high CPU usage issue just in case you have been encountering it.

Let’s look at the location wherein you can locate the Collaborative Translation Framework Loader. It can be found in,

  • C:\Windows\System32
  • C:\Windows\SysWOW64

This Collaborative Translation Framework starts by default when the user is running or working on an alternate input device.

The question here is whether or not the Collaborative Translation Framework loader is a virus. The answer to this question is no.

The CTF loader is a genuine Windows File and there is particularly no sign of any sort of malware or infection directly connected to it. Even though it has been running as an executable file, it is safe.

How to Fix CTF Loader Issues?

Scan Your Computer for Malware and Viruses

Most Windows 10 problems occur due to malicious files and malware infections, which is why scanning your PC for infections is the first thing to do.

This helps to identify and remove all types of viruses that may be interfering with the important files to load. For this, you can use a good Antivirus which should ideally be a powerful and independent anti-virus software with real-time protection, exploitation protection, USB protection, etc.


However, if you want to use a PC cleanup suite, you can use that as well. This Windows operating system i.e Windows 10 provides a security module known as Windows Defender. By using it, you can easily find and remove all kinds of malware, spyware, and other malware.

However, you can also check out a list of the best anti-virus tools for Windows. Once you have installed the protection program, you can scan your Windows 10 for infection and remove all threats.

After this, restart the PC and check the CTF Loader issue in Windows 10, it will mostly be fixed.

Disable CTFMON.EXE in Windows 10

Before we move on to the step one important point to note is that disabling the CTF loader in your PC might cause disruption in certain Microsoft Office processes or even lead to their crash. Only disable CTFMON or the Collaborative Translation Framework loader if you are fine with that. Follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • You are required to open the Run window on your PC by pressing the Windows plus R key together.
  • Once you have opened up the Run window, type services.msc and press Ok
  • After the services window has opened you need to locate the Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel service.

Disable CTFMON.EXE services

  • Right-click on the Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel service and press Properties.
  • Once you see the startup button, click on the downward arrow and then select the Disabled button and stop.

disable Touch Keyboard and Handwriting

  • Finally, press the apply button and then ok.

Restore Your Machine Point

In order to ensure that your PC has been running smoothly, you need to update your PC on a regular basis.

Windows updates solve all the issues and resolve all the bugs present on your PC. You will also get better security updates if you update your PC.

Let us follow the steps mentioned below to update your PC.

  • Search for the Control Panel in the Windows Search Bar.
  • Once the search result displays the Control Panel, click on it in order to open it.
  • In the search box of the control panel search for Recovery and then enter recovery once located.


  • Open system restores within the recovery section.

system recovery

  • A new window will open, once it has been opened follow the instructions and click on next.
  • You need to choose the restore point according to you or make a choice according to the ones recommended.

system restore point

  • And then click on the option of Scan for affected programs.
  • Then close and finish.

Once you are done following this process, you need to go and check for the CTF error. This particular error would most definitely be fixed and you will no longer be required to experience related to it which will probably make your system lag-free and fast again.

Deleting the CTF Loader Files

You need to be aware that if you modify certain base system files it could directly affect the performance of the system. Hence proceed with caution before following this step.

  1. You need to either head to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 for 64-bit based systems or C:\Windows\System32 for 32 Bit based systems.
  2. Once you have located the file directory, all you need to do is locate all the files related to ctfmon.exe and then delete it.

Once you have deleted all the files in association with the Collaborative Translation Framework loader, you will be required to restart the PC and hope for your issue to be resolved.

Control the CTF Loader startup by using the Task Scheduler

  • Press the Windows plus R button in order to open the run.
  • Then enter taskschd.msc and then press enter.

run window

  • This command will ensure that you open the Task Scheduler Library Windows.
  • You need to now click on the Task Scheduler Library to unhide the services that are running.
  • Now hit on the Microsoft and then the Windows buttons.
  • Press on the TextServicesFramework first and then select the MSCTFMonitor option from the right side of the panel. There will be a disabled option available that you need to click on.

task scheduler

  • Restart your PC after following the process and the issue will be resolved.

This is it, by following all the methods and solutions mentioned above you will be able to solve the issue of CTF. If none of these issues works you can also try and contact Windows Support and they will most definitely be helping you to get over the situation.

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